July 31st, 2008

Obama and the dollar bill guys: not just playing the race card—he’s playing the preemptive race card


The Obama camp says the McCain campaign is wrong to accuse him of playing the race card in the following remarks Obama made while addressing a crowd in Missouri yesterday:

Nobody thinks that Bush and McCain have a real answer to the challenges we face. So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know, ‘he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name,’ you know, ‘he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.’

Yeah. You know.

It’s not that Obama can cite anyone officially connected to the McCain campaign actually making such a statement. Apparently. Obama doesn’t need to back up his accusation; it’s just a prediction, you see. He just needs to say that they will—and some people will nod sagely, just as some people consider any criticism of Obama to be racially motivated.

Ah, but it’s not about race at all, say Obama’s spokespeople. Not in the least; how could John McCain think such a thing?

Obviously, Obama’s dollar bill remark was about age: Obama’s not as ancient as those guys were. Or maybe its about beards, or false teeth, or long flowing hair, or cravats—don’t most of the men on the dollar bills sport one or the other, or even a combination?

Here’s the Obama camp’s rejoinder to the McCain accusation. According to spokesperson Robert Gibbs, Obama was not referring to race at all:

“What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said. “There is nothing more to this than the fact that he was describing that he was new to the political scene. He was referring to the fact that he didn’t come into the race with the history of others. It is not about race.”

I am really getting tired of these transparently absurd rejoinders by the Obama camp. These “he doesn’t look like the rest of them” remarks are commonplace in Obama’s campaign, and they are always a veiled way (and sometimes a not-so-veiled way) to refer to race.

For example, Obama said towards the beginning of his speech in Berlin just last Thursday:

I know that I don’t look like the Americans who’ve previously spoken in this great city. The journey that led me here is improbable. My mother was born in the heartland of America, but my father grew up herding goats in Kenya. His father—my grandfather—was a cook, a domestic servant to the British.

Can anyone argue he is not referring to his ethnicity there? Oh yes, maybe he’s just referring to the fact that he thinks he’s the first son of a goatherder to speak there. Sure thing.

Not only that, the “Republicans are going to scare you about my race” tactic is a not a new one for Obama. He’s on record as saying it quite explicitly about a month ago. I wrote about it at the time here, saying:

Barack Obama, the candidate who wants to end divisiveness, and who wants to run a clean and honorable campaign without negativity, said the following in a recent campaign speech at a Florida fund-raising reception:

It is going to be very difficult for Republicans to run on their stewardship of the economy or their outstanding foreign policy. We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?”

Almost a carbon copy of the recent remarks in which he denies meaning he’s referring to race at all.

This man is, quite simply, a liar of a magnitude seldom seen even among politicians—and that’s saying something.

[NOTE: As for those dollar bill guys, they were hardly Washington DC insiders, much less insiders for “decades.” Their histories (but who cares about history?) prior to becoming President were quite varied, although there’s a slight tendency towards military accomplishments. Nor were all of them Presidents, either.

First, there’s George Washington himself, whose face is on the one dollar bill, and whose name was given to the city that became the capital of the US only after his Presidency. He gained fame as Commander during the Revolution, but prior to that he had spent the bulk of his time as wealthy planter and landowner, Virginia legislator, and judge.

Jefferson is on the relatively rare two-dollar bill, and he is the closest thing to a Washington insider we get, having served as Vice President before he became President, although his protean accomplishments were hardly limited to politics.

Then there’s Lincoln of the five-dollar bill, who was about as much a Washington insider at the time of his election as Obama is now. His political career even featured venues similar to Obama: four terms in the Illinois legislature, and one in the US Congress.

Moving right along we come to Alexander Hamilton of the ten-dollar bill, who not only was born and raised in the British West Indies, but was illegitimate, widely rumored in his own day to have been part Black or even to have had a Jewish mother (he was educated in a Jewish school because his illegitimate status banned him from more conventional church-run ones). He never became President, but served in the military, as a member of the Continental Congress, was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and Secretary of the Treasury.

Andrew Jackson of the twenty-spot had a pre-Presidential stay in Washington politics about as brief as Obama’s. He had made his name elsewhere as a military man. U.S. Grant is on the fifty, and his experience prior to becoming President was totally military—and although his father may not have been a goatherder, he, like Lincoln, was born in a log cabin.

Which brings us to Ben Franklin, whose face adorns the hundred dollar bill, and whose long flowing locks resemble those of no President (which he of course never was, although he is one of our most influential Founding Fathers). His incredibly varied and productive life—he was as much a Renaissance man as Thomas Jefferson) was spent mostly in Pennsylvania, with side trips as Ambassador to France and Minister to Sweden.]

58 Responses to “Obama and the dollar bill guys: not just playing the race card—he’s playing the preemptive race card”

  1. vanderleun Says:

    Well, look at it this way. There’s still room for Obama on the three dollar bill.

  2. Pat Says:

    “other presidents”? You mean, besides ME? I call that the presumptive use of “other”.

  3. Thomass Says:

    “This man is, quite simply, a liar of a magnitude seldom seen even among politicians—and that’s saying something.”

    I made the connection to that old ‘and do you he is black’ speech too. Ridiculous what the media lets the guy get away with……

  4. Occam's Beard Says:

    Some people on dollar bills look like Obama. Wasn’t the Reverend Ike on the three-dollar bill?

    Well said, Pat. I thought exactly the same thing.

    If Obama loses, as I expect given the hissing sound coming out of his image, the wailing and lamentations (not to mention howls of “fraud!”) will be wondrous to behold.

  5. Peter Says:

    You can get what you want from Obama’s rhetoric. Indeed, that’s what you do, so I’d urge you to continue on to more important things.

    The important thing is that race doesn’t matter- indeed there is no such thing as race. We’re all one big human race, so why worry about these comments at all?

    Is Obama dividing the country by bringing up race? I think he’s trying to do the opposite and is succeeding to a fair extent, whether you like it or not. It is in fact you guys who are bringing up race, which as I said is quite a nonsensical idea.

    I know you can find much better and important lies to lambaste Obama about, so please do. Take it to the issues that matter.

  6. huxley Says:

    Is Obama dividing the country by bringing up race? I think he’s trying to do the opposite and is succeeding to a fair extent, whether you like it or not.

    Peter — It’s not enough to assert something, you need to back it up. What evidence do you have in your favor? How does it compare with Neo’s cites? How does it balance out Obama’s participation and support of a racist preacher and a racist church for twenty years?

    I consider Obama a very divisive figure on the US scene. From his remarks about the dollar bill and in Berlin, it’s clear he is setting up those of us who do not vote for him as racists. If he loses, and maybe even if he doesn’t, there is a going to be the devil to pay in accusations of racism.

  7. Barb Says:

    huxley, if he loses, there will be a race war the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Just sayin’.

  8. Scrapiron Says:

    Old habits are hard to break. Hussein has used race and racism all of his life to get things he was not qualified to get by any method other than ‘claiming to be black’. With his total lack of inteligence if he had claimed to be white he would be the janitor at some college, not a college graduate by the grace of affairmative action. I once objected to having to score a combined 94 on two test to obtain a position when a black person only had to have a combined score of 60, and if they scored less than 60 they would get remedial instructon and a retest until they obtained a 60+. I’m still not a racist like Hussein, but I would never support affairmative action either.

  9. Scrapiron Says:

    “…I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” B Hussein Obama,

    page 261 of his book, Audacity of Hope…

    People like Peter have accused others of lying about Hussein’s above statement.
    ‘I’m not an Islamist’ is a dog that won’t hunt with this statement behind him in his own book.

  10. neo-neocon Says:

    Scrapiron: the facts about that statement of Obama’s are here.

  11. harry McHitlerburtonstein the COnservative Extremist Says:

    Well talk about spreading racial and ethnic fear, its ironic to note that in “Audacity of Hope” he felt the need to make the pronouncement that he would stand behind people of Arab and Pakistani decent. You know how we gun totin’ NASCAR watching white people get. Why, if it wasnt for him warning all of us white guys that he’d be ready to stand by the Arab American community, we might have rounded them all up by now.

  12. cSimon Says:

    “Is Obama dividing the country by bringing up race? I think he’s trying to do the opposite and is succeeding to a fair extent, whether you like it or not.”

    Peter, you are definitely drinking too much Kool-Aid. Either that, or you are enthralled beyond rational thinking. Obama introduced race. There is no argument — he did, and more than once. If you don’t think he’s playing the race card, why, when he does that “cute” bit of speech-making, does he not say:

    “We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black [AND WHITE]?”

    Because, guess what he is….just as much white as black! Answer: He’s looking to benefit from his blackness. Which he has a right to. But, a little disingenuous, don’t you think?
    (That and more: nauseating. His holier-than-thou pretense, and his hypocritical mocking of McCain (i.e. mocking McCain for talking about his rival at times, as opposed to issues) while he’s doing the very same thing as he talks about McCain! Oh, and those mocking antics — can you say immature playground taunting? Uh, like grade school kids…

    And uniting people? Who? You watching those poll nos? This country is just as divided as we were in 2000, and then again in 2004, and still now. However, instead of issues, it’s more about those who are mesmerized by Obama’s Pied Piper tunes, and the rest of us who don’t hear much, and don’t care to follow him over the cliff…..(or was it..into the sea?) I know I’m mixing tales and metaphors, but this is another way of saying same: Obama, the self-annointed would-be Emperor, wears no clothes!

    By the way, Pat and Occam’s Beard — good catch. I missed that “other” and the presumptive inference.

  13. Perfected democrat Says:

    Obi’s grin would look great on a …. Euro, Franc, or Mark!

  14. 11B40 Says:


    You just don’t understand; WonderBoy needs a little more affirmative action.

  15. emmanuelgoldstein Says:


    Are you seriously presuming to argue that the Republicans won’t bring up the race issue?

  16. vanderleun Says:

    Why would they when the Democrats do it for them daily?

  17. Peter Says:

    It would be a mistake to ever be enthralled of a politician. I am quite the skeptic, truth be told, when it comes to leaders and the effect that power has on people.

    Mostly I read conservative blogs for laughs, but quite often there are very respectable points to be found. That’s why I would encourage neocon to find a more substantive topic.

    For some people, race is an issue. It matters to them. Apparently race mattered for 10% of West Virginians who voted for Hillary. Perhaps it matters in Obama’s mind. But for us, for people who are better than that, let’s leave that kind of simple-mindedness to the people who engage in it and not pay any mind to it ourselves.

  18. Perfected democrat Says:

    “Are you seriously presuming to argue that the Republicans won’t bring up the race issue?”

    You have to be stupid or dishonest to suggest that opposition by Republicans to Obi has anything to do with his “only” being half-white, etc. The only thing I personally find to like about him is the hue of his skin. There was a time when I thought Rice was a wonderful possibility, but she and GW have sold out to an illusion and lie with the promotion of Fatah, in the so called mideast “peace negotiations”. Many Republicans out here would love to see a Michael Steele as a POTUS. Otherwise, Obi’s roots from his caucasion side are intrenched in the hard left wing, and with no personal African-American lineage at all, his Kenyan African-Indonesian background is firmly intrenched in a mix of hard left and muslim islamist family roots. Of course I could go on and on about the manchurian candidate, as we do here on Neo’s venue, but why bother tonite, when we all know very well what this “political” conflict is really about. So which is it, dim, stupid or dishonest?

  19. strcpy Says:

    “It would be a mistake to ever be enthralled of a politician. I am quite the skeptic, truth be told, when it comes to leaders and the effect that power has on people.”

    There is an old saying that comes to mind here – “actions speak louder than words”. Your actions with respect to Obama tell us what you say isn’t true. At best you have little ability at critical thinking, at worst you are simply lying in an attempt to make your views more palatable to others.

    What you are saying is equivalent to me insisting that my spelling and grammar is good – it’s nothing but empty words based on what has been written. I guess if it makes you feel better then have at it – it’s not like you will be the first or last person to think that they have fooled everyone else around them. However the only people you really fool are those that want to be fooled (and even then most really know it). You might as well then continue by telling us that you are a life long republican that is fed up with what they are doing and are going to vote a straight democratic ticket this year.

    I mean, really – why do people so deep in Obamania try and make us think they are rational observers who have just come to the conlcusion that his policies are just what they want. If he had actually outlined some of them then I would somewhat agree, but then those same people will somehow try and convince us that Obama’s message is *really* conservative (lower taxes, strong borders, pro-military, pro-active defense, etc) even though he opposes those ideas at every turn.

    Please continue to read us and laugh. Few of us are going to move onto the more “substantive” issues that the Obama campaign is trying to get us too. If you can help us find those more substantive issues (maybe how much the Europeans and Islamic radicals like him) maybe we can help, until then I think that his own message of hoping things get better with no actions taken do not really need much in the way of ridiculing. I suppose since he has now officially become the symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions all will be right with the universe.

  20. armchair pessimist Says:

    Have you also noticed how frequently the Joy to the World and his spokespeople have to come out and explain what he really meant to say? It doesn’t matter with us–we’re just the American people, docile cattle–but he might not have a 2nd chance to explain himself to the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, etc.

    Vaguely related question: Would a President Obama have the Constitutional authority to abolish our nuclear arsenal solely on his own whim?

  21. SteveH Says:

    Obama wants pity from Americans for his self described race handicap. There is no such thing as a leader who would even consider such an attitude.

    Just imagine a Franklin Roosevelt playing the polio card.

  22. Barb Says:


    It seems the only people concerned with race or sex, or whatever irrelevant characteristic (when talking about p.o.t.u.s.), are liberals. For a bunch that claims to despise labels/stereotypes, you people are pros at flinging them against anyone who doesn’t agree with your warped world view. If Obama was a gay Jewish female, who happened to be white (my incidental characteristics), I still wouldn’t vote for the expedient charlatan. He is an America-blaming/hating socialist, and is not qualified to be president of anything more than the local chapter of ACORN.

  23. Logern Says:

    It’s interesting John Lowroad McCain is using Paris and Britney in an ad.

    In the 2006 Senate race in Tennessee, the Republicans ran ads linking the Democratic candidate, a young black congressman, Harold Ford, with a sexy white woman winking at him. The ad worked. Ford had been leading before the ad and tanked after it ran, never recovered, and ultimately lost the election to Bob Corker. The take-away message: overt racism with sexual overtones is a winner in the South. So why not try it elsewhere?

  24. Barb Says:

    The ad isn’t “overt racism”. It’s to show Obama is nothing more than another superficial celebrity, full of his own arrogance and narcissism. What is it with you lberals and your obsession to turn everything into a race issue? Unreal.

  25. Gringo Says:

    The ad linking Obama with Britney Spears, Little Miss Airheadness Herself, is entirely appropriate. When Obamessiah speaks without a teleprompter, he shows himself to be an airhead who says that inflating our tires will net us as much saving in gasoline consumption as “all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling.”

    Sounds like an airhead to me.

  26. armchair pessimist Says:


    Because like witch doctors, they twitch and grimace and shriek their magic spells to frighten away the demons. And the more Obama reveals himself to be nothing more than a silly little ass, the more they’ll be shrieking the most powerful spell they have: “Racist!”

  27. Dennis Says:

    One of the ways the Obama people hope to shut down all debate is to use the race card. This will happen when Obama is losing ground, questioned about any issue where he has no real answer, et al. I hope that he uses it so much that it becomes the meaningless statement to everyone that the race hustlers have made it.
    Go leftists and sow the “race” card.

  28. Deana Says:

    Vanderleun –

    We need to get an image of Obama on a $3 bill. That was precisely the image that came to my mind when I heard what he said about not looking “like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

    The guy is simply unbelievable.


  29. FredHjr Says:

    Obama is doing what all con men do when the targets of the con start looking under the right rocks: do the misdirection and try to distract them.

    More people are discovering just how far Left this guy is, and they are asking the right questions about him. His campaign staff know this, hence the desperate tactic. Try to throw people off the trail and get them away from the scent.

    So, bring up the race card and play it hard. Accuse those who won’t vote for him of motives that are not at all the true motives.

    I’m telling you this for your own good. This is exactly what a con man does. Don’t fall for it. The desperation of the tactic ought to clue you all in as to how much is at stake for Obama and for his puppet master George Soros. This IS a very, very high stakes game and we are holding a very good hand. Obama and Soros want you to fall for the bluff and fold your winning hand.

  30. Barb Says:

    I’ll tell you what, if I were a black person, and heard this crap from the Obama campaign, I would be insulted. I know it’s a typical democrat party move, to prey on the stupid, but B. Hussein has taken it to another level. I have to wonder if even the most shameless democrats are thinking this guy is not to be believed.

  31. Barb Says:

    I should qualify my last post, by saying, if a Jewish candidate tried pulling the Jew-hatred card, that would, most certainly insult me.

  32. huxley Says:

    But for us, for people who are better than that, let’s leave that kind of simple-mindedness to the people who engage in it and not pay any mind to it ourselves.

    Peter – Easy for you to say. Insinuations of racism are not being used against you and your candidate.

    This is a lot like Obama’s high-minded, though empty pleas for unity. They sound wonderful, but then one realizes that it’s only unity on his terms that Obama is offering.

  33. Christopher Says:

    Well, you know the McCain ad has drawn blood when the Black Narcissus’ disciples can find no better rejoinder than bleating “don’t we have better things to talk about?” and “Republicans are racist!”

    I do find it amusing – if not particularly surprising, that Peter believes “race mattered” to the West Virginians who voted for Hillary; why else would they reject the Way, the Truth and the Life? Perhaps, Peter, those Hillary voters had real concerns with Obama’s lack of experience (shrill witch she may be, but Hillary at least spent time in the Congressional trenches), his weathervaning vacillation when it comes to the war (“I was against the surge before I was for it”), his moonlight-thin voting record or his own past associations (“this is not the Reverend Wright / Jesse Jackson / William Ayers / Bernadine Dorhn/your name here that I knew”).

    Preemptively dismissing anti-Obama voters as ‘racists’ is typical from your side, and insultingly typical of your candidate. What, after all, is the basis for his “typical white person” slap at his grandmother, or his continued screeching that Republicans will scare the voters by warning them that Obama is (gasp!) black? It is a presumption -more than that, actually, a delusional certainty – that there is a huge swath of voting Americans who are unreconstructed racists, that they’ll all be voting for McCain only because they hate darkies. It’s a baseless smear on at least half of the country, but it seems the Obama campaign, its MSM fellators and Narcissus’ disciples are going to continue with it for as long as they think it works.

    And logern – suppose the Ford ad had a sexy black woman winking at Ford and mouthing “call me.” Would that pass your racism smell test? Or would you be whining that the “takeaway message” was black women are a bunch of whores? But I do like your smug presumption that “overt racism with sexual overtones is a winner in the South.” As someone born and bred in Massachusetts, I can tell you that the North is every bit as racist (if not more so) than your imagined Dixieland.

  34. Sergey Says:

    To those who do not allow ideology trump scientific facts, I can assure you: human races really exist, and the term has exact meaning in genetics, anthropology and evolutionary biology. One can say, of course, that race does not matter to him; that is fine, but to declare it non-existent is an idiocy or total ignorance.

  35. Gringo Says:

    As someone born and bred in Massachusetts, I can tell you that the North is every bit as racist (if not more so) than your imagined Dixieland.

    I am a North/South hybrid, with N/S parents who has split my life N/S in nearly equal parts. Those who smugly talk about the “racist South” would be hard-pressed to explain net Black migration to the South in the last 30 years, contrasted with net Black out-migration from the virtuous Northeast.



  36. physicsguy Says:

    Found this site from a post on Michelle Malkin’s site from an Obama defender. Take a quick perusal through the comments and see how the acusation of GOP racism is running rampant among the faithful.

    Warning: as per usual from such left sites the language does get a bit foul.


  37. Artfldgr Says:

    great article neo
    excellent and valid point sergey

    what your seeing is the most common communist tactic in discourse. yet i am amazed that no one pointed the mechanics out.

    say there is a policy or action, and lets call it FFF. FFF is a bad thing publicly, but benificial behind closed doors. like cheating…

    if your not doing FFF, imediately charge your oponent with it. If they are doing it, you get the high road, and they get to play defense. if they are not doing it, you have smeared a subset of their followers and added to yours. again you seem to have the high road.

    if you ARE doing FFF, imediately charge the other oponent with it and do it fast. this gives many advantages. first it removes the worst case condition where your oponent is not using or doing FFF and you are and the world gets to know it. second, you put the opoenent on the defensive to prove a negative, and you get all the benifits of above. third, if you are discovered doing FFF, the thing is much less shocking as it has been argued for a while, so it mitigates the amount of bad you will get if you get pegged. and fourth, it allows you to constantly maintain the high ground.

    [the correlary is that one can completely know the bad guys tactics as he pre-empts with his negative actions so that they are minimized]

    russia did this everytiem they wanted to do a negative thing. like build up the arms. america will invade and so is building lots of missiles (accuse of fff), so we will build lots of missiles (doing fff).

    this is how sociopaths debate. they have little or no merit, since thats antithesis to their ways, and so they have to win by other means. they cheat, and they play dirty, but they are aware that those behaviors in themselves are negators, so they have sat aroudn working out how to negate or minimize the negatives against their NATURAL behaviors.

    once we move away from meritocracy, the bane of sociopathic living, we no longer can argue freom merit.

    first blood counts more than validity.

    if you look carefully, this has been the constant attack method for nearly 100 years and no one calls them ot the mat on it.

  38. Artfldgr Says:

    if you study the history a bit closer. you will find that a lot of the racist incidents that painted the south with that brush were orchestrated politically.

    take the people running the school that martin luthor, seeger, and rosa parks attended (to learn how to do their thing). they purchased houses in white neighborhoods as whites, then come moving day, they moved blacks into the homes.

    the problem, which confirms your point, and my knowlege too, was that the majority of whites didnt care. (heck, stubbs the barbecue place started in the south and you can see pictures of lots of white red necks enjoying soutern ribs in the deep south at a black mans restaurant!).

    so what did they do? they then snuck into these black peoples homes and they blew them up!

    socialists dont react to history, they create history.

    with the kkk being the SA of the democratic party, how many devote communists does it take to lynch some poor black men to paint the south as a racial bad place? how many communists does it take to enter the preisthood and then purposefully molest children to destroy the priest hood if that is their mission?

    you see… with those acts, we have absolutely no defense. we absolutely do not believe that people would do such things. so such things fall fast from memory if anything comes up to tell us. like the FBI transcripts and prosecution of the bombers of those homes for sedition and other things.

    the south is like every other place that i have been. they dont want outsiders that cause trouble, and so until your there for a while, they are suspicious and wish you to leave. but once your there for a while, show that your not a problem, they are happy and fine with it all. today, in their communities, certain groups cause disproportionate problems and they bring those things with them. so they are not as welcome.

    however i am now a firm beleiver that many of the acts that we ascribe to rednecks were and are created by political manipulators trying to control history and the argument.

    after all, what would have happened to the whole divide and conqure thing if the south was found to be nice to people?

  39. Occam's Beard Says:

    You can get what you want from Obama’s rhetoric.

    Exactly. That’s the problem: it’s content free, and so admits of all interpretations by denying none. It”s like Ted Kennedy used to say, “We must move forward together!” Hard to argue with, but utterly devoid of content.

    As for Northern racism, as a Californian I was shocked to see the level of racism when I spent a few years in Boston. Truly shocked. I’d expected that liberal Mecca to be a moonbat haven but at least to exhibit racial amity, but nope. Quite the contrary.

    Conversely, on visiting Atlanta (OK, just a series of visits, but bear with me) I was surprised by how friendly blacks were to whites generally speaking (and vice versa). In the Bay Area most blacks seem openly hostile to whites, and make a point of showing it.

  40. Brad Says:

    Someone at Ace of Spades HQ figured out what characteristic Obama was referring to: his ears!

  41. Thomass Says:

    Peter Says:

    “It is in fact you guys who are bringing up race, which as I said is quite a nonsensical idea.”

    Someone drinks the kool aid…

  42. Thomass Says:

    Sergey Says:

    “I can assure you: human races really exist, and the term has exact meaning in genetics, anthropology and evolutionary biology.”

    Yes… but… you can not tell by skin color. About half of Africa (by geography, not population) have some genetic markers that make them appear closer to Europeans than the other Africans. Spanish people may have connections to India (and some, also, to Africa). Et cetera. I’m Hungarian and we’re different than most other Euros.. et cetera.

    Yes, they’re are races. But you can’t really tell by looks. Esp just by skin color.

  43. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    it’s clear he is setting up those of us who do not vote for him as racists

    Oh, it’s going to be worse than that if he wins. He’s setting it up so that even criticism of his administration will be seen as racism.

    Anyone care to take bets on how quickly an amendment to repeal the 22nd amendment materializes in Congress if Obama gets elected?

  44. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    Obama, the self-annointed would-be Emperor, wears no clothes!

    No, you’re mistaken. He wears a fine, fine suit.

    It’s the suit that’s empty, tho.

  45. Artfldgr Says:

    Obama Aide Concedes ‘Dollar Bill’ Remark Referred to His Race


    Sen. Barack Obama’s chief strategist conceded that the Democratic presidential candidate was referring to his race when he said Republicans were trying to scare voters by suggesting Obama “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

    [and the leftists have nothing but bad names to call us]

    meanwhile… have you looked at the brouhaha over the mccain video? its like lunatic central. and i usually give a huge leeway before thinking people lunatic, after all, it might be lifestyle.

    I think its interesting that all the leftists have watch leftist hitler and the Riefenstahl work! something that the vast majority of people would not have watched or seen. And instead of noticing the parallels between Hitler and Obama, they instead envision mccain as some crypto Hitler using Hitler to smear Obama.

    Exploding Obama At The Subliminal Level implies that the subliminals the republicans are using are saying obama should be assasinated..

    and things get weirder at Obama As Sexual Predator

    here is a direct paste quote

    n each, Obama — framed as a protean black celebrity (like O.J.) — comes up on the woman, each an oversized icon, and creates the digital effect of a physical merger. (The fact that Britney is “facing” Obama and Paris is “looking away” could be mostly a function of what clips were available. On the other hand, the difference between the two — Britney more “receptive” and Paris seemingly “unwilling” — also resonates with the two dimensions of this ugly stereotype, one objectifying the white woman’s supposed secretly lust for the black man’s sexual prowess, and the other representing the more predatory “take it by force” scenario.)

    and the left isnt racist? Gringo, see why i agree with you? these people are completely out of touch with reality… they are spouting KKK fear lines as if they are scholarly psych analysis!!!!

    my comment above is the deconstruction that compares the video to triumph of the will… of course most never have seen that, and that the similarity would first have to be created by obama. ergo my comment as to the odd thing that they ascribe such similarity to a rightist plot when hitler was leftist, Leni Riefenstahl was a leftist, and obama is a leftist… but its a rightist plot..

    oh lord are we in trouble if this is the discussions…

    [note that anyone that wants to lend a sanity moment to them ends up being deleted as a troll]

    here is another comment to paste
    Ah, so I am not the only one who thought that the chanting crowds thing was supposed to be a reference to mad dictator. (Extra points for using Adolf Hitler!) I guess in this context Mike’s question about the placement of the black man under “Is he ready to lead?” is more understandable — all GOP ads are apparently required by law to strike into the fear of our subconscious and conjure up nasty images. I wonder what Mr. Weaver has to say about this . . .

    and this

    I think it is wholly justified to look at the memes planted by the photographic images alone. The juxtaposition of the black man (in GOP eyes menacing merely for being black as well as being in proximity to the white women) and the tender white flesh to be protected (a major theme in “Birth of a Nation”). As others have pointed out, all the talk (coordinated talking points, actually) about Obama acting “presumptuous” is just a coded way of saying, “uppity n*gger.” (It’s kind of funny though to realize that Britney is a stauch GOP supporter).
    I remember seeing a TV campaign ad for Shrub with the sound off in 2004. It kept flipping images in an MTV-style timed beat where it showed D-Day landings, American flags, Reagan, American flags, Reagan’s militarism, American flags, more D-Day, American flags, Bush, American flags, Iraq War, American flags, D-Day again, and American flags. The meme was that Bush’s war was a “good war” like WWII and that Shrub was deserving of the mantle of “great Republican” just like Reagan.
    As Bag News Notes has pointed out so well, it’s the image that largely conveys the message regardless of the audio. McCain’s people are trying to get as close as possible without crossing the line to an “electronic lynching.” It is yet to be seen whether this tactic will ultimately be successful.

    and this

    Wow. With all due respect, to anyone who thinks that McCain/Rove were NOT playing the sexual predator card with this ad, I have some swampland to sell you. How could they POSSIBLY have made it any more obvious? A flashing neon sign, perhaps? Did you see how close they got Obama’s crotch to Britney’s chin? That was just a harmless coincidence?
    I predict you will hear about this outrageous ad for months to come. This is a colossal blunder by McCain that has left many in the news media speechless. Even they can’t believe he would attach his name to this racist, pandering garbage. Who could possibly want this man for president?


    such a bunch of wackaloons hell bent on creating hell and thinking its heaven. they are so twisted up they dont know that the crimes they rail against are and were committed by the side they are siding with.


  46. FredHjr Says:

    Occam’s Beard,

    I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts, in Peabody. About 30 mins. north of Boston. I went to a Catholic grammar school during the 1960’s and from ’69 to ’73 went to a Catholic boarding school. My best friend at that school was a black kid from Somerville. I do not recall, where I grew up, there being that much racism. I grew up in a multi-ethnic city that used to be a factory town (and still was, at that point). Boston and the South Shore may have been a different matter. There were no race riots where I lived. There were no secret John Birth Society chapters. No assaults on the few black people who lived in my town or neighborhood.

    Of course there were enclaves of hatred for blacks. I did all my Army time in the South and I can tell you that there were still enclaves of it down there too. I think it’s unfair to have painted Massachusetts with such a broad brush. For the record, when I was in the Army I recall two occasions when I was insulted or demeaned because I was white. But I also recall an incident where I was unjustly and without provocation attacked by a soldier under my supervision and other black soldiers came to my defense. Interesting, the black guy who attacked me was a loser, ne’er do well from (you guessed it!) Chicago. I covered for his many mistakes and shucking and jiving for a long time until I could no longer hide it from my sergeant. I had to fess up to it, and he was angry that I was covering for the lazy soldier. And then the guy I was covering for didn’t like it that I had told Sarge about his dereliction. So, in a drug and psychotic induced rage (he was later put out of the service) he tried to assault me. And so I had a whole barrack of black guys come to my defense against this loser.

    My point: racism is a two-way street.

    I am, at his point, just sick and tired of this idiotic meme that keeps being recirculated by the Obama campaign. If you want to know a black guy I would most definitely vote for President, I would vote for Dr. Thomas Sowell without reservation. And there are others too. Just not this guy Obama.

  47. Occam's Beard Says:

    Fred, fair enough. I guess South Boston shaped my take on the area. No love for the brothers there, as far as I could tell.

  48. Peter Says:


    “Your actions with respect to Obama tell us what you say isn’t true. At best you have little ability at critical thinking, at worst you are simply lying in an attempt to make your views more palatable to others.”

    Given that I am young, sheltered, naive and drink kool-aid, I see no reason why you shouldn’t believe me when I say I am skeptical about politicians- even the O man himself. I am from Alaska, after all (another reason why I am so far removed from reality- at least in your little reality).


    The 10% of West Virginians voting for Hilary who stated that race mattered was a poll number I heard on the news. Maybe that’s too tainted by the MSM for you.

    Regardless, I would challenge anyone to substantiate claims from my comments that I am an “Obamamaniac.” I am a total ultra-liberal, no doubt about it, but I am not one to defend, let alone worship any mere politician. My only point is that this is a non-issue. Race should never be an issue.

  49. Vince P Says:

    Race is the only reason Obama is where he is.

  50. strcpy Says:

    “Given that I am young, sheltered, naive and drink kool-aid, I see no reason why you shouldn’t believe me when I say I am skeptical about politicians- even the O man himself. I am from Alaska, after all (another reason why I am so far removed from reality- at least in your little reality).”

    I knew nothing about any of that before hand so why it should have factored into what I said is beyond me – if it makes you feel better go for it. As happens I drink a lot of kool-aid myself, I have to cut out sugar and generally hate diet drinks. Sugar free kool aid doesn’t have a saccharine taste to it so I drink quite a bit of it. Since what you write here is all I have I will go by what you have written here. Further I’m not sure why someone from Tennessee should disparage someone because they are from Alaska (as far as I can tell most of us figure you guys are mostly conservative too), but go for that too if you want.

    I will believe you are skeptical about politicians when you are skeptical about Obama. You can tell me you aren’t all day long but accepting nearly everything he says at face value belies that statement. Again, actions speak louder than words.

    My guess is that such an easy way of dismissing anyone you disagree with is a core part of why you think as you do. Either you are crazy enough to think I doubt you for things I knew nothing of or you are looking for reasons to justify your idea with no basis in reality. Either way you are still a hack and I’m not sure which way one should consider “better” (hack or stupid – I don’t really want to be either one, however I find most leftist seem to insist on being stupid for whatever reason).

    “My only point is that this is a non-issue. Race should never be an issue.”

    The right side did not make it an issue, Obama did. He has during the primary fight with Hillary and is doing so now with McCain. It is even now substantiated that he meant so with his comments on the people pictured in money. That you are *still* saying what you are is more indicative of your defense of a racist than anything I could ever say.

    Race should not be an issue and if Obama didn’t constantly bring it up it wouldn’t. He is using his race to deflect any form of disparagement as “racist”, you are doing the same thing. It isn’t about his race, it is about him using his race as a shield (which is a form of racism).

    Since we are obviously lacking in our ability to come up with those substantive issue that Obama is clearly the winner how about we read some of them? Tell us what they are – does he have a better stance of FISA, NAFTA, the Border, Taxes, Energy – what? Really come on – tell us where he is the clear winner? Being a sceptic that has obviously looked at everything there is an has an informed opinion this should be easy.

    The one and only thing he is clear on is Iraq and I think this particular website has beat that into the ground and more (surely you aren’t saying Neo-neocon doesn’t spend enough time there – not that I’m complaining or anything as that is part of why I read it, just that saying this place doesn’t talk about it is, well, crazy). Other than that what does your finely tuned skepticism see in him? Of course, point out that he wants to remove the troops an believes that this will somehow work out but since you are a skeptic I’m sure you know why we don’t really buy that he will somehow make it right just by being President and hoping.

  51. newton Says:

    Anyone who thinks Obama lost any state because of racism should ask him/herself a question: If those who voted in the primaries against Obama are “racists”, then how the hell did Hillary win the primary in Puerto Rico, the one place where everyone is 99.9% multi-racial?


  52. Austin personal trainer Says:

    BHO admits there was a racial element to his remarks? Someone should tell his spokeshumans appearing on the news shows. Daschle didn’t get the memo. I think people are going to soon get fatigued from this constant racial discussion. I am tired of it already. Should these petty squabbles continue I cannot see it helping BHO’s campaign.

  53. Roy Stureen Says:

    Just to stay strictly on point, one month before Obama’s statement, the McCain Committee ran a video (SEAL) in which Obama’s face was superimposed on a $100 bill, as well as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. The face on the $100 dissolved into a yellow ogre. The video is available on youtube. I repeat, ONE MONTH earlier. I apologize for the transparently absurd rejoinder.

  54. douglas Says:

    A yellow ogre? I just re-watched the video. I don’t know what you’re smoking, but I’ll pass, thank you.

    What that has to do with the post is beyond me.

  55. Pat the rat Says:

    “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills”

    No, he’s not green.

  56. whatever Says:

    you pumas kill me. you’re all for democracy as long as the people who head it and run it look just like you. you talk a good game about equality and colorblindness, because you only saw your delusions of equality through a veiled lens of impossibility – i’m sure even you guys never imagined the day you’d actually have to stand for what you said you believed in. All of a sudden – you “find” yourself distanced from the crowds you used to be the poster children for. i think that’s amazing. this republican duo represents the very, extreme opposite of what you said you believed all along and now all of a sudden – their ideology is a mirror copy of yours? laughable at best, unbelievably callous, cynical, and duplicitous at worst.

    i read a recent poll that said even liberals are surprisingly against Barack because they still hold some ingrained prejudices and when they think about black people the adjectives that immediately come to mind are negative ones. the fact that you can stand hear and almost pretend that you are “above” race is really incredulous. you call Barack a blatant liar yet refuse to tell the truth even as you accuse him of the same thing. we would all start off on the right foot if you all would just admit what everybody already knows, but doesn’t articulate anyway. explain to the people why a man who, your new friends claim, has never disagreed with his party or their politic suddenly is on the opposite end of the issues you believe in when you’ve been a staunch democrat all your life?? how does that happen? if you believed what your party believed and he’s never differed from what they believe, then he believes what you believe, but here you are – claiming the impossible – that miraculously – he does not. why? i wonder? you said here it’s because he “lied” and apparently better than anyone in history this far. maybe you think that way because your current president is like George Washington – y’know, he never told a lie either – so they say… but then again “they” write the history books. i bet you’re one of those people who never even listened to that whole sermon of Rev Wright’s in question. bet you never cared about Trinity before this moment. bet you don’t have anything negative to say about Palin and her pastor, Rev Muthee. i’m willing to bet any money you don’t touch that one. bet you have nothing to say about a woman who would infer at a rally that women who don’t support other women have a special place in hell. she may have quoted someone else, but obviously, we know why people quote other people – to drive home a message or emphasize a belief or to characterize and give weight to an ideology. sometimes they use the quote as a prologue or intro to their central message – and hers was “if you’re a woman and you don’t vote for me – you’re going to hell.” but i wonder how you party abandoners spin that in your heads. and here’s a shocker – that’s a lie, too. i bet you don’t even read the Bible, but if you did – you’d know there’s no where in it where God says anyone who doesn’t support a woman goes to hell. what He does say is anyone who doesn’t repent and believe in Christ will find themselves in a place specially created for them – and that place is called hell. imagine – a woman practicing fear and intimidation – or as Bush would call it – “shock and awe” against her own kind…over an election, of all things, to a high seat in a country that she and her husband hate anyway. if Barack is “palling” around with terrorists – she’s sleeping with one. but i bet you don’t see it that way, either. she’s just practicing her states rights to want to secede – as i’ve read many conservatives say of late. but had Barack been talking about independence for Illinois – whole different ballgame. Barack’s a liberal spender they say – but no one even mentions how Palin inherited a city with NO DEBT and when she left two years later those 300 dog sledding, moose eating, all americans were saddled with a maasive 30 million dollars in debt and she walked on to the next big thing. not only that – her running mate co-signed nearly all of the world’s most INFAMOUS big spender, GW’s, budgets and missions that have snapped not only shattered this country’s piggy bank, but the domino effect of shattering the world’s markets is apparently okay with you guys, too. talk about duplicity, selfishness, pride of race, and lack of concern for your fellow human beings.

    THEN you make the charge that Barack is the racist one yet Palin tells her rally mates “He doesn’t represent OUR america?” oh really? who is this “our”? and what “america” is she referring to if not the one we all inhabit? this just in – a republican support group distributed a NEWSLETTER by mail and through email with a picture of Barack on a $10 dollar bill surround, not by traditional u.s. money symbols, but with watermelons, ribs, and a bucket of chicken?! LOL. i cracked up laughing at that – and get this, the chairwoman said “it was just food” to her – she made no connection with Barack and those foods HISTORICALLY and RACIALLY identified with blacks. but it’s not about race – of course not. at a convention some dudes were selling “obama waffles” with Barack dressed up like a big eyed, big eared Aunt Jamima coon eying a plate of steaming waffles. that wasn’t racist either though, right? and another thing – joe the plummer saying Barack tap dances better than Sammy Davis Jr was completely inappropriate and racially charged – but you don’t see that either do you? course not – cuz it’s actually BARACK and his crew doing it and the media is editing it to look like McCain and his party supporters. talk about double standards – this group right here foams at the mouth when Barack says “lipstick on a pig” KNOWING it wasn’t directed at Palin, btw – he also said something about smelly or dead fish in the same sentence, but i wonder why the media didn’t want to take that extra step and connect that part to her as well. biased much? picking and choosing our battles for us much? i wodner. but that doesn’t compare to the woman calling HERSELF a dog. apparently that’s okay with you all – maybe you see her as that way anyway. when you consider the viciousness and deadliness and rabidness of a pitbull – maybe it’s fitting for her? a pig sounds better by degrees, i think… they just root around in their own crap not bothering anyone, and they taste good. a pitbull will kill anybody – they’ve been known to snap for no reason and even kill babies that lived in the home with them. but the pitbull gets printed on all the t-shirts. yeah, i guess that’s a better characterization. that wouldn’t offend me at all. oh – and talk about sexism, people have the audacity to claim that the media is tripping the woman up, but no one is holding her accountable for what comes out of her own mouth. and then they say “they’re picking on her” and how it’s not fair to grill her like they grill the boys. hahaha. why isn’t it fair, exactly? but what gets me – for you neocons or neo neocons (will the new names ever stop.. shows how fractured you all are) these same people who champion family values and morals and ethics are the same people who give themselves free passes on strict morals codes they judge others harshly for – for them it becomes a “personal and private family matter.” for others – it’s “see how those people are, that’s why they’re no good.” for certain groups it’s preached “THAT lifestyle is not acceptable. fags and lesbos are disgusting, there’s a special place in hell for people like them!” then when the expose drops in the media (with photos) of them getting THEIR backs broken by their gay usher or gay deacon lover of 20 years it’s, “We all have weaknesses. Let those who haven’t sinned cast the first stone because you shouldn’t judge others – only God can do that.” when Joe Biden makes a remark that Palin “is pretty” it’s seen as condescending somehow, yet the same people who have a problem with don’t have a problem with their own party printing t-shirts that say “Sarah Palin: I’d drill that!” or “Sarah Palin: VPILF!” or “The Geezer and The Gidget” or “Our VP is hotter than YOURS.” talk about duplicity and empty rhetoric – McCain has shamelessy pandered to such a low degree that it’s sickening – choosing an unqualified woman to get women’s votes (not because he thought she was truly qualified), using her family story to make her an object lesson that illustrates some core christian principles people feel strongly about, using Trig’s medical condition to pander to mom’s with sick kids – my gosh, when he kept talking about Autism and how Sarah knows so much about it because of lil Trig – i really felt disgusted. cuz lil Trig doesn’t have autism. so what? he’s determined to find a cure for autism because of lil Trig (which won’t help HIM, incidentally) but he’ll leave the poor Down Syndrome kids to suffer with no funding and no cure (which WOULD help lil Trig). you don’t see anything wrong with that kind of campaigning? you don’t see the “lies” stamped all over that kind of “ooh, i’ll be people will love it when i unleash this new on on em!” – his whole campaign is like a game of powerball. he just wants to win and he’ll shoot and any and everything trying to up his numbers, not because that stuff is a deeply held conviction, but because he’s trying to capitalize on people’s weaknesses. he has seen and learned that american people, for the most part, like being puppets. they don’t want to think TOO much. they’re comfortable with where they sit in the world – and i mean the majority culture. they don’t want to rock that boat at all – they just wanna talk like they wanna rock it. but given a chance to actually change- the run towards what the know. much easier to fall backward than to fall forward.

    and don’t think i’m an Obama shill. i’m not – i just have come across a lot of pages like this one of late and it’s really starting to bother me that we as a nation are refusing to get this issue right. people are making their decisions based on trivial things like “he tells lies” – like we’re to believe you think that republicans don’t tell lies. even YOU tell lies – and i bet you still think you’re trustworthy. i bet you still think you’re a good person. i bet you’d still vote for you if you were running for office – and you’d want other people to vote for you, too. not only that – i bet you’ve stolen things before. i bet you’ve cheated before – on a test AND on a person. you may even have had a lesbian lover or an abortion that you’ve not been truthful about. maybe hit someone’s car and broken a mirror and didn’t leave a note. committed tax fraud by not including all income, etc etc…. and even with all that, i bet you still think you’re a decent human being. maybe even an exemplary one. i bet, even knowing what you’ve said and what you’ve done, you’s still say if the world had more people like me it would be a better place. i’m not sticking up for Barack – but i find it incredibly hard to believe that you jumped parties because he lies and the republicans don’t. i really do. i suspect you find it hard to believe too – let alone express to an audience. that makes no sense – everybody, including Washington, lies.

    Also – someone asked how Barack is uniting and not divisive – did you perhaps see the DNC??? It was nothing but a sea of colors. Across every kind of line you can think of – Barack’s candidacy and his convention and rally have been a place where people from all nationalities, all walks of life, and all forms of beliefs have stood together to support a man they see can help start the move towards a truly United country for the first time in history. It may not happen during his tenure as pres, but it’s out there – alive and pulsing that this race issue may finally be on the road to getting addressed in this country. either way – the discussion is about to happen whether people like it or not and change of the ilk is on the cusp. Barack represents something that Americans want desperately – and that’s to move beyond this idea that “white is might and right.” do you even realize that every other race in this country feels marginalized and looked down upon and “less than” by white people? it’s your values, your ethics, your standards, your laws, your morals that have been championed above all others throughout the history of the world. do you realize that people are seen as terrorists and enemies because they don’t fit into the global “white values” system? or don’t live up to the global “white government and ethics” principles? how absolutely arrogant and self-serving that is. you only do business with people who think like you. you only provide real success and opportunity to people who adopt your cultural systems and beliefs. you bar other nations who don’t want to play by your rules and you assume always that your rules and your ways are THE best rules and best ways. it’s incredibly insulting to the “other” humans that have managed to survive on this rock, too. and have resisted trying to make their way the only way – but sought to coexist. Barack represents someone who has been on the OTHER side of that kind of thinking. not that he’s above it – we’ve all either been totally assimilated to adopt and believe your “white values” are the only “good” ones, or we’re at various stages in the assimilation process. what he can speak to and what he knows is the struggle to do that. you simply cannot survive in this country without adopting those principles upheld by “white values.” those are the only principles they recognize and reward – any deviation or assertion of values other than theirs may end up costing you everything as Barack nearly found out. there’s a problem with that kind of thinking. and it’s become almost painfully clear having read many posts like this and many conservative news sites and blogs. it’s disconcerting to say the least. america’s underbelly is exposed with this kind of thing and it’s not pretty – it proves to me that racism is still very much alive and kicking in this country – it was just disguised as something else. even if people don’t articulate it – the sense of entitlement and this idea of a closeted “white supremacy” is rearing it’s fierce and blatant head. look at the people who fall in line behind the RNC. where is the diversity there? where is the MESSAGE that there’s a place for EVERY American in that party? where is the message that we can agree on some core/key issues, but here’s where the RNC gives you freedom to be you and still be us? there is no message there like that. maybe there will be – after this.

    i consider myself a FUNDAMENTAL Christian, but i’m not a republican. i see nothing fundamental or Christian about a party whose core values are “get it on your own, and if you can’t – sucks for you.” when the Bible says – what you do for the least of Mine, you do for Me. there’s nothing Christian about a party that doesn’t believe sick people (even poor sick ones) don’t have a right to healthcare in the riches nation on earth, thus far. The Bible says -when the disciples were around they healed all manner of sickness and disease that the people had. and I’m willing to bet ALL those people were not just poor, but living in abject poverty. i don’t see Christianity in a party that is so stingy and tight and inhumane that they’d rather pay not pay taxes at all than have a penny of their taxes go to someone less fortunate, persons whom they know nothing about but categorically see as “lazy, black, illiterate, welfare kings and queens with five or six kids with ridiculous ghetto names and shameful morals and behaviors.” The Bible says, when it came time to pay taxes, Jesus had a gold coin removed from the sea and said “Whose face is on that coin? Render to Ceasar (the ruler and chief taxer) what belongs to Ceasar, and render to God what belongs to God.” in other words – He paid His taxes because it was the established belief and law of the land. i don’t think it’s Christian to NOT teach your children how to function in this world, leaving them to their own devices and weaknesses. the Bible says, “train a child in the way that he should go and when he’s older he will not depart from it.” notice, He didn’t say “pass the buck” or “well, you can’t watch them all the time.” i don’t think it’s Christian to have one set of standards for some people and another set of standards for everyone else. Which they do by making excuses for their behaviors while sending everyone to hell for doing the same things they do. The Bible says, “God HATES uneven scales.” And also that vengeance is His – He will repay according to Word. What measure you give out shall be returned unto you. so i am not a republican because they say their Christian, but their beliefs and behaviors are anything but, and people are starting to see this now. Jesus was never so petty, so greedy, so money hungry, so compassion stingy. He was never so heartless and i doubt 100% that He would embrace that party were He walking with is today.

    He wouldn’t embrace the Democrats either. i’m not a democrat at all. i’m a new breed of American who’s REALLY tired of the lies on both sides. i want people in office like me – who believe and do the Word of God. the republicans “believe” the Word, but don’t practice it. the democrats practice “the Word”, but don’t really acknowledge it. those are more important than some of the things stated here.

    i’ve really had enough of this kind of talk. it’s useless. it’s like people don’t know how to think beyond four people and two parties. we’re so dumb that THIS is what qualifies for intelligent discourse. no wonder we rank so low educationally – we’re too dumb to try to see the whole picture. we only focus on the parts that appease our simple pleasures, simple prejudices, simple lusts, simple ideas, and simple minds. we do need to wake up. time is running out. you’re not the only american you’re obligated to think about. if that’s your mentality – you’re useless. you really are. what does America stand for to you? what is worth fighting for? if Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin all died in a plane crash – would your hopes and dreams and ideals for this country die with them? would you be utterly lost? or do you have a spine? a backbone? an ethic that has nothing to do with whose running and everything to do with the essence of who you are as a human being? if you have a family – do you plan your and their lives based on the information you have for a day or a week or a month or even a year? i’m sure you have some long term and short term goals that you keep in mind regardless of the day to day ups and downs. think of America like THE family, not a family. think about how all of us make this country work, make it stand for what it stands for. and plan for that future not election to election, or candidate to candidate – plan for that future with every decision you make every day of your life. americans are like little spoiled stupid kids who wanna play house but they don’t wanna grow up. it’s time for america to grow up so we can be America – proper.

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