February 27th, 2007

The new blog: move imminent!

I know, I know–I’ve been saying I’m going to move for a long time now. But it really should be happening very soon–perhaps even tomorrow.

This is the URL of the new blog. Please bookmark it, if you haven’t already.

At first, not everything on the new blog will be in its final state. So please bear with me. The blogroll there, for example, is rudimentary, as are a number of other things, and they may take a while to fine tune.

I am also planning to duplicate virtually all the posts on this blog on the new blog, and that won’t be done right away, either. For that transfer to take place, this blog will have to go from what’s called “Old Blogger” to “New Blogger,” among other things. That transition is supposed to go smoothly, and if it does, you won’t notice any changes on this blog; it should look the same. We’ll see.

The end result–and this could take quite a few weeks to complete–will be that this blog will remain as is, and no more new postings will take place on it. But it will still be possible to read the old ones here. The new blog will go forward with all the new posts, but all the old ones will be imported there, as well.

In addition, there will be an index system on the new blog. All new posts–and, ultimately, all of the old ones from here–will be categorized. For example, if you wanted to take a look at all my posts on “dance,” you could just go to that category and you’d find the list of links to all my posts on that subject.

Other improvements (at least, I hope they’ll be improvements!) will be happening there as time goes on. But in the meantime, it should be quite functional.

5 Responses to “The new blog: move imminent!”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    All new posts–and, ultimately, all of the old ones from here–will be categorized. For example, if you wanted to take a look at all my posts on “dance,”

    I don’t envy you that task, Neo. Since I had to decide what to do with all the uncategorized old posts from blogspot when I imported to wordpress. I just decided to put them all in one category, except for some posts that stood out. Way too many posts to categorize, Neo.

    Besides, some people have so many categories, that navigating the categories alone takes up the amount of time usually spent navigating the archives…

  2. Lee Says:

    Well, gee guys, apparently I’m not welcome at the new site. Being “flagged and erased”. Well, I guess that will make TC happy. Since this may be my last post, I’ll just say good luck to everyone. It has been fun.

  3. Lee Says:

    Well, as a previous article says: “Never mind”. It seems to have been a glitch. Please disregard above posting.

  4. Ymarsakar Says:

    You should have contacted Neo instead of jumping to conclusions.

  5. Lee Says:

    Thanks, ymar, I did. That’s how I found out it’s just a ‘glitch’.

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