December 31st, 2008

Give this ball girl a raise

Ever see a person fly? The play on this video, by a lowly ball girl at a minor league game between Tacoma and Fresno, qualifies as not only perhaps the best catch in baseball history, but the only human levitation ever captured on tape.

[RETRACTION: A reader has informed me the catch was computer-generated. I haven't independently confirmed that fact, but it makes sense. Too good to be true, I guess.]

6 Responses to “Give this ball girl a raise”

  1. dane Says:

    The player didn’t even try to get over there to make the catch (from what I could see). Just goes to show what you can do if you think you can.

  2. Kalroy Says:

    It took me in too, though the physics of the jump looked kinda impossible even for Jackie Chan when I first saw it. Turns out it was a commercial.


  3. dane Says:

    Yeah I knew that, but sometimes even something like that can still be inspirational. I also bet somewhere there is some woman who can darn well do that. At least I can dream.

  4. SteveBrooklineMA Says:

    It’s a great fake, but the logo on the catcher’s chest pad moves from his right to his left side.

  5. huxley Says:


  6. TH Says:

    To be honest, it doesn’t take much reasoning to realize how fake it is. Ask yourself why the ballgirl was that far down the line in the first place? She would get fired for potentially interfering tith a ball that was barely foul. (not to mention, there is no way she could get down that far from her chair in the first place.) The annoucners commentary was also obviously fake.

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