November 29th, 2005

Site timer on the blink–scroll down for new post

Ah Blogger! Although I shouldn’t complain; perhaps it’s something about my computer, known for its many glitches.

But my site timer is on the fritz, and I can neither see it nor set it properly, because it’s not displaying.

I just posted a fairly lengthy article that is somehow appearing below the “Literary leftists” one of yesterday, with the wrong time on it. So just scroll down a bit to find the latest: “Ramsey Clark rides again.”

I hope this problem corrects itself shortly.

[ADDENDUM: Well, it's not exactly fixed; it's still not displaying automatically. But I figured out a way to get it to display temporarily and to set the times correctly, so I guess all is well. Thanks for the suggestions--they gave me an idea for the solution.]

5 Responses to “Site timer on the blink–scroll down for new post”

  1. neo-neocon Says:


  2. Rick Ballard Says:


    You can modify any posts position by going to Edit Post and changing the time at the bottom of the post. FlexBlue is correct about setting the overall site clock but that won’t affect the position of the post.

  3. Wayne Says:

    On the “edit post” window, there’s a drop-down menu called “edit options” that gives you the familiar method of changing date & time.

    Flex Blue (briefly had a blog called “Snedwords”; we communicated once back then, as I have moved towards the right of the political spectrum too, although I describe myself as a “hard core moderate”…

  4. Pancho Says:

    Oh sure, you’re worried about the correct time when my expensive 19″ Swedish monitor just developed the dreaded “pink screen”.

    Anyone out there have any fixes for pink screen. Other than one I googled up saying, “this can be a serious problem…..solved by getting new monitor”. Funny tech guys….!

  5. Goesh Says:

    Given my fumbling with technology, I probably am posting in some other blog regarding Ramsey Clark. It doesn’t matter – I’m afraid too many people simply won’t make the connection between this character and the extreme Left – they’ll simply chalk him off as just a plain nut-case and not an extreme left wing ideologue, with a fair number of supporters.

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