March 27th, 2007

Traveling day

I’m still in LA, and the weather’s been utterly spectacular. Today is a travel day to northern California, so I’ll make this very brief.

The friends with whom I’m staying get the LA Times. It’s been a while since I’ve actually held a newspaper in my hand; six or seven years ago I transitioned to reading all my newpapers and periodicals online, and I only encounter the rare hard copy in airports or visiting friends, as I’m doing now.

There’s something I like about the actual newspaper, though; the ability to leisurely browse and look at each page, noticing smaller articles I otherwise would have missed.

Like today. On page A5 there’s an odd little item that caught my eye, a nearly-comic reversal of the far more ominous phenomenon of would-be suicide bombers caught and apprehended at the border because of bulges in their clothing:

A Palestinian woman wearing a strangely bulging robe was caught at the Gaza Strip-Egypt border trying to smuggle three baby crocodiles strapped to her waist, a border official said. The reptiles, their jaws tied shut, were apparently bound for a Gaza zoo, said Maria Telleria, a spokeswoman…”She looked strangely fat…”

The most I ever tried to smuggle across a border was some fruit from Arizona to California. And even then—decades ago—I felt so guilty I never tried again.

8 Responses to “Traveling day”

  1. Mullah Cimoc Says:

    Mullah Cimoc say ameriki people republican party now waking and the fog remove off him brain.

    How destroy usa too much. destroy mental and emotional of amriki people.

    but usa media so control (google: mighty wurltizer +cia) never to asking how bush becoming president.

    this called the media coverup. bush family long time so corruption with intel community. am him bush jr. real republican? who these eviling people making him the president?

    This make the cure for republican freedom people making majority. love the god, and love the family and working so hard every day.

    but controlling hims of republican not this kind good person. him the wicked and loving the power and the torturing people, children of god, this too wicked. hims also loving the LBT (low back tattoo) and the killing the baby of abortion and ameriki woman becoming the slut for taking all the man.

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    Cimoc’s the Jihad poster boy from

    Just in case people was wondering.

  3. camojack Says:

    I’ve smuggled Cuban cigars into the country…repeatedly.

  4. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    Cimoc, sounds like you believe what is told you in a place with no free press.

  5. benning Says:

    I was fearful of breaking the law when I drove into California, many decades ago, so I dutifully placed my three apples into the trashcan. Sheesh!

    I have linked to you, Ma’am, and made you a recipient of the Thinking Blogger Award. I know this will fill you with tremendous pride. ‘Course that may just be gas, but keep a good thought!

    Love your blog! Love it!

  6. Lee Says:

    Maybe someone could smuggle a vocabulary to Cimoc, that poor soul!

  7. Lee Says:

    god no say stone 8 year old girl cause 50 year old man not man enough to resist entice to rape. This not how “Children of god” keep woman in bag and like cows or posession as man see fit. Muslim man not keeping in pants fault of woman, huh?

  8. Natalia Vodianova Says:

    Hey!…Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts about california fruit..what a nice Monday .

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