August 25th, 2005

Sorry to inconvenience you, but I’m afraid it’s the only way

I’ve analyzed them, humored them, charted their development, and tried to understand them, all to no avail.

So now, no more Ms. Nice Guy. It’s war.

Unfortunately, in war there is always sacrifice. And so, all commenters here will be ever-so-slightly inconvenienced in the war against spambots by having to copy a word that will automatically be generated by our helpful host Blogger each time you comment.

Sorry to have to do it, but I don’t think it will be too big a deal, and it should eliminate the wretched spambot infestation. If I get too many complaints that people are having trouble with it, I can always change my settings again and eliminate it.

14 Responses to “Sorry to inconvenience you, but I’m afraid it’s the only way”

  1. nittypig Says:

    I’ve been unable to post with netscape. Seems to work with IE though. On NS the word identifier comes up just fine, but my post comes back with the message that I have not identified the word correctly.

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Velobiff–follow the links in the post and you’ll see.

  3. Velobiff Says:

    Mmmm, forgive my ignorance, but what ia a “spambot”?

  4. E.M.H. Says:

    “So now, no more Ms. Nice Guy. It’s war.”

    No, ma’am. It’s merely justified self defense. “War” would’ve been going so far as identifying the source of the posting, then initiating abuse-of-service complaints, then keeping at it until the sources lose their internet connection.

    But take it from one who works in IT: That also would’ve taken up all your time. I tried fighting that way… minor victories only, never did stem the tide.

    The thing that worries me about blog comment spam is that many blogs are choosing to close comments because of it. And others are recommending that old comments be closed/deleted. That would be a shame, in my opinion; comments form a big part of the blog reading experience. The dialogue between responders enhances the the original post (well, most of the time; depends on the response). I enjoy reading Neo-neocon’s stuff quite a bit, but much of the enjoyment also comes from having a forum in which to expound, dissect, and debate on the postings. Not having that would sort of kill part of the joy.

    Ma’am, do what you need to do in order to fight the spammers. I don’t mind, and from what I’m reading in the comments, most others don’t either. Fighting is better than surrendering the forum to cheap manipulators and profiteerists.

  5. neo-neocon Says:

    I’m glad to see that it seems to have worked, at least so far. It would have been funny if I had posted this and then the very first comment in the thread had been–a spambot, laughing maniacally at my futile efforts.

  6. BeckyJ Says:

    Not a problem; you gotta protect the space.

  7. iGout Says:

    Testing…testing…testing….pet theory du jour: Bush won’t clamp down on the borders because Mexico told him if he did, they’d clamp down on the oil.

  8. chuck Says:


    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Great stuff here! Come read the cookie recipes I’ve posted at….

  9. David Thomson Says:

    It’s no big deal. The inconvenience is very minor. How does the old saw go? If this is my greatest challenge in life—then I’m a very lucky human being. Excuse me, but I now have to go out and slay some dragons.

  10. Huan Says:

    It is a price of success.

  11. Goesh Says:

    NP at all – tried last night but couldn’t get it to work

  12. AmericanWoman Says:

    Good. I will keep the comments relevent.

  13. camojack Says:

    I can dig it; I may have to implement it, too.

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