December 30th, 2008

Still in the Diva running

Hey folks, I may not be in line to become Grande Conservative Blogress Diva—that honor seems to be sewn up by Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, and who am I to argue? But I’m in the running for second place (actually, I’m third right now, but only slightly behind Tammy Bruce). Second place confers the title Conservative Blogress Diva Regent, which is another mouthful.

It’s a fun game, anyway, so here’s the way to vote. Voting is allowed till 5 PM tomorrow, and even if you’ve already voted, you’re allowed to do so once a day.

4 Responses to “Still in the Diva running”

  1. Baklava Says:

    Fun little poll.

    Tammy Bruce deserves kudos on many levels.

    But I think neo’s writing is more eloquent and persuasive.

    I’ve also been reading Sister Toldjah and writing there for over 5 years. For all of her hard work and attention to her site over the years I am glad to see her being voted for.

    Personally, I think all 3 of you I just mentioned are winners – though I voted for only one (and I won’t say who! ) :)

    I think being persuasive is the best way forward. I have never thought Pamela at Atlas Shrugs was as persuasive but am happy to see a strong conservative woman like her as a winner.

    Where’s the man poll???

    I’d nominate Rob at SayAnything as the man!

  2. Americaneocon Says:

    Tammy Bruce? OMG! This is an outrage! Where’s the headquarters? I’m heading down there right now to set those judges straight! “No Neo-Neo, No Justice”!

    Just kidding, of course. Tammy Bruce is wonderful, as are you. May the best conservative blogress win!

  3. nyomythus Says:

    You’re gonna surpass that goose Tammy Bruce! lol

  4. FredHjr Says:


    I’ve voted for you, but you must understand that there are some outstanding female bloggers out there. You are in good company. The fact that you are in the top 3 is an accomplishment.

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