February 24th, 2008

Life imitates “The Mikado:” Saudi men arrested for flirting

Well, at least no one’s beheading them (hat tip: Pajamas Media):

…57 young men…were arrested on Thursday for flirting with girls at shopping centres in Mecca.

For those of you puzzled by my “Mikado” reference, the very handy You Tube has two relevant scenes plus songs.

If you want to cut to the chase, view this one at minutes 3:06 to 5:14:

And start watching this one at minute 2:20 and go to the end:

[ADDENDUM: I thought this story rang a bell.]

11 Responses to “Life imitates “The Mikado:” Saudi men arrested for flirting”

  1. Truth Says:

    “From Fanatics/Terrorists Teaching to Flirting Behaviors!!”

    Finally there are singes of changes in the kingdom of darkness.

    I had a friend worked in Saudi in early 1980 I saw him in early 1990, I told those Saudi youth when they driving in their cars they put their sound very high (you feel you chases vibrated) also they lift one leg and put it out of window drivers!!!

    Before that we reads many strange stories about their women too, these stories comes in local magazines of from some sort of publishing materials.

    But there are believe those princes and their youth and very close relatives do so doing these doggy behaviors.

    Just two years ago there is very provocative story that one of princes stopped his car in the streets and in front of the public and force a women to his car with here struggle to get help of course no one can give her help.

    Looks like the spreading of ugly things past the royal family and sound normal Saudis start behaving like those members of royal family for decades.

    There are sings of changes

  2. Trimegistus Says:

    Truth: Maybe you don’t quite get it. In America, and the rest of the civilized world, we actually think flirting between young men and women is a harmless and, indeed, somewhat charming activity. We don’t think it merits jail time or corporal punishment.

    If this is truly a “sing” of change coming in Saudi Arabia, it suggests that the kingdom is slipping further into squalid barbarism.

  3. Truth Says:

    Trimegistus ,

    With all due respect of your comment, I think I misunderstood in my take here.

    What I meant there are sings of changes is this “charming activity” in the kingdom not the jail and beheading or those Religious Police with their sticks touring the streets of kingdom.

    Defiantly I with the charming activity activities and freedom please don’t take me wrong.

  4. Perfected democrat Says:

    Glad to hear that “Truth”….

    I suppose this is unrelated, but couldn’t help but notice the latest dirt that B.O. has been credibly outed… talk that both he and his wife are bi…. that should add a bit more support to his campaign, something for everyone! The real test now is going to be whether he deals with it honestly….

  5. Perfected democrat Says:

    Please let me correct my last comment to read: “…both he and his wife have been bi….”; My bets that he’s honorably married now, and Michelle is probably not a Hillary, and doesn’t seem like someone who would put up with any philandering; As much as I distrust him, I can now say there are two things I like about him, first his color, and now second, he might just be a human being (capable of youthful lapses of “humanity”, the drugs and now the bi….). Of course, not that any of that does anything but disqualify him as a credible candidate for Commander in Chief….

  6. Trimegistus Says:


    I humbly apologize for misreading your post. I thought the flirting was what you meant by “doggy behavior.” Sorry.

  7. Cappy Says:

    The greatest Lord High Executioner of all was Groucho, in an old Kinescope.

  8. Perfected democrat Says:

    Never mind….., but the (only) thing I still like about B.O. is his color….

    “The Minnesota man who accused leading presidential candidate Barack Obama of cocaine use and having sex with him in the back of a limousine nine years ago has reportedly failed two polygraph tests administered by the website WhiteHouse.com.” WND (Today)

  9. Vince P Says:

    What color is that?

    he’s 50% White
    43% Arab
    7% African

  10. Perfected democrat Says:

    Hi Vince, wondered if you were still around, it’s definitely the 7% I like (especially after the “first black president”, the mother of audacity); Too bad Condi and GW have capitulated to the pressures of the geopolitical power game this last year, she seemed to have promise for awhile. But who can explain to someone of her supposed intellect that Abbas has zero in common with MLK… We are often graced with politicians of a duplicitous nature, but rarely as in the case of B.O. who is multiplicitous. The democrats at the top: dishonest, incompetent blowhards and hypocrites; their grass-roots base: shallow, smug left-wing fools… Apparently not enough innocent people have died yet.

  11. Vince P Says:

    Perfected democrat: I have no explanation on how intelligent people like C Rice could honestly believe that the Palestinians want peace. How stupid can they be?

    You can probably spot the arab hatred of Jews from outerspace that’s how obvious it is, and yet , those in control of our diplomacy dont seem to notice this.

    It truely is the most disturbing thing to think about.. cuz then you wonder.. if they’re so stupid as to not see the reality of that situation (a situation that couldn’t be made more clear if you tried) you have to wonder what other situations are they equally deluded about. I dont even want to know the answer.

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