October 28th, 2005

Changing of the guard

I just may weep; Uma Thurman is the “older woman.”

And what does that make Meryl Streep? The old woman?

6 Responses to “Changing of the guard”

  1. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    I’m still in love with Haley Mills, myself.

  2. roman Says:

    Uma and Meryl, both still really hot.
    Where’s Bo Derek? She must be cruising in on 50 pretty soon.
    Is she still a 10? I guess it depends on who’s asking.

  3. Foobarista Says:

    The irony is that everyone in Hollywood is 10 years older than they seem to be. Meryl Streep is 57, and Uma Thurman is 35 (actually younger than I thought; she’s been involved with movies since she was 14 according to imdb.com and has an impressive list).

    The thing that makes me feel old: Harrison Ford is 63. I don’t expect he’ll be doing his own stunts in Indy Jones IV…

  4. Ron Says:

    Ruth H: [Hollywood voice!] 69? Saaaay! You’re not that Biblical Ruth are you? How’s the OldTest re-write with Mel coming along? You’re that…pillar of salt Ruth, right? Or was that…wait, wait, I know it…that other Ruth! Sorry, get you two mixed up!

    Just ignore the youth-besotted and we’ll all be fine…

  5. Ruth H Says:

    Oh My Gosh!! What does that make me??? My body is 69 for heaven’s sake. My mind isn’t, but it will be if you young sprouts keep this up.

  6. Ron Says:

    In Hollywood terms? Dare I say it? Crone

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