August 30th, 2006

Podcast time again

The latest Sanity Squad podcast is now playing at Politics Central at Pajamas Media. We discuss the kidnapping and release of the Fox News correspondent and cameraman–both the psychological effects of such kidnappings and the phenomenon of forced conversion.

My headset has been generating some weird audio effects, from low volume to hissing and popping and otherwise strange carryings-on. The very patient and kind audio guy at Pajamas did some troubleshooting yesterday, and has decided that the problem is one of microphone placement. So next time I think that my voice will sound more as it actually does in real life. Stay tuned.

Oh, and the following has nothing to do with the podcast (at least I hope it doesn’t!), but it’s a photo of Keith Richards I found at the PJ website. Be afraid, be very afraid.

14 Responses to “Podcast time again”

  1. Cappy Says:

    I get hissing and popping from (liberal) family members at get togethers.

  2. camojack Says:

    It’s amazing (to me, at least) that Keith Richards is still amongst the living…

  3. nyomythus Says:

    Very enjoyable 🙂

  4. neo-neocon Says:

    camojack: From that photo, I’m not so sure he is among the living. Seems more like the undead to me.

  5. goesh Says:

    He looks a bit like khomeini if you ask me.

  6. nyomythus Says:


    As I was snoozing off to sleep last night I had the amusing thought that what if itÂ’s we neo-cons that are suffering from a sort of Stockholm syndrome? What if we correctly surmised the enervation of radical Liberalism via the Information Revolution [now that both sides of issues are actually disseminating into the free world] and therefore in defense for our own self preservation have become Conservatives?

  7. goesh Says:

    -you complicate things in my brain, Nyo, with such inquiry…

  8. nyomythus Says:

    I’m sorry — run-on sentences and obsure ‘what if’s’ — where’s my ibprophren?

  9. TheFresser Says:

    Is that Keith before or after he fell out of the tree?

  10. snowonpine Says:

    I didn’t know King Tut’s mummy smoked.

  11. Fausta Says:

    Keith will be playing Johnny Depp’s dad in the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
    That way he won’t need much makeup for the ghost part, and he can get fresh coconuts without climbing up the palm tree. A win-win situation!

  12. Steve Says:

    I forget the terminology but if you place your mouth too close to the mike it will exaggerate the low harmonics of your voice. Also, I notice that plosives and sibilants are breaking up, which further indicates you are too close to the mike.

    If you have ever seen radio announcers (or more likely in this day and age, pretending to be radio announcers) you may notice that they will crane their necks while they speak: they do that deliberately to control the transmission of consonants. So they will come at the mike at a different angle to soften “s’s” and “p’s”, etc.
    It’s a fun thing to work on.

    Otherwise, interesting and enjoyable and you have a nice voice.

  13. Brent Says:

    Even if you Just Said No half the time….

  14. Ymarsakar Says:

    You know what your program sounds like, almost exactly? It’s the BBC Radio 4 with Melannie Phillips, except without the Brit accent. Of course one of your guest has a rather subtle accent that sounds like the Brits however.

    If you get any drier, Neo, you might need to drink some water on that podcast ; )

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