October 31st, 2008

Fallen fall

It’s towards the end of fall in New England. There are still a few trees at brilliant “peak,” but most have either lost their leaves or turned more rusty colors, the subdued but still-lovely and dappled hues of late fall.

Here’s a recent photo of mine of the leaves where most of them now are—on the ground:


6 Responses to “Fallen fall”

  1. Oldflyer Says:

    In Virginia we don’t get the brilliance that you enjoy, but fall is colorful–and kind of a quiet time.

    I have a love-hate relationship with leaves because we have dozens of oaks in our yard and they swamp me in leaves at the end of the season.

    Winter is good too. Now that retirement is a reality, winter is a time to read mysteries to my hearts content with no thoughts that I should actually be out doing something.

    Then Spring.

    I am a native Floridian. For a long time (while based in Florida, California or Hawaii) I never understood why Navy friends missed the seasons. You have to experience them to understand.

  2. nyomythus Says:

    It’s fun to rake a big giant pile of these and hide under them :D

  3. jon baker Says:

    I love that picture. Here I was thinking of fall as just starting. This week it finally got cold enough to really hurt the pepper plants in North Eastern Texas.

  4. ELC Says:

    May I shamelessly link to some of my fall photos?

    A Finer Autumn’s Day One Could Not Want

  5. Sam Says:

    I used to live in Manchester and every Sunday driving to Concord for church we’d see the rolling hills of leaves. In Michigan we don’t quite get the same thing. Enjoy it for me!

  6. jon baker Says:

    My dad has several types of blueberry bushes. There is one type that gets red leaves that stay on the plants for quite a while- very beautiful.

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