April 25th, 2005

Home again

Amtrak report:

Well, by the end of the trip, 80% of the toilets were dysfunctional. And the train was virtually full (methinks there is some sort of correlation between the two).

On the other hand, the seats were comfortable, my seatmate was silently plugged in the entire time (laptop, headset), the train was exactly and precisely on time (4 hours NY-Boston)–and we are alive, unlike at least 50 people in today’s horrific and tragic train wreck in Japan.

In light of my discussion yesterday of European safety standards vs. US ones, I wonder how Japan safety regulations factor in. Excessive speed seems to be the leading theory for the cause of today’s crash. A terrible, terrible thing.

4 Responses to “Home again”

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  2. Bookworm Says:

    I love train travel but, with these regular train accident stories, I may start viewing train travel with the same fear I bring to air travel. I know that statistically cars are less safe than either, but they’re such an integral part of life, one can’t afford to be afraid. Additionally, when I’m driving, I have the illusion of control, something that’s entirely lacking when I put my life in a pilot’s or train driver’s hands.

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