June 20th, 2007

Sanity Squad podcast: a two-state solution in Palestine

It’s about time for another podcast, and the Sanity Squad has obliged. Join the iconoclastic and indefatigable Dr. Sanity, the illuminating and incisive Shrink, the inimitable and yet somehow indescribable Siggy, and me (or, for the sake of alliteration, I) as we grapple with the current state of internecine affairs in Gaza.

4 Responses to “Sanity Squad podcast: a two-state solution in Palestine”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    A couple of points I want to make, Neo.

    For one thing, there is such a thing as creating so much violence that people react negatively to it. Look at Al Qaeda in Al Anbar, Neo. Too much violence all the time, doesn’t really do anything useful to the human psyche by itself. It has to be wrapped around some kind of propaganda or situational context, some kind of hopeful manipulation or belief. When the people no longer believe in what you say, such as AL Anbar, and you still try to crush them with violence and use them as tools, then they will try and find a way out. Most of the time, they don’t have a way out, but in Iraq they had the US Marines and the US Army. All they had to do was gather up the shreds of their pride and admit that they needed help, implying that they fauked up by fighting the Ameris. Ayrabs don’t like to admit that they were wrong, Neo, even if it would save their lives and family.

    This is of course a specific theory that says if you want to fix something, make sure that it breaks down really bad. Meaning, people won’t try to fix something until it is too late, so you should initiate your own catastrophic failures in order to make people fix it; otherwise they would just ignore it until it is too late. In most cases, this theory is utilized by apocalyptic and messianic characters such as Amanie. In more moderate tones, this can be done to prevent disasters. And in most cases, nature and events will cause the catastrophic damage for you, like Katrina.

    Shrink and Ziggy is also right in that the Hamas and Fatah cliques thrive on the chaos and violence. Without chaos and violence, they would not be able to hold power nor would they be able to even exist except on the fringes. When prosperity comes to people and they get good and healthy relationships with their women, the men aren’t going to be too happy to die for the Jihad, Neo. Without the grassroots support, an organization like Hamas cannot conduct insurgency or terrorism regardless of how much foreign support they have. They can’t do it alone, because the locals would resist them as the Ameris resisted the British. The local civilian pop always outnumbers the folks that are armed, Neo.

    All of this means to me that the periodic shifts of violence by Hamas and Arafat were designed to continue the Eternal War that is the Ayrab-Israeli conflict. Like WWI, you need total capitulation of the enemy and a clear and obvious victor before the war will be finished with a specific nation or people. WWII concluded the Great War. Israel has not wiped out the enemy’s will to fight in Ayrabia, so they continue to war, again and again from the 20th century up to the dawn of the 21st century. That’s kind of special in a way, Neo, for a nation to be fighting a war across two centuries. Not even the US accomplished that little bit of trivial. Of course, North Korea can always break that record for us, of course, if they are getting antsy.

    Without this understanding of the conflict, there is no ability to ration out a peace deal. Bush doesn’t act like he understands nor does Condi, because their actions do not take these variables into account, Neo. So no wonder you have no faith in the process. The process is ignorant, flawed, and retarded. And this doesn’t even include the process done by Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, Syria, and Iran; which are evil for folks that don’t know. Evil seeks to corrupt and destroy, it seeks to prevent human progress and seeks to spread human misery.

    Small time dictators like Saddam and medium dictators like Hitler, are limited in their quest for domination due to their inherent weakness; weakness that derives from their evil tainted souls and governments. But let us assume, Neo, that evil is not limited by the economic, military, and social woes of such governments. Let us assume that evil can feed on the power and wealth of the free world, by obtaining agents that can live amongst the Good and the Light of Life. The agents instead of maintaining the Wall against the barbarian horde, actually attempts to use the wealth and goodness around them in order to shatter the walls in order to let the minions of evil come through to destroy what has taken centuries to build. What then Neo? Evil is not so weak anymore then, is it.

    Saddam could have easily been contained, had it just been him being the single issue. Hitler could have been stopped or stymied, had it only been him that was the problem and not the West itself as well.

    The Ayrab Israeli conflict would have come to an end before the 21st century, without the Soviets, the Western leftist propagandists, and the Islamic Jihad thugs.

    If people want real peace, they need to kill and purge the entire chain of command on the other side. Top down or bottom up, it does not matter. They either all must be destroyed or they must be destroyed psychologically. Because if you allow one leader to escape unharmed to fight another day… he will do so. There are plenty of leaders and bureacrats in Syria and Iran and Europe that must be taken care of, before the Ayrab-Israeli conflict will come to a permanent end. You don’t even need to hammer Hamas or Hizbollah, for a snake without its head cannot constrict its prey.

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    Concerning the double century wars, Israeli is special in comparison to the Gulf War, because for the US it is a series of pitched battles interposed between years of relative calm. For Israel, their calm lasts in the days, not the years. There is no peace deal, except time for the Palestinians to recruit more suicide bombers. The Palestinians and Ayrabs have always actively sought to destroy Israel, they were just incompetent and therefore. For the US’s wars, the ability of our enemies to continue the war dropped to almost zero. It helps that we don’t share borders with any enemies except Mexico.

    In conclusion, it is easy for the US to have extensions of time between our wars, lasting from the 90s and 50s to the 21st century. But it is rather to understand how a nation can border their enemies, and still have a war going from one half of the century to another half. Not when the nation in question, Israel, has nukes, bombs, and a Westernized military.

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