April 30th, 2008

A jello mold photo a day…

…keeps the appetite at bay.

In my continuing effort to explore the dubious joys of the dying art of the jello mold, I found this. Not even the gelatin entries in James Lileks’ “Gallery of Regrettable Food” can match the revolting characteristics of these jello molds that masquerade as Thanksgiving turkeys.

Yes, you heard me correctly. And if you don’t have the stomach to follow the link, here’s one to unwhet your appetite:


[NOTE: This one so sickened me that I think it might be the last in the series. Maybe.]

26 Responses to “A jello mold photo a day…”

  1. expat Says:

    This could be useful: Tell your husband that’s what your planning for dinner, and I bet you get taken out. I may bookmark this page.

  2. Trimegistus Says:


  3. Barb Says:

    Ummm, what on EARTH is THAT?????????? I know it’s supposed to be a turkey, but it kinda reminds me of a phlegm ball I coughed up when I had the flu last year.

  4. Thomas Says:

    I have a brain mold for Halloween parties. 🙂

  5. Hassan BenSober Says:

    No, please, no more jello mold postings. I’ll talk, already!

  6. Steven Says:

    Looks like something out of Eraserhead.

  7. colagirl Says:

    Is that….a jello mold….pretending to be….a *chicken??*

    Well, there goes *my* appetite for the day….

  8. Gringo Says:

    Looking at all that jello shows me that some things in the past are best viewed, like Amarillo in some song, in the rear view mirror. Jello adds some humor.

  9. Perfected democrat Says:

    Believe it or not
    I found this authentic 1952
    con-a-sewer recipe
    for horrordurves:

    1 lb Spam, 16 oz gelatin mixed w/ tomato juice
    in blender on high, add in cold crisp grated vegetables folded in by hand, refrigerate and drizzle with sour cream … serve on krackers or toaste pointes..

  10. Perfected democrat Says:

    … then there’s the sardine version…

  11. Chris Muir Says:

    Oh, God.

  12. DuMaurier-Smith Says:

    Hmm. I think she’s lost weight.

    Gringo. I believe that was Lubbock in the rear view mirror, courtesy Mack Davis. But I’m with you, it should have been Amarillo–especially during some of their hail storms and tornadoes.

  13. DuMaurier-Smith Says:

    I just noticed Chris Muir stopped by. I hope the subject doesn’t put him off. I look forward to seeing how the Colt Peacemaker wears at Tosca.

  14. Vanderleun Says:

    You are just doing this to torture me personally.

  15. Gringo Says:

    DuMaurier-Smith: You are correct that it was Mack Davis singing about Lubbock, not about Amarillo. So many great musicians came out of Lubbock, but out of Amarillo?

    As a bunch of ‘necks beat me up in Amarillo for the crime of long hair, I had personal reasons for using Amarillo as a rear view mirror type of city. Ironically, years later I ended up living in Texas. But I haven’t been back to Amarillo, though my politics these days are more closely aligned to Amarillo than they are to San Francisco or the Upper West Side.

  16. Derannimer Says:

    Dude! Put that under a link, or something! Or at least give us a friggin’ warning! Yerrk.

  17. Matthew M Says:

    Maybe corn syrup based staples aren’t so bad after all.

  18. DuMaurier-Smith Says:

    I don’t think long hair has been a crime in Texas since Willy Nelson came to power. But in Amarillo . . . ? Well, I think we can leave it to Texans to tell us if anything good has come out of Amarillo.

  19. Vanderleun Says:

    It’s time to discuss a neoneocon intervention.

  20. NeoCanuck Says:

    Please, please remove that picture of the turkey jelly mold! It makes me queasy just to look at it.

  21. Gringo Says:

    DuMaurier-Smith. It was LONG ago, when Willie was still in Nashville.

  22. Artfldgr Says:

    my eyes!!! my eyes!!!

    this is like a nude beach at a fat farm…

  23. The Daily Brief: Military Musings and Thoughts Less Filtered » A Disquisition Upon Jello Says:

    […] horror of the guacamole bird – it’s the third one down, here Found this through neo-neocon, here who was running a two-part Jello retrospective. Some of the recipes which Neo’s commenters […]

  24. Thomas Says:

    The last of the series? Say it isn’t so!

  25. Cappy Says:

    Tagged by Chris Muir!
    A worshipful “we’re not worthy” to Neo, a la Wayne’s World for this high honor!

  26. Ymarsakar Says:

    Jesus Jello is coming up next, right neo?

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