March 31st, 2007

Sanity Squad: on playing poker with Iran

Here‘s the Sanity Squad’s latest podcast. Join Siggy, Dr. Sanity, Shrink, and me as we tackle the topic of Iran’s most recent game of high-stakes poker with Britain, the West, the UN, and the lives of fifteen British sailors and marines.

You might also want to take a look at Dr. Sanity’s informative history lesson comparing today’s antiwar movement to the Copperheads of Civil War times, Shrink’s analysis of the antiwar group, and Siggy on the fact that not all religious fundamentalisms are alike.

7 Responses to “Sanity Squad: on playing poker with Iran”

  1. james968 Says:

    Possible British Escallations

    1. Put the British troop withdrawal on indefinite hold
    2. Iran’s biggest trading partner is the EU, UK is member of the EU, get the EU to freeze trade. (The EU has as much back bone as the UN, but should the UK ask and it gets turned down, it will show the EU’s true colors).

  2. James968 Says: Option 2 is out (as expected):

  3. James968 Says: link would not go into the last posting:

  4. Purple Avenger Says:

    Possible British Escallations

    Or just fire a half dozen Tomahawks at the critical pumping gear of their gasoline import terminals. The country grinds to a halt a couple of weeks later. Iran has oil, but no gasoline refining capability to speak of.

  5. ex-blond Says:

    I can’t find it on iTunes. Maybe it wasn’t uploaded?

  6. RE Says:

    I’ve noticed too that the Weekly Sanity Squad podcast that I’ve become addicted to is not showing up on iTunes or Podcast Central. I hope it’s an aberration.

  7. neo-neocon Says:

    There has been an itunes glitch. PJ was made aware of it some time last week, and they are working on the problem. They are trying to get it so that you can be able to download the podcasts soon, so don’t despair.

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