December 31st, 2008

Last act of shameless self-promotion—for this year

You can celebrate by voting once again for neo-neocon for Diva. Remember, one vote a day is allowed, until 5 PM EST today. I am very close to my stated goal of second place. Just think, you could be the very one to put me over the top!

[ADDENDUM: I seem to have tied for second place with my illustrious co-Regent Tammy Bruce. Couldn't have done it without you!]

12 Responses to “Last act of shameless self-promotion—for this year”

  1. OldTexan Says:

    We have 15 minutes to go and I added one more vote for you. Unless there is a funny recount of the votes it appears as if you nailed second place and that is nice. Happy New Year.

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Old Texan: I heard a rumor that Al Franken will be asking for a recount.

  3. Jamie Irons Says:


    I voted.

    You have passed Tammy Bruce!

    Jamie Irons

  4. Jamie Irons Says:

    I mean, I voted for you, of course!


    Jamie Irons

  5. Ymarsakar Says:

    I voted Democrat style for you, Neo. It is why the lines are so long.

  6. William Earl Dungey Says:

    Sorry, I was still working the library and couldn’t vote, but I would have – do good intentions count? Have a very wonderful 2009.

  7. Lance Fisher Says:

    Madam Agnes, congratulations for your outstanding finish. I hope this generates increased traffic to your always fine site, and better profit for you.

  8. Deekaman Says:

    I voted early AND often.

  9. dustoffmom Says:

    Good for you! Like many of your devoted readers, I voted every time you ‘reminded’ me too. Wish you had gotten a clear second for yourself especially over Tammy who is not a favorite of mine, but will be a cool addition to your creds. Keep up the great work, I so enjoy hearing what you have to say.

    Happy new year one and all! Sheesh….couldn’t possibly be worst than the last one, or could it??

  10. Leslie Watkins Says:

    I like to listen to Tammy, though I’m totally NOT down with her support for the candidacy of Caroline Kennedy, and I’m for open borders in terms of immigration, but I like her spirit. You’re more cerebral, self-contained, and your Web site is more like a blog than is hers, so I think your site is more deserving of the honor. I think Althouse is terrific too. (And of course, Virginia Postrel, though she wasn’t even on the list!!!)

    Cheers and best wishes for the last double-aught year in this millennium!

  11. turfmann Says:

    Attagirl, neo!

    Second place!

    Rarified atmosphere for you!

    Keep banging the keyboard and maybe you’ll outdo Atlas next year!

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