December 21st, 2006

New Sanity Squad podcast: be afraid, be very very afraid

Why afraid? Well, take a look at the graphic for this week’s podcast.

But you needn’t be too frightened; it merely illustrates the artist’s conception of one of Siggy’s many sound bites The topics: Barak Obama’s pumped-up candidacy and the possibility of civil war in Palestine. Join Dr. Sanity, Shrinkwrapped, Siggy, and myself for all talk, no action.

4 Responses to “New Sanity Squad podcast: be afraid, be very very afraid”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    You are a evil woman, Neo. One look at that pic was ENOUGH.

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    Btw, Neo, I like your posts that analyze trollish comments. It is good to see what you think of them and in what way or manner find them.

  3. Xk Says:

    Does anyone else believe this was about Oil? (THe LA Times and the ISG think so.) So let’s just secure the oil and the ports to ship it (pump it all out ourselves) and let the Arab fools chase themselves about the desert as they have for thousands of years. We won and the reward for knocking out Hussein is the oil, but there is no way to police a society that tolerates lawlessness and rewards suicide. Not all societies want or need Democracy and Iraq needs a strong totalitarian leader to keep all these factions in line. We can send some of the oil money back if, and when, there is stability. No more PC, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Take the oil and get out! Xk
    Xk | 12.21.06 – 10:46 pm | #

  4. Ymarsakar Says:

    What happened to the Sanity Squad Rage, Neo?

    I want to hear the righteous Indignation from Dr. Sanity here!! Red Meat! Red Meat!x

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