September 22nd, 2006

People keep telling me to lighten up, so I did

I’m gratified at the response to my new photo. Thanks! My feminine vanity is assuaged.

And to those who commented on the shrinking Granny Smith apple, it turns out that the one in the original picture was an instance of amazing serendipity: big, round, beautifully green, and astoundingly symmetrical. This year’s are small and crooked (and, by the way, don’t blame New England; Granny Smith’s are not ordinarily grown here).

I searched high and low for one of the proper size and shape, but couldn’t find any. I bought a nice assortment–and in this case, I get to eat my mistakes–but they were all flawed. Such is life. The point is that the greater relative exposure of my face was not planned.

Also, to those who have said the photo is dark: I’ve posted a lightened version. Due to the crochets of Blogger, it only shows up so far in the enlarged version, the one you see if you click on “View my complete profile.” In a few hours it will show up on the main page of the blog. I’m curious to know whether the color on this new one is better than the old.

[ADDENDUM: I think the new photo seems to have shown up even as I posted this.]

19 Responses to “People keep telling me to lighten up, so I did”

  1. ExPreacherMan Says:


    Great new photo..

    My guess is that it is the same size apple — but you have it closer to the face than before.. Maybe Photoshoping?

    Either way, the photo still has courageous “Conservative” written all over it.. And we can see your eyes.. they show Conservative too. Let those libs look you straight in the eye.. but they won’t.


  2. Vanderleun Says:

    Celery. You could have used celery. But noooooooo…..

  3. Tom Says:

    You can hold the smaller apple farther from your face for the same effect as a larger one

  4. Fausta Says:

    I love the picture.
    Great hairdo, too.

  5. Harry Forbes Says:

    I add praise for the new pic. Way better. Did you find a glamour photographer who specializes in Magritte? (heh).

    BTW I’m going to miss Sol’s meetup Sunday. Sorry not to be there.

  6. Fausta Says:

    Come to think of it, I might take Vanderleun’s celery idea if I ever post my picture at my blog.

  7. rickl Says:

    Last night the photo looked fine, but now it looks kind of gorked up.

    (I just now coined that word. Not sure about a precise definition, except that it looks like the file is corrupted somehow.)

  8. rickl Says:

    I just refreshed the page and now it looks OK. I don’t know whether the problem was with the photo or my computer.

  9. pete Says:

    Q: What were George W. Bush’s three hardest years?

    A: Second grade.

  10. David Blue Says:

    It’s good. It makes you look young. Stick with it.

  11. Grimmy Says:

    Speaking as a devout neo-caveman of the neanderthal sect, I must say that you have a pretty eye.

  12. Zeno Says:

    You’re beautiful! And so is the apple.

  13. DaveindeSwamp Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re :-)a doll.

  14. Ymarsakar Says:

    Just don’t “lighten” up as much as Kattie got when she got photoshopped to be 1/3rd the normal width +the normal height.

  15. goesh Says:

    It galls me to say it, but Pete, that was clever -

  16. stmoran Says:

    I think you look fab!

    My kind of girl

  17. Don Says:

    Neo looks good.

    Pete, how come you guys keep loosing to morons like Bush?

  18. ForNow Says:

    Apple shmapple, you’re cute!

  19. Ymarsakar Says:

    Goesh might benefit from this lighten up experience Neo had done perfected. Cost might be an issue however

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