May 29th, 2007

Once again, do cry for Venezuela

Chavez, that populist champion of the common man, has followed the path of hubris to close the most popular TV station in Venezuela, the 53-year-old RCTV.

Why? He accused the station of supporting the 2002 coup against him, of some apparently trumped-up violations, and of fostering capitalism with its soap operas. The people of Venezuela will now have to be satisfied with the sterner stuff of state TV, which will replace it.

I doubt this particular move will enhance Chavez’s popularity. But since abolishing certain constitutional guarantees and consolidating his power, he no longer needs to be popular, and the people of Venezuela may find they don’t have much to say about it anymore except to protest and have water cannons fired at them.

[Daniel in Venezuela has much more, and it's not pretty. And Fausta has a podcast.]

5 Responses to “Once again, do cry for Venezuela”

  1. H. Roark Says:

    You sez: “I doubt this particular move will enhance Chavez’s popularity.”

    I sez back: Au contraire, mon ami! I hear Danny Glover is willing to put his other amigo-arm around Chavez’s people-loving body. I don’t really need to tell you this, but never underestimate the left’s ability to shock, awe, and confuse the hell out of you.

  2. camojack Says:

    He’s bought the poor, huddled masses in that country…so he stays.

  3. Richard Aubrey Says:

    I’ve heard the Maracaibo oil fields won’t play for long without professional management and substantial improvements.
    Still, we can see the lefties’ program. No matter what happens to The People, it’s okay if the thug doing it dislikes the US.
    I don’t know how many times the lefties have demonstrated this in the past. The mystery is why anybody bothers to take their moral protestations seriously. That should have worn out some time in the Thirties.

  4. Lee Says:

    Gee, I’d have thought DeShawn Q. Williams or Charlemagne would have come to the defense of the Will of the People by now. No defense of the People’s Champion Chavez? You know, the guy trying to establish democracy and freedom for the People down there( unlike what we have around here)? No defense of the “fairness doctrine” or anything? Not even a “The world could learn a lot from Danny Glover movies. Why shouldn’t they be all you’re allowed to watch?”, huh?

  5. GAby Says:

    This is Funny!!!
    Chavez acusses RCTV for “apparently” support the 2002 coup against him…. BUT!!!!! Did you know that he participated in a COUP on 1992 against CARLOS ANDRES PEREZ, elected President back then??? He was on jail for several years until a Crazy President “Caldera” released him… People need to know a little bit more about this guy before they talk don’t you think???? ;-)

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