December 31st, 2008

It was a very good year

i just thought I’d be contrarian with the title above, because all over the MSM and the blogosphere one can read lamentations about the terrible year that’s ending.

Yes, of course, the economy is bad. But it’s nothing compared to the 1930s—at least not yet, and hopefully not ever.

Otherwise, I don’t quite see the awful awfulness of it all. We’ve had our usual peaceful transition of power, or are about to. The Iraq War is no longer a war, and signs there are relatively good. Israel and Palestine are not at peace—and just how does that differ from any other year? Most of us are hardly starving, although we’ve had to cut back. And for those who hate President Bush, he’s finally on the way out!

So, be of good cheer, folks. Jules Crittenden is.

9 Responses to “It was a very good year”

  1. Peter the Alaskan Kid Says:

    Yes it’s good that most of us are hardly starving… in the United States.

  2. Webutante Says:


    I have to agree with you. We in this country don’t really know (yet) what a really bad year is. We’re ever so spoiled. We’ve become far too soft, entitled and whinny. We go along to get along. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and my life is far, far from perfect. I struggle like everyone else but there’s joy in the struggle. It’s sad that so many people take their cues for happiness from the MSM and all things external.

    In all events, Happy New Year to the finest female conservative writer around. It’s always a pleasure following your thinking and writing. Best wishes.

  3. Tim P Says:


    First, happy New Year!

    Second, I’m not really worried about 2009. Why? With the democrats in the Whitehouse and in the majority of both houses of Congress, all bad will disappear from the so-called news. The unemployed and homeless will disappear. The economy won’t seem so bad all of a sudden, the war on terror will suddenly become necessary. Europe will love us. Greed (i.e. capitalism) will once again be evil. Climate change deniers will once again be compared to crazy Aunt Alice in the attic. But climate change itself will be less and less of a topic unless ofcourse it really does get warmer or a new way to grab your money via taxes needs to be devised. The latter being far more likely than the former. It’s all going to be peachy (or should I say, hopey & changey) and it will continue to be just dandy until there is a republican majority or president again. So you see, good times , Chicago style, will be here for a while!

  4. nyomythus Says:

    Good to keep things in a local and global perspective; overall we Americans are as always very well off … thanks to the generations before us and our democracy!

  5. vanderleun Says:

    I hope that your at least have a very good meal to send off the year. See you next year.

  6. jon baker Says:

    Yes, we are still well off overall as a country-by the grace of God. But plant a garden people! You may need it.

  7. Occam's Beard Says:

    We are very well-off, and lucky to live in this country, liberal whining notwithstanding. We have a lot to be thankful for, especially achieving victory in Iraq. We’re having some tough times now, but so is the entire world. Those tough times won’t last forever, and the US will probably rebound earlier and higher than other countries.

    In all, a good year indeed.

  8. SteveH Says:

    “”I struggle like everyone else but there’s joy in the struggle.

    I liked that line so much i had to post it again.

    These are the good ole days
    Happy New Year to all!

  9. Scottie Says:

    I for one don’t believe 2009 was nearly as bad as was made out in the press. Everyone keeps talking about how bad the economy was – but in the past year all except one who told me that had jobs! It appears everyone was just repeating conventional wisdom as recieved through the media, imo.

    The recession that had been talked about for at least a year now, didn’t actually occur until the last 2 quarters of 2008 apparently.

    My own theory being that recessions become “official” about the time we’re pulling out of them, I have a nagging suspicion that 2009 will be much better than many *experts* are predicting – and it will have precious little to do with The Messiah taking office, excepting of course the elimination of uncertainty.

    His powers to influence events after Jan 20th are completely related to his ability to screw things up.

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