September 25th, 2007

All I want for Christmas is some tater mitts

Yesterday I was watching TV and was transfixed by an ad for Tater Mitts.

Yes, I admit it was very late at night, so perhaps my judgment was just a trifle clouded. But here, folks, is another bizarre product you never knew you needed but now simply cannot do without (see also this).

Tater Mitts haven’t yet inspired me to poetry, as this invention did. But I think they will revolutionize the onerous task of potato peeling.

Then again, maybe not.

12 Responses to “All I want for Christmas is some tater mitts”

  1. Tap Says:

    Tater Mitts, oh Tater Mitts
    How you lift me from the pitts
    Did you know, how I feel
    About that dastardly potatoe peel?
    Now I rub that big ole spud!
    No longer do I dread the Kitchen
    Now my time there is totally B*tchen!

  2. Darrell Says:

    Neo, I thought these were great as I hate peeling potatoes, ordered and got them and they do not work like the commercial, I found it took just as long or longer with the mitts as if I used the traditional method, I was very disapointed.

  3. Laura Says:

    Cool! Potato exfoliator! Does it work on wrinkles too!?

  4. expat Says:

    When I was old enouh to start helping with the cooking, it became my job to peel the potatoes. It was boring, but it was quality time with my mother. We talked about everything. This is one of my best memories. To this day, there i something satisfying about the repititious work.

  5. Synova Says:

    I think they’d be really useful for someone with bad arthritis or something, such as older people often have. I wonder if my mother would find them useful.

    They do make lots of tools, like peelers, with nice fat handles these days. Which is nice.

    What always bugs me is when they show an incompetent person peeling “half the potato away”. Ugh! I usually use a peeler but I can handle peeling *anything* with a paring knife! All it takes is practice.

    And in the end… mashed potatoes, potato salad or fried potatoes… you scrub them good with a brush and *leave the skins*.

  6. Darrell Says:

    Synova, no way on the arthritis thing, you really have to press hard against the potato with both hands for them to work. My experience has only been with one type of potato, I supposed some other types (red etc) might work like the commercial.

  7. Sindarian Says:

    Save your money, these are lumber yard gloves and they cost about five dollars a pair. What a rip-off.

  8. Dr Bob Says:

    As evening dawns, her eyes behold
    The eyes of countless spuds heaped high
    Their leathered skin so soiled and cold
    As evening feasttime e’r grows nigh.

    All hope is lost, the hungry crowd
    With grumbling stomachs surly sit
    The trembling chef, no longer proud,
    From cavern’d drawer the dreaded mit.

    She gazes at the grizzled mit,
    With roughened palms, a ghastly green,
    Now grasps the soiled spud which sits
    With icy eyes and waxy sheen.

    She rubs, she rubs, in frenzied rush
    As feebled hope springs forth to wit
    The shredded skin reveals the flesh,
    All hail the glorious Tater Mit!

  9. An Ode to Tater Mitts | The Doctor Is In Says:

    [...] Neo-neocon has discovered a peculiar but seemingly indispensable kitchen aid: the Tater Mitt, and bemoans the fact that it does not rise to the level of poetry, as some of her other kitchen items have. [...]

  10. neo-neocon Says:

    Dr. Bob, I stand in awe.

  11. CJ Says:

    I’ve been scrubbing potatoes for years with those green square pot-scrubbers that you can buy by the pack. Hold the potato (with a fork if you want) under a cold water tap and scrub away. They work just fine on most tubers, although the newer the potato the easier it is. The $19.95 price of those gloves is ridiculous.

  12. תרמילים Says: Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

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