October 25th, 2006

The Sanity Squad strikes again:: moderate Islam; Ted Kennedy’s doings

The latest Sanity Squad podcast deals with two issues: can there be a moderate Islam? And what’s with Ted Kennedy’s appeal to the Soviets for campaign help back in 1983?

If you want opinions, the Squad’s got em, and isn’t especially shy about expressing them.

4 Responses to “The Sanity Squad strikes again:: moderate Islam; Ted Kennedy’s doings”

  1. Capn Billy Says:

    Congrats to the entire squad for another excellent broadcast, shot through, as usual, with pure logic. Would that a few hundred million other Americans could hear it!

  2. Isaiah Hunahun Says:

    I alway enjoy these — keep up the great work :)

  3. Terri K Says:

    I have listened to a couple of the Sanity Squad audio casts. Interesting. Uncomfortable, at times, for reasons not unrelated to the Squad “shrinking” politics in a rather superior tone. The opinion is still formulating in my mind – but I like to think about things like this before committing to a hard position – though since I am not a neo-con – my views can be altered by further information or study.

    Since I will be visiting my very own shrink tomorrow, I think I will bring the topic up on the premis of the Sanity Squad’s venture. I am so sick of talking about me, me, me all the fricken time anyway :-) I will make sure to appreciate her and try not to be narcissistic.

  4. anton john hartomo Says:

    hello, giving vent is ok!
    pariah, which is which ?
    enjoy life whereever and however U are


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