January 28th, 2008

Sanity Squad

Join the Sanity Squad in an Obamarama at Blog Talk Radio.

2 Responses to “Sanity Squad”

  1. nyomythus Says:

    The sexist and racial attacks WITHIN the party that says they champion these very things, should go to show that the aficionado wing of liberalism, the templated “can do no wrong” liberal Democrat – who advocate an end to sexism, and end to racism, and an end to poverty for that matter, it should show what many of us here already know, and that is we are not the noble creations of god we think we are, we are primates ONE CHROMOSOME away from chimpanzees, and we should start getting used to the fact that we aren’t as much as we think we are. Not even the sometimes holier than thou neocons, you can only pretend to burst that ceiling, however and fortunate for us we can see what we might become, western democracy has ended to a large degree what the rest of the world created; should I say ‘institutionalized’ misogyny and racism but there is still a lot of work to do on these fronts. And also in regards to poverty, liberalism at least sees the solution to this, if you want to say you care about stemming poverty and that you care about the quality of life for women then you’ll support abortion.

  2. harry9000 Says:

    Hey guys.About Barack H. Obama and the enthused, yet substance-rhetoric. As if it is to be believed that if we just have the courage to elect him, everything will just naturally jive and gel together on its own accord.

    I think these guys really believe that about themselves. Note Nancy Pelosi running off to the Middle-East last year in a head scarf as if the Executive branch didnt exist, to bring the opposing sides together. This to be accomplished solely by force of will and the goodness of intentions. As if these things in and of themselves were sufficient. After all, thats the way 1 hour TV dramas get settled.

    I see Obama “winging” it in his first year in office in much the same manner. Things will jell. You’ll see. Change is a coming.

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