July 25th, 2005

Today and tomorrow

Well, I’m home. I’m thankful to have had an uneventful return trip. But today has been a very hectic and busy day getting myself reorganized–or rather, that is, beginning to get myself reorganized. So, no time for blogging today, although I plan to post tomorrow.

By the way, on the plane back to Logan they showed the movie “Fever Pitch,” supposedly a light and entertaining comedy about a rabid Red Sox fan. Being a fan myself–although I plan to take the next few decades off, now that they’ve finally won the Series–I thought I’d like it. Unfortunately, though, it was lame, unconvincing, and pretty unfunny (unless they cut all the good parts to give it that G rating). Ah, well.

4 Responses to “Today and tomorrow”

  1. Independent George Says:

    Forget the movie – the book by Nick Hornby is fantastic. It’s a funny, insightful, and sometimes touching memoir of his own lifelong obsession of the Arsenal soccer team. This is the book sports fans give to non-sports fans to explain (justify? apologize for?) their dementia.

  2. Paul Says:

    Watch out Ebert and Siskel! :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The original “Fever Pitch” is a great movie. The cover of the DVD looks like a cheap 80′s flick, but the movie it worth renting.

  4. meander Says:

    Same movie we saw returning from SF (on Delta) a few weeks ago. My expectations were soooo low that the movie actually surprised me on the upside… meaning that it evoked a mild almost smile a time or two.

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