February 28th, 2007

Sanity Squad podcast: movies, culture, abortion

The Squad’s new podcast uses the Oscars as a springboard to ponder the influence the movies have had on culture, sexuality, politics, and our perception of history. This segues into a consideration of abortion on demand’s effect on society and on the individual.

Join my inimitable Squad colleagues Shrink, Siggy, and Dr. Sanity in our usual freewheeling (and, no doubt, fascinating) discussion.

7 Responses to “Sanity Squad podcast: movies, culture, abortion”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    A good point, Neo. When you indulge in the world of illusion. Ooo, some of them follow that up in their life, I like that.

    When you indulge in the world of illusion, I suppose it gets hard to figure out genjutsu from non-modified reality.

    There’s also war movies, Neo, and that affects some things.

    Hollywood has been smoking too much illusion, to launch from what Siggy said. What else would they have other than veneer depth?

    Oh the Discovery Channel whales is not the problem.

    Lol, critics at Dr. Sanity. Well, Neo, history from movies? How about… let’s see here, arg I forgot.

    Somewhere… over the rainbow now.

    Not truth pat, truthiness.

    Neo’s probably the most open in terms of her style of writing. She tries to take this balanced position, which is somewhat amusing.

    Told ya Neo, environmentalism is the next Islamic Jihad. Like Islamic Jihad was the next Nazism. These kinds of things propagate through the generations, like filling a void. Spiritual leaders, Neo, I do believe you’ve written about those before. It used to be that the Left kept talking about “proof”. Ah, proof, evidence, the scientific method. But you know it was all a smoke screen to begin with. People must have had doubts, even before 2002 WMD debates.

    Socialism goes by the patronage system. All these scientists are eager for patrons and funding. Money talks, bs walks, as they say.

    Environmentalism is simply a method to acquire power. Hey, Pat just said the same thing…. Well the point is, the communists had this system down pat. COmmunist party leaders get luxury, everybody else gets the shat.

    Books don’t reach enogh people, Neo, and besides, Books aren’t the best process by which brainwashing occurs. Movies rely upon the human instinct of “believing what you see”. It isn’t conscious, so it is a lot easier to bypass, instead of say a book which requires active attention, even if it is active zombie attention.

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    Abortion isn’t the problem. I mean if the Islamic Jihad had 99% of the killers and psychotics killed, how much of a problem would it be? Not much. For the future generations as well, because that 99% includes the propagandists and hate masters.

    If it wasn’t for planned parenthood and the always rather interesting pro-Tookie anti-DP people backing such interesting policies, abortion and the DP wouldn’t be a problem. If everyone was like a Neo, Neo, we could actually live with life imprisonment, because it would actually work, because it would actually be enforced.

    Hey what about the Roe V Wade thing about one of the judges wanting his daughter to have an abortion?

    Then there’s the SC shoot down of partial birth ban.

    Well it was taken out of the public conscience because of the supreme court ruling. Because the US is a nation of laws, and of law abiding people, people saw the ruling and now attempts to game the system, by becoming more politicized concerning special lobbies and campaign contributions.

    Individuals? That seems to be a rather interesting motiff that I’ve noticed, Neo. Because the Left has always setup the social engineering systems around engineering peoples, cultures, and the children who can’t resist re-education. I’ve written about this before concerning why the Left purposefully sabotages individual accomplishments.

    Oh come Pat, that’s been the case ever since communism. It is not that people got rid of religion, they just transformed it into some other kind of image.

    I guess times change, Neo. As technology changes, so does society. All technology has unintended consequences.

  3. Ymarsakar Says:

    The social engineering aspects of these subjects are very intriguing.

    My mind’s not working right, too many games of blitz chess. Memory’s going.

    Oh ya. This whole next generation thing is interesting in that not only does it affect the individual and the fate of individuals, but also the fate of nations. Demographics, Neo. In a contest of populations, more population means… more economic power and more economic power means more military power. Which gets us back to WAR MOVIES. Which is the survival of nations, the fate of nations, and not just of individuals.

    I guess people thought it was the End of History. They thought it was over, that there would be no contests of eternal strife aliked in the 20th century, early and late.

    It wasn’t over, Neo. It never will be, so long as time and the human race is around.

    In looking for the easy solution, people have found themselves at the end of a sword. Because they took their lives into their own hands, and wasted it.

    But what is this going to do for the next generation, the Girls Gone Wild generation in which you have young adults wanting to be public exhibitionists. There is a certain weirdness to the progression from the 60s swingers to the current 21st century US likeness. I mean to an extent, Germany and Europe had a far less nudity taboo, given their commercials. The comparison between Europe and the US was always interesting, because they would keep saying that the folks in the US were prudes. Maybe the US is turning more European, at least the younger generation, but there is no particular reason why you cannot have sensuality combined with survival/war ability. The Greeks, both Athenian and Spartans, had their own rather peculiar cultural quirks.

    I think Neo wrote about visual propaganda, so I don’t exactly agree with pat that folks believe in movies because it is out there. No, rather it seems there are specific tricks used in movies to get people to believe. Subliminal messages being only a rank basic level technique.

    I think movies are a great medium. For both good and evil. But that is always the case for tech advances. Good and evil. At this supposedly end of historical struggles… we’re still at good and evil. Square 1.

  4. Some Guy Says:

    Ymarsakar, are you drunk? High? Were those three rambling, disjointed posts full of sentence fragments and half-started thoughts supposed to mean something, or are you toying with deconstruction, attempting to demonstrate that a text has a priori no “meaning”?

  5. Ymarsakar Says:

    I always get high when reading Neo, the podcasts are just perhaps a bit too rich in the joy.

    What you smoking guy, cause I want some of that as well. Could be a killer concoction, given the number of words in your post that I didn’t understand.

  6. Senescent Wasp Says:

    Some Guy,

    Yamar’s heart is in the right place. But, he’s young and never had the rigorous academic training he needed to present the written word. Those of us educated in the 50′s and in college in the early 60′s know that since about 1970 children have been deliberately “de-educated” for a number of reasons.

  7. Ymarsakar Says:

    My heart’s not in the right place. Because it is not in range of your targeted condescension, wasp, nor does it share in your ability to tear people down with words.

    You couldn’t even describe what the Phoenix Program was such that it motivated you into gross attacks on my position, without using the crutch of “do as I say”. You have original thoughts and styles of writing, but it is always in the employ of your preconceptions and prejudices. And that doesn’t change over time, so age is no excuse or barrier.

    You have nothing substantial to decry or dispute, wasp, you never did. All you got against me is illusion and form over substance, there is no solidness here.

    Your manner is insulting and purposefully so. What is the use of your academic ability if it solves none of your personal flaws and abrasive qualities? What happened to your inner strength that such bitter outward manifestations would occur. Has it ever occured to you that people can equal or exceed your knowledge through unorthodox methodologies, or does everything have to agree with your sense of the right?

    I have none of your preconceptions and prejudices towards people. And that lack of baggage suits me fine, since everyone has their own problems to deal with. I know it is too much to expect of you to deal with yours in silence, so I suppose I have to tolerate you offloading your problems in public every once in awhile. It is tiresome.

    Guy shares in your inability to argue based upon things that matter, and also shares in your distaste of specific styles and forms. That’s fine. May he be high upon his plateau of ability then. I’ll be free to walk around such impediments.

    You’re right in one sense. If your style of personal writing and attacking is the price of your word usage and knowledge, then I want no part of it. I reject knowledge used viciously for its own sake. Do not think your capability so admirable, Wasp, that everyone will accept it as the goal.

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