November 28th, 2007

Non-news of the day

What a surprise.

8 Responses to “Non-news of the day”

  1. Gray Says:

    Babs is just excited about sneaking White House through the side door to spend ‘alone’ time with Bill again….

  2. harry9000 Says:

    Babs for Hillary.
    Opra for Obama.

    Split right down racial lines.

  3. Synova Says:

    Fabio is for Hillary, too.

    He’s also for bombing the bejezus out of terrorists and then bombing them some more just to be sure. He says the terrorists think we’re pussies for crying about Abu Ghraib when they’re sawing heads off.

    But he’s for Hillary because he likes women and owes his success to women.

    I find this every bit as persuasive… actually *much more* persuasive than any opinion held by Babs.

  4. camojack Says:

    Oy vey.

  5. Doom Says:

    Well, now, lets be fair. I was a bit unsure who she would support. There is Hillary, Obama, and Osama, and all three are rather important to the neocommunists, really really.

    By the way, in this nice quiet thread, I wished to thank you for providing such a decent place for an embattled, surrounded, out-numbered conservative. It’s a tough world for a principled conservative. Like the last bird Noah sent, though it found a branch upon which to perch it, by needs, was required to return to the ark for lack of anything other than that one resting spot. I am in college, in of course, a college town. And though I do not know your plight exactly, I know about it. Thanks for taking the risk. As a therapist, you understand alone, as a professional who is seemingly singular, you understand it personally.

    Oh, and, nice apple. I do enjoy it’s origin though until your site, never knew the story behind the man behind the apple. Good show all around, I should think. Be well.

  6. Tet Says:

    My problem with celebrity backing is that they rarely have anything to do with genuine competency. This is sad, really, because tons of these Oprah-loving, Barbra Streisand-singing people will be casting wasted votes on people who, really, may not represent the direction that America must take in future years.

    (I’m not American, but you know. I can’t help but get frustrated over US politics).

  7. jimfocus Says:

    Yeah, those stupid celebrities never have nothing to say, and they’re so delusional, thinking they could actually get elected gov. or president, or something–makes you laugh, doesn’t it?

  8. Ymarsakar Says:

    Yeah, those stupid celebrities never have nothing to say, and they’re so delusional, thinking they could actually get elected gov. or president, or something–makes you laugh, doesn’t it?

    Are you under some kind of impression that Hollywood celebrities are either Republicans or immigrants? Your attempt at cynicism and sarcasm would only work if you truly believed such things.

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