July 25th, 2007

Ode to Jet Blue

I took the redeye last night from San Francisco, and I’m pleased to report it was a textbook flight. However, what’s the deal when the plane takes about five and a half hours to traverse the entire country and the ride home from Boston (waiting at airport, plus bus, a trip that should not be more than two) takes about the same?

But I love Jet Blue. Not only were we on time taking off, we were on time arriving, and I adore those little maps on the TV that track your flight (Nebraska=big state). Jet Blue seems to have responded to the problem with peanut allergies by offering cashews—a much tastier nut, IMHO. The flight wasn’t totally full, and so the man next to me had an extra seat to stretch out his approximately 6’7″ frame. And no crying babies; they all slept like—well, like babies.

Security rules included the fact that a young woman attempting to take a photo of her grandfather boarding the bus was stopped and told no pictures were allowed. And although the burly driver loads all suitcases on and off the bus, he is not allowed to take the bags off the little rent-a-carts—that’s the responsibility of the passengers.

It’s hot and humid here, and a far cry from Muir Woods. But the garden’s looking pretty fine:



Back to more weighty matters tomorrow.

12 Responses to “Ode to Jet Blue”

  1. dustoffmom Says:

    Like JetBlue very much myself…have always had a good experience with them.

    BUT, am SO envious of your garden! Looks terrific! You’ve had rain it seems, something sadly lacking here in west Tennessee and the garden shows it! :(

  2. Futuremarine'smom Says:

    Wish we had more JetBlue flights out of our airport. Lovely garden, Neo. Is that Astilbe in the second picture? Haven’t had any success with it in my garden, maybe it’s too dry.
    We’re going to stay in the redwoods next month with all of our kids and grandkids, I love it down there. The trees cut me down to a humble size, it’s a necessary adjustment every now and then!

  3. dustoffmom Says:

    absolutely baffled…..University, what in the world does your post mean? There is no ‘link’ and what does Nile Virus have to do with it all anyway?

  4. neo-neocon Says:

    It’s spam. I’m about to remove it.

  5. Michael Blaine Says:

    What would your garden look like if you lived in Baghdad?

    I’ve stumbled into your blog, and note that while you say you have a background as a therapist, you blithely post about the necessity for more violence in Iraq.

    Are you trying to get work catering to PTSD victims? Or do you have so little empathy that human carnage doesn’t bother you?

    I don’t understand “Americans” like you. More than therapist, you seem to be sadist.

    Michael Blaine

  6. Lee Says:

    He’s delusional. Keeps saying the same thing over and over.

  7. dustoffmom Says:

    What in the hell are you talking about? Garden in Baghdad? Would likely look just like mine in Tennessee this summer….dried up and nearly dead from drought. Neo these trolls are just getting so annoying, aren’t they?

  8. Tatyana Says:

    The Astilbe have such lovely intense color!
    Glad to see a clever gardener, design-wise. Bright colors for shade are much rarer to find than for full sun. And the contrasts of textures, shapes and colors @ your 1st picture is great, too; you’ve done a beautiful thing there.

  9. Tom Grey - Liberty Dad Says:

    Delusional Blaine should look for some real pictures of Baghdad, like what Michael Totten has – you should, too, Neo. (I’ve reduced my comments there as you’ve been gone! for here…)

    Totten goes with a soldier and hears an old Iraqi man being asked “who is he afraid of” — but the man says, “nobody”.

    Because he’s afraid to say who he’s afraid of.

    Not so unlike the father of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter 7 (didn’t you read it on the flight?).
    Islamofascists are deatheaters. I doubt that “life under the Taliban” has a better fictional metaphor than wizard life after the Ministry of Magic is taken over by Deatheaters.

    Hamas in Gaza — the murder of the Minister of Magic…

  10. neo-neocon Says:

    Tom Grey: I’ve not really gotten into the Harry Potter series, although I read the first two. But I noticed quite a few people carried the most recent book onto the plane.

  11. Capn Billy Says:

    Nice to lighten up occasionally. Your account of your flight hearkens me back to my previous life as a pilot with a large international airline (now defunct, as are so many from that era), and how much we depended upon giving good service to our passengers. For a lot of reasons, not least including 9/11, that service seemed to be a thing of the past, but new entrants like Jet Blue seem to be reviving it. I actually have not been aboard an airliner since 1996, finding other ways to occupy my time these days, but hear a lot of horror stories about delays, inconveniences, etc. from my traveling friends.

  12. harry Says:

    Michael Blaine:
    “Are you trying to get work catering to PTSD victims? Or do you have so little empathy that human carnage doesn’t bother you?”

    Why do you pretend to care? As is the carnage surely wouldnt worsen as we are on our way out. Please come on back and answer that. Why do you pretend to care?

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