December 25th, 2007

On Christmas Day—blog?

On Christmas Day—blog?
I’d rather have grog,
Or maybe eggnog,
Then go walk the dog.
Or watch a Yule Log,
And eat like a hog,
Then go for a jog.
Blogging’s a bog.
My mind’s in a fog,
Or maybe agog
From much dialogue.
I’ll return to the slog
Tomorrow, and blog.

5 Responses to “On Christmas Day—blog?”

  1. Americaneocon Says:

    Tried to think of something witty to add, but as you say, my mind’s agog, what with a quick snifter and some SoCal smog!

    (Actually we’re getting some Santa Ana winds to blow the out the haze, but looking for a ryhme’s no easy time as the Christmas hours fall behind.)

    Have a great holiday and a blessed new year!

  2. John Ruberry Says:

    I was hoping to do a Currier Ives type post on my blog since we’ve had snow on the ground for the entire month–until it melted late last week.

    Have great holiday.

  3. Yaacov Ben Moshe Says:

    Yes, tomorrow’s soon enough, our blogs to flog
    today our indolence we catalogue
    into the future our thoughts leapfrog
    when again we will play the pedagogue

    Thanks for the link on my Merry Christmas post-

  4. Jerome Mahoney Says:


  5. Jerome Mahoney Says:


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