April 29th, 2007

Comment on comments

WordPress tells me that so far I’ve written 1,266 posts, with 32,417 comments from readers. Whew.

When I do the math, this means that the average number of comments for a single post here has been 25 and a fraction.

Back when I started this blog, one of my goals was to have a lively comments section. I initially envisioned it as a place where “changers” could hang out and talk—and there has been a bit of that, although eventually the comments have evolved a bit differently. But it’s still one of the major satisfactions of my blogging experience that this blog has become a place for (mostly) intelligent debate on a wide range of topics from the regulars and the infrequent flyers, the mix of people from around the world, and even now and then the trolls and the near-trolls (well, those last two categories help make it lively, anyway).

8 Responses to “Comment on comments”

  1. rickl Says:

    I’m a “changer” too; but alas, not much of a conversationalist.

  2. mrs whatsit Says:

    Hm, maybe there’s a lurking contingent of changers who read, but don’t often comment. I am one.

  3. Paul (Europe) Says:

    I’m not a “changer” but I’d like to take the opportunity to complement you on your blog. I’ve read your series on changing your mind and I’m happy to see that it is indeed not impossible to do so even on hard topics dominated by passionate and often entrenched opinions. At the same time I have to offer my sympathy on the harshness of being ostracized from your past social life, that is one thing that we have in common.

    I do wonder if any of those against the war have lost their friends and aquaintances en masse because of their opinions, I’ve never seen any of them say so.

    In a world where it seems so many people simply can’t or won’t understand how supporting a war can be more humane than being against it your blog is a welcome respite.

    Thank you.

  4. harry Says:

    I believe Lee probably accounts up to a third of those 32,417 comments, with Yamarsaker making up another third.

    On top of all this, I think all of us, troll and non-troll alike, have a better understanding of how steam, generated by nuclear reactors, power US Navy’s modern warships.

    Unless you feel the need to go over all this again…

  5. camojack Says:

    Yeah, I took 2½ months off (1 while I was away on vacation) from posting on my blog, and now I’m not getting nearly as many comments.

    It’s somewhat frustrating, so I am contemplating “pulling the plug”.

    I don’t care for the “new” blogger, either…

  6. Eric Chen Says:

    Your blog is a regular stop for me. I consider you one of the commentators who say what I think but say it smarter, and for that, I’m grateful. By education, I’m a poli sci person, and there are poli sci type commentators who qualify in that way, too, but by temperament, I’m intuitive and perceptive (INFP on a MBTI). That’s where your perspective tracks with mine.

    I should comment more just to provide you the feedback. It’s just that it’s not easy to add to the conversation here when almost everything you say already speaks so well for me.

  7. Lee Says:

    Oh, come on, Harry. It can’t be “that” bad.

  8. Lee Says:

    Can it?

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