March 30th, 2009


Here’s an ominous (Obaminous?) video I first saw over at Atlas Shrugs:

This, of course, is standard community organizing methodology. Note also the name of the group: “Organizing for America.”

In the past, however, community organizing was limited to just that: something local to a community, energizing people to push the authorities to institute some very specific policy they want, or to redress some wrong. The authorities themselves didn’t “organize,” and certainly not on a national scale.

Some of the most disturbing things about this video are its vagueness, its focus on Obama himself in what I can only call his cult of personality, and its use of the word “pledge” (at minute :56, note the words, under “The Pledge” and next to a check box, “I support President Obama’s bold plan….”)

The vagueness comes from the fact that whatever people are pledging to support is never described in any detail whatsoever. The petition, or pledge sheet, or loyalty oath, or whatever you want to call it, is very short. It appears that each policy area—energy, health care, education—has but a single sentence describing it.

Think about this for a moment: people are blindly pledging loyalty to policies about which they know virtually nothing except the fact that Obama is behind them, and he says it’s for our own good.

(Of course, come to think of it, does that really differ very much from the way Congress signed the bailout bill or the stimulus package? But I digress.)

The trainer gives only one reason that “the establishment in Washington” would oppose this: opposition to change. Never mind principled opposition; there is no such thing where Obama is concerned. Never mind the cost of these policies in a recession.

Never mind; just sign on the dotted line. And is anyone else as perturbed as I am by this statement: For anyone who questions why the President has offered this plan, these pledges will be the answer.

When Obama created his computer network of supporters during the election it was not only innovative, it gave him a remarkable ability to raise unprecedented amounts of money. Friends were encouraged to recruit friends, and the whole thing snowballed in an exponential way.

It’s understood why this worked so well and might have been appropriate for a campaign. Yes, Obama seems to have launched the eternal campaign, but he is President now. We don’t govern by petition, or even by referendum; we have a representative government. At least we used to when last I checked.

What meaning could these support lists possibly have, and what will they be used for? First of all, they make supporters feel connected to Obama and as though he cares about them, and this will help continue the adulation he stirred up in so many people during his campaign. The administration can also email these people (note the emphasis on getting their email addresses even if they “forget” to fill out that part) and tell them to flood their representatives’ office with emails and calls pressuring them to vote for Obama’s policies.

But doesn’t Obama already have plenty of names of supporters on hand from his campaign? This isn’t just people coming to Obama, it’s Obama coming to your door, welcome or not.

The trainer in the film is vague, but he indicates that this is just the beginning of something-or-other:

The pledge canvass will also be the first step to growing our movement and building a national network to support our agenda for change. This is just the beginning for us.

Thanks for the warning.

37 Responses to “Obaminous”

  1. Brian J. Says:

    Just think of it as the Citizens’ Free Choice Act.

    Just check the box, sister.

  2. Scottie Says:

    Yeah, right, this is gonna really unite the country….

    Is it too early to send Kenya back it’s village idiot?

  3. Mark Says:

    If I answer the door, it will be a quick “no thanks” from me.

  4. Joan of Argghh! Says:

    Well, we can curse the darkness or we can volunteer our services for this movement in large numbers and wreak havoc on this nonsense.

    Meanwhile, wouldn’t you just love to know how the Census-takers are in on this? Why isn’t someone organizing the Right to volunteer in large numbers for census canvassing? Any idea what powers of “judgment” belong to the census canvasser? How about: choosing what ethnicity a person is (under the guise of being racially sensitive!)

  5. zhombre Says:

    Where are they? I haven’t seen any of these people in Tampa — and I know people here who were avid Obama supporters in the last election. This reminds of me the Moonies or, the Scientologists. People readily spew up comparisons to Nazis or Fascists but those are movements of the past and were indigenous to Europe. America grows its own unique mass movements, I believe. Tocqueville quite presciently figures this out a long time ago.

  6. Lee Says:

    Even the canvassers aren’t supposed to be proud of their individual accomplishment, but asked to get together with other organizers at the end of the day to “admire what the group accomplished”.

  7. Cappy Says:

    Just say no. And lawyer up.

  8. rickl Says:

    Two words: Red Guards.

  9. CV Says:

    I hope someone asks me to sign this “pledge.” I can’t wait to tell them what I think of Dear Leader.

    I received a call from a young fundraiser from a Democratic group of some sort about a month ago asking for money because she said Democrats still need to make gains in local and state races. This after they’ve gained control of both legislative branches and the WH!

    This pledge thing smacks of a bit of desperation to me. I think they know that pushback is mounting against many of the new administration’s policies and think this will make a difference. But what kind of weight does a “pledge” hold, anyway?

    I suppose the main idea is to get even more email addresses for Dear Leader’s database. When Michelle Obama came to my city to speak during the campaign, it was free and open to the public. But the campaign put out a news release that said “online reservations strongly encouraged” and the papers dutifully printed it. The whole goal being to get those emails and contact names.

  10. Artfldgr Says:

    A while back i told a story of a chinse emperor, who one day, came in and had all his generals come in, and at some point in the meeting asked them all into the garden to see his new horse. they listened to him praise the horse, and talk about how purple the white horse is. the next day, he again called a meeting of all his generals. what was to be noted was that every general that didnt say he saw the beautiful purple horse, had been executed in the night.

    the whole point of all these different groups and things, and the fact that they are always some invalid thing, with not stupid people running them, may be much of the same thing.

    be wary of all these ‘shows’ in public or in writing, eventually they collect momentum, and later your damned either way you took in the past. sign it, and things blow, and it doesnt go to obama, then your one of the loyals. dont sign it, things blow, and it does go to obama, then your one of the disloyals.

    in the future, leaving your lights on will tag you for more favorable treatment from no where… its all about building the us vs them, and finding the thems to go after who are the thinkers, the honest ones willing to say the horse is white, not purple, and be concerned for the health of the emperor, and the people that need worry…

  11. br549 Says:

    Surely, everyone has seen enough by now to understand where this is going. And I believe it – although I can’t believe it.

    Without the financial meltdown we are in the midst of, this would not be happening. I can’t help but believe that even if this meltdown wasn’t planned, it was at least allowed to happen. And yes, they are taking advantage of this crisis – as they said.

  12. FredHjr Says:

    My sense of what is happening: they know things are beginning to unravel for them and hard pushback is building. The president and the Left know that the public is gasping at the sticker shock over the budget and the cap and trade. Therefore, they are going to the well again. This is their formula for how they win wars. I think it will fail.

    I would welcome one of these people coming to my door, because I would, politely and articulately, let them know what they signed on to (I know the details and they don’t) and what a disaster it will be for the country. This is a debate they cannot win. And they know it. That’s why they are in panic mode and are looking to rope in dopes.

  13. Tom Says:

    FredHjr: they don’t, and won’t, debate. They deflect one’s telling verbal arrows, and riposte from another direction, doing that over and over. We shouldn’t think of debate; we should put bounties on their heads. They’re Zombies though.

  14. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Push-back has already begun … I am a blogger and a writer, and usually shy away from organized political stuff… but thanks to another San Antonio blogger, I have gotten involved in planning the San Antonio Tea Party… and the scary (administratively to be, for we are now searching out a place to put all these people, for a rally on April 15th) is how many citizens are coming out to volunteer, who have never gotten into something like this, ever… rallies, protest signs, speeches, petitions, doing original art, coming up with contacts and contributions.

    It is scary, in a lot of ways. There are so many people who are unhappy and furious, and looking for an outlet. The major news media, and the political gentry ignore this at their peril.

    One of the things that the San Antonio Tea Party has agreed upon… no politicians as speakers. They can come, and be in the audience- but they have to listen to us, for once.

  15. USpace Says:

    A Leader’s Cult of Personality is dangerous. This Obama & Unicorns business is way too funny and insane! Obamamania runamok.

    In case you haven’t already been amazed by the Obama and Unicorns Art Phenomenon, I thought you might get a kick out of this.
    Obama and Unicorns Art
    Wild, wacky stuff! Very bizarre! Enjoy!
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    deify your dear leaders

    they are supernatural
    with magical qualities

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    always create more taxes

    hypnotize the people
    one more tax will fix it all

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t believe in me

    put faith in communism
    despite it killing billions
    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.

  16. Bard Says:

    The interstitial chants are from some weird-ass choreography by a lot of black college boys that owes a good bit of its publicity to being extraordinarily creepy. There’s a blessed chance that this is a hoax.

  17. Bard Says:

    Never mind. Teach me not to look at the video while it’s playing…

  18. JKB Says:

    This reminds me of the petition in the movie Heathers. It is ironic that he petition in the movie was a suicide pact. Should be check the basement for bombs as we all cheer at the solidarity rally?

  19. Thomass Says:

    Obama called Obama’s own bluff. His ridiculous budget was accidently not dishonest enough. It admitted huge deficits.. and I suspect a critical reading might find them to be even worse than the unbelievable ones he owned up to.

    For anyone to still support him shows they’re not paying attention. Democrat partisans have so divorced themselves from reality with left wing nonsense about CEOs, Halliburton, corporations, profits, et cetera that they can’t be reasoned with… Its easier to sign stupid loyalty oaths..

  20. Don Janousek Says:

    Have no yet been visited by the Thought Police. Do hope I can give answers sufficient to avoid being put on the list of those who need corrective labor and re-education.

  21. Don Janousek Says:

    “Have NOT yet been…etc.” Sorry, it’s late.

  22. sergey Says:

    That is how Russian Communists did the trick: they need army of supporters, but in early 1920 they already alienated almost everybody: workers, peasants, intelligentia, and secret police could not spy over the whole country population. So they organized Communist League of Youth, giving the opportunities for power-hungry or simply ambitious to make a career, intimidate and suppress competitors or personal foes.

  23. sergey Says:

    My advice: while it is still possible, buy and stockpile ammunition. Form groups of self-defence, like Jews Defence League, first unarmed, to prevent accusation of terrorism, to guard community events, like Tea Parties or political meetings. Remember that Second Amendement has provision for civil militia. They will have time to get armed when needed.

  24. huxley Says:

    neo left off the chilling capper to the OFA training quote:

    For anyone who questions why the President has offered this plan, these pledges will be the answer: because the American people demanded it.

    Because the American people demanded it.

    Where have I heard that kind of language before?

  25. huxley Says:

    OFA – Organizing for America
    OCO – Overseas Contingency Operations

    There seems to be an OPattern here…

  26. Giles Says:

    Is it just me, or has the Left been going trigger happy on the whole indoctrination thing? First the issue at Delaware, and now this Obama Youth program.

    – G

  27. BoomTownBiloxi Says:

    what?????….. no way, man

  28. Bent Notes » Blog Archive » If I’m ever approached by one of these people Says:

    […]  . . . I’ll get very ugly.  Keep this acronym in mind: OFA. […]

  29. expat Says:

    I’m unlikely to encounter these people, but this would be my answer: Obama is right. We do need a change. We need to learn that you don’t sign up for an ARM or a new credit card or a derivative purchase without reading the contract doing the math. If you send me the detailed plans and a complete cost analysis, I will be happy to read them and see whether I can afford it. Have a nice day.

  30. huxley Says:

    expat — And in that vein, I recommend Maria Bamford, my favorite somewhat recent comedian:

    I really think that before giving me a credit card they really should have given me a math test … like a series of story problems:

    Question #1: If Maria works as a comedian for $100 a week but spends $20 a day on hair scrunchies how many years will it take for her to pay off a Taco Bell Gordita she bought in 1992?

    Question #2: If Maria’s boyfriend is in a folk band but he only smokes pot every other day, what percentage of the rent will he be able to contribute?

    I thought 50%, but the answer is zero. That’s good to know. That’s going to be on the test.

    You can hear an excerpt of this at

  31. Baklava Says:

    I will personally have a conversation with anybody who comes to my door.

    My goal will be to “teach” the Obamabot #1.

    But more importantly, my second goal will be to detain the Obamabot in my living room for as long as possible so that he/she is less effective in getting to other Americans with propoganda. 🙂

  32. Maggie's Farm Says:

    Weds. morning links…

    Here’s a cruise I would enjoy
    The pythons of the Everglades. Sheesh.
    Sounds like a fine new Chaplin bio
    What is it about American self-hatred? (I don’t know – I don’t have any of it.)
    NY State once again attempts to drive people and business&nbs…

  33. Rick in NY Says:

    In a way I hope that this type of banner waving and sloganeering for Obama continues. Of course the petition lacks substance…it’s reflective of BHO himself. He is cast into an arena where nothing in his background suggests any preparation for. The entire campaign was run on hallucinating hot air and soon enough that will become an accepted yet unfortunate reality for a majority of our citizens, including many that voted for him.

    Many of my colleagues lament over the default back to campaign mode – perhaps his hard core supporters are doing the same thing. The “cult of personality” has a finite life, but for now supporters are as conditioned as Pavlov’s dog to home in on it.

    The reference to Dear Leader is illuminating. But this is America, not North Korea. We don’t shoot people in the head for not waving the right banner at a political rally and never will.

    When his poll numbers finally tip, and they will, who knows? Perhaps he will reset the agenda, and decide that re-election is more important than ACORN and MoveOn.

    But I doubt it.

  34. “For anyone who questions why the President has offered this plan, these pledges will be the answer.” | QandO Says:

    […] provides an excellent analysis of why this sort of White House driven organizing just seems wrong. For example, she notes the […]

  35. Me Says:

    I can only HOPE that one of these people come to my door. My response will be, “do you want to just walk away, or do you want to stand here while I prove to you why you are an Obama-drone idiot?”

  36. Me Says:

    OFA –

    Obama Fu**ed America

  37. Below The Beltway » Blog Archive » Another “Creepy Obama Supporters” Video Says:

    […] Here’s the reason why it creeps me out: […]

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