August 29th, 2008

Palin: the “Northern Exposure” candidate

Palin’s nomination has kept me grinning ever since I heard of it. It’s especially fun to see Democratic spokespeople on cable news trying to spin this one. Their best shot—her lack of national experience—is true. But it has the drawback of calling to attention the fact that Obama has even less experience in a number of important areas. And, when I last looked, he’s running for President.

Palin’s nomination also put me in mind of one of my favorite TV shows of all time, “Northern Exposure.” It even features a precedent for female politician as sex symbol. I bring you the following video, from the episode in which Alaskan bush pilot Maggie has just successfully run for office as Mayor of the small town of Cicely:

16 Responses to “Palin: the “Northern Exposure” candidate”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    Funny Neo ; )

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    Some guys in a class I was attending said, I quote, “Pallin is attractive, look up one of her photos”. And they knew her age, about 41, as well.

  3. Jamie Irons Says:


    To me, she is the most exciting candidate for national office in my lifetime.

    (And I am not referring only to her appearance!)


    Jamie Irons

  4. gcotharn Says:

    Thank God Maggie got rid of that guy, or there never would’ve been a Greek Wedding.

  5. neo-neocon Says:

    gcotharn: I beg to differ. Didn’t you see the final episodes of “Northern Exposure?” Chris and Maggie got together in the end.

    I imagine they got divorced. though, before His Big Fat Greek Wedding.

  6. I'm In Love with Sarah Palin (and the whole family!) | NeoConstant Says:

    [...] Now, as a man, I have to say, I don’t blame them!  I’m already in love with her whole family.  As neo-neocon terms it, this is our Northern Exposure VP. [...]

  7. gcotharn Says:

    Actually, I’ve only watched some episodes of that show. Thanks for the FYI.

    Janine Turner now lives not far from me, on a ranch where she can ride her horses.

    I’ve always been attracted to the well-scrubbed, athletic look which Janine and Sarah Palin both have.

  8. FredHjr Says:

    Sarah Palin’s husband is one lucky dude. And they live in a beautiful state which I have never been to. I have a younger brother who has lived in Alaska for many years and now lives in Seattle.

    Now, if McCain wins in November, the Palins are going to have to live in one of the country’s least attractive places and meanest cities. It will be a shock to them. They are giving up a LOT to serve their country. And the only son is off to war. These people are the salt of the earth and there are going to be a lot of American families who can relate to Sarah Palin, her husband, and their kids.

    George Soros and the other marionettes must be wailing and gnashing their teeth now.

  9. Nick Says:

    Are you kidding me? There are no parallels between this glorified homemaker and Obama. How do you compare someone with a B.S. in Basketweav-journalism to a guy who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law? How do you compare a former sportscaster to a guy who was president of the Harvard Law Review?

    Do you have any idea how much intellectual heft is required to deal with complex legal issues while editing and shaping articles written by some of the greatest legal minds in the country? This proves the double standards that so-cons routinely apply to minorities like Obama. Shame on you for even suggesting it.

  10. Gail Says:

    “Glorified homemaker”? Nick, that’s a sexist pig remark if ever I heard one. She’s the Governor of Alaska, honey, in case that escaped your notice; someone with executive experience in the real world rather than skill in parsing the arcana (and picking the nits) of legal academia.

    I’m fascinated by all the “Little Woman” snubs I’ve heard from the Lefties, the self-styled defenders of women’s rights. What tripe.

  11. Sneaker Says:

    Visiting Liberal Democrat Not Voting for Obama, checking back in. Maybe my comment can temper the steaming load of misogyny and race-baiting dumped upthread by Nick. Sheesh, what my party has become!

    Anyway, PB 1.0 has been seriously misreading McCain’s VP pick all morning, afternoon, and night. If Palin on the GOP ticket snags a few PUMAs, that’s gravy for McCain, but it’s not the point. This move was clearly all about the GOP base. And guess what–they’re excited now, and they’re circling the wagons.

    Obama is vaporware. That’s why McCain can afford to choose a VP nominee who brings only 3 electoral votes. McCain is competitive in places the overconfident Obama campaign assumed were all sewn up.

    Obama may yet get a brief dead-cat 5-point bounce out of the convention, but his sails got the wind sucked out of them today by McCain’s brilliant announcement. And the Obama campaign’s initial response was unintelligent, to put it mildly. They fell right into the trap, then tried to walk it back, but too late for that.

    Now hateful heads are ‘splodin’ all over the “progressive” (cough) blogosphere. Obama got p’wned today, and on some level his most frenzied supporters–who double as his worst enemies–know it.

    Today is the day McCain won the election. Lights out. And hindsight will show that the day the WORM turned for Obama was the day he tried to race-bait McCain, and McCain pushed back.

  12. SteveH Says:

    “”Do you have any idea how much intellectual heft is required to deal with complex legal issues while editing and shaping articles written by some of the greatest legal minds in the country?

    This is tooooo good. LOL. We gotta come up with a term besides “intellectual heft” to describe what elitist do when handed enough rope to publicly hang themselves.

  13. Nick Says:

    Gail: Being the Governor of Alaska, Chief Executive officer to a state of less than a million people for God’s sake is akin to being the mayor of Austin, Texas, or Albany, New York all right? Would anyone here say that the mayor of Austin, Texas or Albany, New York is ready to be President of the United States at the drop of a hat? Heck no. There are at least a dozen big city mayors who govern municipalities with populations far above that of the state of Alaska.

    She’s a complete neophyte who hasn’t been able to even demonstrate the executive restraint necessary to keep her personal biases from affecting her ability to govern objectively, hence her scandal with the firing of the Public Safety Commissioner for not firing her brother-in-law from the state troopers. Governor Palin is nothing more than a quota queen for John McCain. It amuses me to hear so-cons for years criticize minority appointments to this or that post (Lani Guinier comes to mind) and then turn around and nominate totally unqualified minorities like Governor Palin and Clarence Thomas just because they agree with them on certain issues. It just proves that so-con’s opposition to programs like affirmative action was never done in good faith in the first place. It was just another conservative attempt to keep African-Americans “in their place”. Ridiculous!

  14. gcotharn Says:

    Old Thomas Sowell observation:

    If Barack Obama had given a speech on bowling, it might well have been brilliant and inspiring. But instead he actually tried bowling and threw a gutter ball. The contrast between talking and doing could not have been better illustrated.

    As for the Troopergate political hit job: Flopping Aces has the best research.

    As to Clarence Thomas: I originally believed it to be a stunt affirmative action appointment. However, Justice Thomas’ stellar career has proven my original impression to have been incorrect.

    It’s also instructive to note that, up to that time, it was not unusual for Supreme Court nominees to have had no Federal Judicial experience. Today, because she had no Federal Judicial experience, Harriet Myers nomination is considered unusual. Only 15ish years before, Clarence Thomas’ nomination was not.

    Lastly, I’m eager to debate the qualifications of the former Mayor of Wasilla vs. the qualifications of the former Chairman of the Board of the failed $49M Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Please, debate away!

  15. Gringo Says:

    BTW, Obama’s magna cum laude does not necessarily mean what some think it does. Today it means in the top 10%. Before 1999, and Obama graduated from Harvard Law in 1991, matters were not as stringent.

    That present law-school elite has become harder to join. Prior to 1999, with rampant grade inflation, upwards of 70 percent of law students graduated with honors. But now only the top 40 percent are granted cum laude status; the top 10 percent are designated magna cum laude.

    Unless Obama can supply us with class rank, we don’t know how his magna cum laude stacked up in those days of grade inflation.

  16. fivefingers Says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

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