August 29th, 2008

Palin: a curveball to the Democrats on shattering the glass ceiling

It occurs to me that McCain’s choice of Palin puts Democrats in a remarkably uncomfortable position regarding that glass ceiling. Not only are they perceived as having dissed women in their choice of Obama plus Biden and their rejection of Hillary, but now it’s necessary for them to criticize the person who has just become only the second woman nominated for Vice President by a major party.

And all this after they’ve already thrown the first one—Democrat Geraldine Ferraro—under the bus for daring to say an inconvenient but non-PC truth about candidate Obama.

[ADDENDUM: I just heard an interview with Ferraro on Fox News. She rightly points out that people vote for President and not Vice President. She also called the choice "exciting," and said it will appeal to PUMAs who had been disaffected by the Obama campaign. Did I detect a small note of glee in her voice?]

3 Responses to “Palin: a curveball to the Democrats on shattering the glass ceiling”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    Is it really so surprising that when sexism resurges, that it would be part of the Democrat National policy rather than the Republican one?

  2. Martin Bebow Says:

    You were right in a previous post about this pick showing that McCain can think outside the box. This quality is probably the most important that our next president can have considering the unprecedented uncertainty in world affairs he will face. We need new approaches to old problems.

  3. Teri Pittman Says:

    Take a trip through a few PUMA blogs. They are truly buzzing over this. I think it was a smart move on Palin’s part, to make that mention of the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. Who would have thought that the Net would be buzzing about McCain’s VP pick more than about Obama’s speech??

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