April 28th, 2008

Reverend Wright enjoys the spotlight: another think coming

Obama must be hoping that his ex-Reverend gets a vicious case of laryngitis that will last through November at least, from the looks of Wright’s performance today at the National Press Club.

Michelle Malkin asks:

Is [Wright] working for the Hillary campaign? Is he angry at Barack Obama? Because he has got to know this is killing his spiritual protege’s campaign.

I watched a few minutes of the Wright appearance and read about the rest. My stab at an answer to Malkin’s queries is that although Wright does seem a bit angry at Obama, his greater motivation appears to be the further swelling of his own already oversized ego, and the defense of his outraged honor against what he perceives as grievous insults.

It’s clear from Wright’s remarks that his defensive dander is up; he feels his church has been dissed, and he’s not going to let that happen. Here’s a sample:

If you think i’m gonna let you talk about my momma and her religious tradition and my daddy and his religious tradition … you’ve got another think coming.

But it also seems there’s more a little anger at Obama mixed in there as well. Otherwise, it’s hard to see why Wright would clarify his earlier remarks about Obama being a politician by destroying any lingering ambiguity about what he may have meant by the term. He meant “a person with no ethics who says whatever needs to be said to win elections.” To wit:

We both know that if Senator Obama did not say what he said he would not get elected…Politicians say what they say and do what they do based on electability … based on polls.

So Obama’s spiritual mentor finds him just a poll-driven hypocrite like all the others, destroying the entire basis for Obama’s campaign and its claim of exceptionalism.

I’m not sure whether this address will give any of Obama’s supporters “another think.” From the looks of the comments on the Huffington Post, many of them liked what Wright had to say, although it’s hard to tell what proportion of the whole this represents.

But Obama can’t be too happy about this appearance by the preacher he couldn’t quite bring himself to disown. He just might be having “another think” right now about his loyalty to his pastor.

13 Responses to “Reverend Wright enjoys the spotlight: another think coming”

  1. Vanderleun Says:

    With Obama believers it is as it is with addicts: “Once the needle goes in, it never comes out.”

  2. hai ku menter Says:

    Sister is that you?
    Doctor Jeremiah Wright
    Souljah for himself.

  3. expat Says:

    Does he have a sermon on humility in his repetoire? That’s the one I’d like to hear.

  4. Gringo Says:

    Does he have a sermon on humility in his repetoire?
    He saves his sermon on humility for the high rollers, who will pay extra for a very short sermon.

  5. MikeM Says:

    If you haven’t done so and have about 45 minutes, head over to foxnews, or hughhewitt and listen to the entire G-D America sermon. It’s an amazing diatribe that hits every radical left/marxist talking point.

    I’m glad we can now put those “soundbites” in context as Wright asked us to. It’s even more revealing 🙂

  6. Artfldgr Says:

    obama would have done better as a leftist athiest…

    with freinds like…. who needs enemies?

  7. Artfldgr Says:

    oh… and he is wrong… after i go to church i go out and have my early sunday pig out… fine meal, salad, full bottle of whine (this sunday a nice boujoulais), a dessert… then maybe a vignole or a glacier dessert wine…

    i havent put my white hat on with the pointy top since i stopped being a jim crow democrat!

    [ok… i am too young to be a jim crow democrat]

    the truth is that wright in that sentence didnt know that the people he is representing (democratic christian left) were the jim crow kkk people. it was the republicans who were black freindly and not wanting slavery…

    however, the left has always been power, and when power of slavery waned, the power of brbing the africans with money worked. in less than 2 years they went from republicans and an economy and businesses.. to democratic representation of the very people who started the negro project and sid they would use the black ministers to cover up the fact that they were trying to exterminate the blacks. (sanger)

    they have sided with the side trying to remove them because they cuold be bribed with money they didnt earn. the judeo christians before the modern era hated charity and would not take it.

    there was a great article about how the other classes have all come in and moved forward in less than two generations…

    i think it was a sowell piece. anyway… the old time black man answered the question as to why its this way. he says because the african americans think they are owed… and the rest are not owed.

    so what happens is that they underperform as if they are owed a past salary by an employer and until the bill is paid will underperform in protest.

    meanwhjiole, the majority of these people were not part of the original 4-5 million africans that were slaves.

    the vast majority came later.

  8. Terrye Says:

    I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church and I never heard stuff like this from the pulpit or anywhere else in the church. Strange as it may seem, I was raised to believe that Jesus was all about love and tolerance.

  9. mezzrow Says:

    After reviewing the news of Wright’s orations this morning, it came to me. Rev. Jeremiah Wright has seen his opportunity. He knows that if Obama is neither nominated nor elected as our next President, he will have this generation’s next great grievance to leverage. “Nobody has to even ask why Barack failed. You know the answer.”

    He’s establishing his base, Jesse and Al are looking old and tired, and he’s getting in position to be the first Big Man of 21st century African America. Every word he speaks helps make this injustice a self-fulfilling prohecy.

    Look for some action from Jesse and Al. Soon. They know what this is all about.

    Wright knows he has the chops for the job, and he’s really angry at Barack. He also sees himself and Barack working the good guy, bad guy routine on this country for the next generation. Today was historic.

  10. Vince P Says:

    I think it’s funny when some public opinion makers , trying to make excuses for the Pastor, says things like “I’m sure your pastor has said things you dont always agree with”.

    Well actually… no. That has never happened.

  11. harry McHitlerburtonstein the COnservative Extremist Says:


    “I’m not sure whether this address will give any of Obama’s supporters “another think.” From the looks of the comments on the Huffington Post, many of them liked what Wright had to say, although it’s hard to tell what proportion of the whole this represents. “

    Well, If its any measure, my brother stopped supporting Obama, leaving he and my mom without a candidate to vote for this cycle. My brother may be waiting on Al Gore to announce, I dont know.

    I tell my mom she has to hold her nose and vote for McCain like I got to. That’s my ringing endorsement. I feel that if I get any more supportive of why its important to vote for the most conservative person in the race, John McCain might run to a microphone and denounce me.


  12. Beverly Says:

    No, this won’t make them think twice: they’re True Believers. I heard a couple of them at work today waxing indignant that Stephanopoulos and the other interviewer had had the TEMERITY to ask St. Barry “those awful questions — they sounded like right-wing talking points!!”

    Et Cetera. They really do think he’s the Second Coming. Or close to it. [sigh]

  13. Foxfier Says:

    Of course Wright doesn’t want Obama to win; hard to blame the gov’t and cry victim when there’s one of the “vicitims”–of your own church!– at the head, no?

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