October 26th, 2007

Giuliani and the Red Sox: strange bedfellows

Ah, the compromises politicians will make.

Now it turns out that New Yorker Giuliani, the quintessential Yankee fan, is rooting for the Red Sox in the World Series. This has earned him no end of condemnation.

It’s also a bit puzzling in political terms. Surely he doesn’t expect to wrest Massachusetts from Hilary.

Giuliani explains his turncoat act as a pitch for the American League vs. the National. But to diehard Yankee fans, cheering for the Red Sox is treason, no matter what the reason.

Hillary, of course, tried to establish her Yankee bona fides back when she was running for New York Senator against none other than Giuliani. She claimed at the time that she’d been a long-term Yankee fan: since her beloved Cubs were in the National League, she’d picked the Yankees as her American League team. Many were exceeedingly skeptical.

In the end, Giuliani dropped out of that race for health reasons, but not before he had the following to say about Hillary:

Funny, I haven’t seen her at a Yankee game,” the mayor said yesterday. “I’ve been at Yankee Stadium maybe 1,000 times and I haven’t seen Mrs. Clinton.”

At least Giuliani isn’t claiming long-time Sox fan status. As for the Sox, they’re doing just fine, thank you very much—not that I’m counting any chickens, knowing Red Sox history.

5 Responses to “Giuliani and the Red Sox: strange bedfellows”

  1. Bob Mann Says:

    First, I just found your blog. Kindred spirits. Much the same biography, you and I.

    All real Americans love Baseball first, then their respective teams. For me its the Red Sox, but after many years of hating the Yankees I have grown to respect and admire them – mind you I won’t be rooting for them.

    Such as it is for Rudy – Baseball first, hometown second.

    Another example – much compassion and sympathy for Joe Torre upon his departure from the Yankees amongst the Red Sox faithful.

    All the best

  2. Stephen Says:

    I’m a lifelong Yankee fan like Rudy. However, I’ve always rooted for the American League winner against the National League. I’d argue that a true lover of the game of baseball, (not just a fan of a particular team) would be in the Rudy camp. Once your team loses, you tip your hat to the winner and support him against the other league. Compliments to Rudy for being a true baseball fan.

  3. rickl Says:

    I’ve always lived in or near a National League city (Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia), so I’ve always been a fan of National League teams.

    In the All-Star game, I always root for the National League. It’s encoded in my genes.

    However, once my team is eliminated, my default position is to root for the team that hasn’t won for the longest period of time, regardless of league. Hence, I supported Cleveland over Boston in the ALCS, for example.

    Although I was disappointed that the Phillies lost to the Rockies in the division series, I’m now rooting for the Rockies in the World Series, because they’ve never won it before whereas Boston won it in 2004. And also because I want to be able to say, “At least the Phillies were beaten by the best.”

  4. Be a Good Daughter Says:

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  5. douglas Says:

    I concur- Dodger fan, root National league most of the time. Sometimes underdog takes precedent. I was happy for the Sox to break ‘the curse’. This time it’s defintely a twofer with the Rockies (National, Underdog). Oh well.

    On the other hand, would I root for the Giants in the World Series? Not likely, possible, but not likely.

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