September 26th, 2006

The spook who came in from the cold

Take a look at a new blog (new to me, at least)–and an interesting one–by someone who claims to be a former US military intelligence officer. I like the title: In From the Cold, paraprasing the John Le Carre novel (via Roger Simon).

The blogger’s pseudonum is “Spook 86″ (his age? the year he came in from the cold?) See what you think.

Light blogging day. I’ve been traveling–will fill you in later.

8 Responses to “The spook who came in from the cold”

  1. ginger Says:

    Took a look…..generally liked what I read. Thanks for the hat tip.

  2. Senescent Wasp Says:

    Spook 86 is the real deal.

  3. Tom Freeman Says:

    I would like to suggest that “Spook 86″ is probably a take-off on “Agent 86,” i.e., Maxwell Smart on the old TV show “Get Smart.”

  4. jgr Says:

    Neo, Blogger/or other reasons seems to have this site down.
    I’ve tried the link using Yahoo with same results.

  5. grackle Says:

    I’ve long suspected our intelligence agencies, especially the CIA but the others too, have been compromised because they are all filled with spies, at the highest as well as the lowest levels. Spook 86 confirms these fears. I suspect also that some of the more prominent journalist-reporter-critics of the administration are in collusion with these same spies. It was no accident that a known hater of Bush was sent to Niger to investigate the purchase of yellow cake. They don’t even bother with subtleties anymore.

  6. cold pizza Says:

    Longtime fan of Spook86 and IFTC. Good site, no BS. Measured thought and rational exposition. Good intel, (probably worked J2 at one of the Unified Commands).

    Get the facts (and informed opinion) straight from the source. Support MilBlogs. -cp

  7. E.Rosenberg Says:

    I think overall the US Intelligence community is too draconian when it comes to breaches of security.

  8. grackle Says:

    I think overall the US Intelligence community is too draconian when it comes to breaches of security.

    Ethel, I totally agree(LOL).

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