March 31st, 2009

Feel overwhelmed? Maybe you’re supposed to

I’ve noticed that, more than at any time since I began to blog about four years ago, there are too many compelling topics to write about rather than too few. Each day I have to drop dozens that interest me, in the name of having a life.

It hasn’t always been so frenetic, but it is now. Things are happening so fast and so furiously that people have no time to process the amazingly complex issues involved, and the radical changes being proposed and in many cases implemented.

The frantic pace is supposedly happening because we are in crisis mode. But I’m certainly not the only one to wonder whether the sense of crisis is being purposely escalated in order to speed up the passage of controversial and “transformative” legislation. And to be very wary of where this “change” is really leading us.

30 Responses to “Feel overwhelmed? Maybe you’re supposed to”

  1. FredHjr Says:


    In the span of one month the foundations of our law were undermined. First, the government, which had o.k.’d prior AIG compensation contracts, then decided to declare them null and void and THEN passed in Congress a bill of attainder (forbidden under our Constitution), has maybe permanently altered how we view contracts. Now, the government can declare a perfectly legal contract to be voidable.

    Next, the government assumed control of a major industrial corporation and then fired its CEO.

    They did this because they knew the sheeple would bleat their approval. We’re circling the drain.

  2. Cappy Says:

    I would certainly agree with that. The number of stupid policy measures being rammed in under cover of crisis seem to be more than even a news organization can keep up with (pardon the grammar). And that doesn’t even include the stealth policy decisions that won’t come to light until someone gets dinged. Maybe.

    Reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s when the far left would use the Vietnam War as an excuse to unload the entire manure cart of their stupid agenda.

  3. DirtyJobsGuy Says:

    For Obama, it’s intended to be transformative. For the rest of the Leftist Democrats its a feeding frenzy. The 9000 earmarks are a good sign. Here in Connecticut we’ve had supermajorities of Democrats in the State Legislature for two years. They’ve failed to enact their dream legislation due to overreaching. They no longer fund their campaigns from Joe Lunch pail, but from the public employee unions. This has enriched them immensely, but corrupted them to the same degree.

    This should (and perhaps will) be their downfall. Congressman Murtha is a perfect example in the House. His manners remind you of Boss Tweed and he is unashamed. He is also a key player to keep Nancy Pelosi in power. THe public is not very tolerant of extreme corruption and will toss them out. Democracy may not survive the process, but they will be tossed out.

  4. strcpy Says:

    One of the things I realized long ago was that the following cycle occurs: Republicans get blamed for escalating powers yet do not, those “powers” are seen as normal after enough talking, Democrats get into power and not only take those powers but truly escalate them.

    You can pretty much figure that everything they blamed Bush for doing they are going to at least try to actually do. They have done that since at least WWII (or rather, the liberal end of the Dems have, though since sometime in the 60’s the liberal end has dominated the party).

    One of the largest complaints about Bush was an expansion of powers and a supposed desire to take over private industry. He may very well have had that desire but in eight years never did it – in a few short months we now own several large financial industries and fired the CEO and most of a legitimately appointed board of a major car company. We are poised to pass a specific law regulating bonuses of managers/officers for companies that take any federal money with a strong push for it to even include non-bail out companies).

    The “Fairness Doctrine” hasn’t truly died yet, it dang near had enough support. It only went away because they knew it lacked a few votes and dead legislation almost never comes back up, postponing the vote means it is still alive. Again, they came closer in a few *weeks* than Bush did in eight years of truly silencing opposing speech. Maybe Bush wishes he could have done it, yet we have no doubts about this administrations wish on the matter.

    It is the old adage about what you are accusing people of doing is from your own motives. We haven’t seen the end of it yet, they really only have a small window of time before the general public realizes the difference between rhetoric about Bush and the reality of Obama.

  5. neo-neocon Says:

    strcpy: I have thought the same thing for quite a while. The imaginary Bush is the real Obama, in many ways. It’s called projection.

  6. Artfldgr Says:

    Things are happening so fast and so furiously that people have no time to process the amazingly complex issues involved, and the radical changes being proposed and in many cases implemented.

    its what i said would start happening, that certain others were denying… that they would always know and be able to turn course.

    its how it happened in germany.

    they had an election, and in 4 years, they were exterminating people…

    hows that for fast?

  7. Logern Says:

    Maybe you will find this relaxing. It’s not quite ballet, but it is dance.

  8. SteveH Says:

    “”The imaginary Bush is the real Obama, in many ways.

    And the imaginary Christianity is the real religion of liberalism.

  9. michale Says:

    Ahh, yes…projection…Dr. Sanity has had lots of interesting posts on that subject that I have found very informative.
    Yoru’re right about so much stuff happening so fast that it’s hard to process and prioitize it. I try to be proactive in emailing those in power about my feeling towards issues. However, there are so many things that I’m concerned about that I can’t keep up.

  10. Don Janousek Says:

    neo-neocon: We live in a time when we have too much information, or “news,” coming at us around the clock, non-stop. In addition, it is thrown at us indiscriminately without analysis or any ability on our part to digest the meaning of any or all of it, all to satisfy the now standard and continuous 24 hour news cycle. And, this swiftly-flowing and roaring river of information slams into us unfiltered, to a large extent, and indiscriminately. Go to any news blog or site and within a minute or two your eyes and brain will be assaulted with the latest “news” on the Octo-Mom, the details of Obama’s latest bail-out plan and an update on a hurricane in the Philippines. Multiply that by every minute of every hour of every day and overload results. Of course we respond with feelings of being overwhelmed by it all, or, according to author Kathleen Norris, a feeling of accedia. Makes me long at times for the days of Uncle Walter on CBS who would tell me at the end of the day what I needed to know and I could then leave it all alone until I checked in with him the next day. And that’s the way it is.

  11. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    The economic crisis Obama did not try to tamp down, but, instead, hyped as a “disaster” is his “Reichstag Fire,” a massive crisis that requires and justifies his immediate, radical action to “save” us; a crisis that has, so far, allowed him and his Democratic majorities in Congress to ram a series of extraordinarily radical and costly bills thorugh Congress without the normal scrutiny and debete that, in calmer times, would doom these bills. He needed this crisis to do his “bait and switch.”

    Of course, the whole ideas is to “blitz” us, to get so much of his radical agenda enacted, so quickly, that when people finally realize what has happened, it will be too late to mobilize effective opposition and too late to reverse course and, by then, Obama will have succeeded in acquiring enough power to shove his program down our throats, stay in power, and silence any opposition.

    That is also why he tried to move the Census function into the White House, because it would allow him to influence the counts, which are used to apportion congressional districts and their size and shape, and that is why he now wants wants ACORN to hire the 1.4 million Census enumerators. That is why the proposal to transfer responsibility for Cybersecurity from the full time professionals at Homeland Defense to the White House, because with it comes the ability to disconnect parts of the Internet in a “crisis.” That is why the emphasis on class envy and class warfare, that is why Obama singled out AIG personnel and compared them to suicide bombers; a bit of misdirection to fan the flames of emotion (and decrease rational thought and analysis) by fingering “enemies of the people” who we can fix our eyes on and direct our rage at, allowing Obama & Co. to put their program into place without the normal scrutiny. That is why all the emphasis on the creation of a multitude of public service organizations i.e. “peoples organizations,” and mandatory public service, that is why the attempt to up the percentage of those who pay no federal income axes from the present 38% to 50%, and to give them “tax credits” in the form of a check from the Obama administration; Obama is trying to create a power base outside the military, a large number of people loyal to him/dependent on him that he can use to carry out his will, be it to make sure he wins the next election, or to intimidate his opponents.

    While comparisons to Hitler or Mussolini and their methods are a dime a dozen on the Internet, in this case such comparisons are very apt.

  12. br549 Says:

    Obama doesn’t stay in one place too long either, does he? What’s up with that?

    Still, the majority of those who voted for him are still infatuated.

    I used to think maybe it was me. Maybe I’m too sensitized to this or something. I mean, how could our very own government, in a free society, ever have anything but the best intentions for its people? Then I remembered what the road to hell is paved with.

  13. rickl Says:


    Yoru’re right about so much stuff happening so fast that it’s hard to process and prioitize it. I try to be proactive in emailing those in power about my feeling towards issues. However, there are so many things that I’m concerned about that I can’t keep up.

    I commented elsewhere awhile back that if we get to the point where we are constantly writing, calling, or e-mailing our elected officials protesting one infringement of our liberty after another, then we’ve already lost. What kind of freedom is that? What kind of life is that?

    That’s an indication that government has way too much influence over our everyday lives.

  14. bill Says:

    Oh, Neo. Neo, Neo, Neo.

  15. Artfldgr Says:

    Russian President calls for creating new int’l currency system

    maybe its not fast yet at all…

  16. Perfected democrat Says:

    Wouldn’t want to let a good crisis go to waste, so said the house juice…

  17. strcpy Says:

    “strcpy: I have thought the same thing for quite a while. The imaginary Bush is the real Obama, in many ways. It’s called projection.”

    I couldn’t think of the right term – busy day at work and that was during a break (or rather while a progress bar was going across the screen as some software installed).

    However, I think this is slightly different than what projection implies – I think they view this as the right and proper way to do things and just assume everyone else does too.

    It is more like seeing a different culture and thinking people are choosing to do something for personal reasons (lets say walk to the store) instead of the real reason (too poor to own a vehicle), they pretty much assume that everyone else has made the same decisions for the same reasons as them.

    In their mind this has *already been done*, that we didn’t actually see it only means we were better at hiding it than they are – and that is also where I believe some of the frustration on their end comes in. We got away with it for eight years, they will get at most a few months – they know this so they take advantage of the oppertunity. It isn’t a defense mechanism wherin you project that thought on to your enemies as much as it is a total world view and there is no understanding that it can work different.

    And note, this is really only a small core group of hard leftist. People like Pelosi take advantage of it for personal power and know very well what they are doing. Most Democrats just do not pay enough attention to care one way or another and go with the flow of those that truly care (and, again, Pelosi et al take advantage of that quite well too).

    Sadly I think Obama and a large portion of Media are the Believers that are getting frustrated they can’t do what Bush did for the last eight years – never mind that reality only existed in their head.

  18. Janet Says:

    Neo, that’s just what I have been telling my husband for the past month.

    Everyday is something new, something that would have been HUGE a few months back. But they are coming so fast and furious that no one has the time to comprehend them.

    I think it is deliberate and I am seeing the effect already amongst friends who have just stopped listenting to any news. I refuse to do that but it is playing havoc on my nerves.

  19. NJcon Says:

    Things are happening so fast and so furiously that people have no time to process the amazingly complex issues involved, and the radical changes being proposed and in many cases implemented.

    I recommend you read “Globalization and the New World Order” by Michael D. O’Brien – March 17, 2009.

    It is not my purpose here to sort through the mass of wildly conflicting theories proposed by others who have written on the matter. But as a starting point we cannot deny that the concept of the new world order is now gaining prominence as the banner or rally-cry under which radical changes in the world community may soon be enacted.

    Events will very soon accelerate—and accelerate exponentially.

  20. turfmann Says:

    With each passing day, each passing crisis, this post becomes more prophetic.

    Read Neo’s post, then start diving into the article and the embedded links.

    This was the plan all along.

  21. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    I think that a lot of people are unable to make sense of the blizzard of major, radical changes unleashed by Obama & Co–a deliberately manufactured blizzard that is intended to blind and disorient us all–now where do you suppose they came up with all these different proposals, regulatory actions, changes in policy and pieces of legislation so quickly; somewhere there was a whole, carefully thought out and sequenced agenda, and a whole stack of proposals and legislation prepared well ahead of time, just sitting there waiting to be implemented. It also seems to me that as uninformed and clumsy as Obama has been in many things, in ramming through these changes–deliberately intended to irreversibly transform our country—Obama & Co. have been ruthlessly effective.

    As can be seen from what I wrote in my earlier comment, I believe that in order to understand what is going on, we have to apply a model radically different from the one we usually apply to the actions of politicians and Presidents here in the U.S. Greed, stupidity or incompetence we can understand, ruthlessness is also a given and pandering is taken for granted, too, but a grab for power so great that it will result in true Tyranny; that we are not used to thinking about and being on the look out for. Except for the application of this model by the Left to create their alternate world of the Bush Presidency—and a fine piece of projection that was, we do not really look for the telltale signs left by someone trying to set himself up as a tyrant or dictator as a way to comprehend what it is our President is up to; in the case of Obama, that is what we must do, and I think a moment’s reflection will demonstrate how this model fits.

    Just ask yourself, if you, as a new President, were plunged into the midst of a major financial crisis as soon as you took office, would you be trying, in every way you could, to douse the flames, to calm the situation, or would you be throwing gasoline on the fire to make it bigger and hotter; what ends of yours would best be served by a bigger crisis and more panic, rather than less; panic, haste and confusion rather than clear thinking and analysis and deliberate, well thought out actions?

    Would you be making taking control of the upcoming Census one of your immediate priorities in the first few weeks of your new Presidency, would you be involved, as well, in trying to acquire the ability to take over the Internet and disconnect certain parts of it, would you be trying, over and over in those critical first few weeks, to fund ACORN—a corrupt leftist organization that you have close ties with–with hundreds of millions of tax dollars, would you be concerned with changing obscure DOD procurement regulations so that ammunition supplies for civilians would start to dry up, or would you consider spending precious time to try to do any, much less all of these particular things in the midst of a crisis, a waste of precious time and a “distraction?”

    It seems to me that the telltale signs point away from the usual actions of a President intent on calming the storm and righting the ship of State and, instead, point in a radically different direction, toward the actions of one who wants the ship to look like it is sinking so that, in the resultant panic and confusion, he can hijack the ship of State, and set it on a radically new course, with him as it’s undisputed and very hard to remove master.

  22. SouthernJames Says:

    The blistering pace of new sh–t cooked up out of thin air, thrown out on virtually a daily basis just won’t let up. This morning’s misdirection “look – over there!!” is an announcement that it APPEARS that fully open travel and open relations with Cuba is suddenly, for some unknown and unexplained reason, going to be pushed and pushed hard, to happen NOW.

    NOW! Not after a period of measured and well thought-out, intelligent debate and consideration. But…right now. Crammed down our throats. Intantly. Like the stimulus bill.

    Why isn’t anyone in the main stream press asking “Why?” or “Why Now,” with everything else on our plates? What’s the rush? Can this topic not wait until we have G-20, N Korea, General Motors, etc, etc, etc, issues resolved?

    So it happens…unless…there is a whole lot of outcry. And then….it gets quietly withdrawn. For now. For the moment. But the waters get tested – the concept gets floated – and notes are taken on how to approach it again next year, or the year after, or perhaps right after the re-election. And, just as when the idea of making Vets pay for their own medical care for their injuries idea went “poof” – as far as Pravda arm of the Obama Admin is concerned (aka the MSM) – it never occurred at all.

    Can you even begin to imagine the flurry of sh–t that will get done via executive orders/pardons, etc., when (if?) this guy finally becomes a lame duck? It will make Bill Clintons actions like the Marc Rich et al nonsense look like a Siesta in comparison.

    I really don’t WANT to get all paranoid, and become a conservative version of those left wing moonbats who were convinced that Bush/Rove/Cheney only went to Iraq to enrich their oil buddies; 911 was “an inside job”; the Neocons are going to impose a christianist theocracy, etc. I’m fighting it. I’m fighting it hard. But I’m starting to lose.

  23. Artfldgr Says:

    this quote from james lewis sums my most critical point on this… its how and why things go a certain way with such cult of personality populous leadership..

    What does a true grandiose narcissist do when he begins to fail, openly, visibly and in public, right in front of 300 million people, over and over and over again?

    You tell me.

  24. br549 Says:

    The bail out plan, almost 1100 pages, popped out in a week after the Bush plan was rejected.

    No one in their right minds believes for one five seconds that plan was thought out, drawn up and run through in a week.

    We know what’s up. The question is, is one half of the country going to allow it to happen? Does anyone know how to prevent it? Does anyone have the nads? Or the ovaries? Does anyone know how to pull it together? Blogs are doing a lot of talking. Blogs are the only place anything is being discussed besides a few talk shows on the radio. The blogs and radio show audiences are a minority. Nothing is happening to slow the progression or change its direction.

    Now that the census is in the hands of Obama…….. who is looking over the demographics at this time in some back room of the west wing, in order to rearrange it to best defeat right of center voting come 2010 and 2012 elections? Who believes that isn’t being researched, maybe around the clock, at this very moment?

  25. Artfldgr Says:

    sorry, hit the button too fast.

    now after that paragraph, throw in the findings of the Stanford experiment, and what you get is a leader who subjects everyone all around to more and more punitive and nasty actions in a desire to finally get them to comply.

    he/she becomes paranoid, and thinks that there is a stronger force than they who is also more secretive and can stop them. this is when things get especially nasty (among themselves).

    in other words the reason that things bcome the way they do is not a fault of will or character per se. for its the fault of a type of character thats ok in a bar on saturday night (if you dont get taken advantage of), but infinitely dangerous when the world is arrayed against them for real.

    in case any one didnt nkotice, hillaries moves with russia, spain, etc… they are all supplicative… they all have the feeling of a supplicant to leaders they put up that do not lead them, are not interested in leading them, and look down on them (as they are traitors to their own).

    Obama is going to find things more and more difficult. lawsuits, tea parties, going galt… are tiny things… riots against him with agit frmo other states pushing and fomenting, will be more of a problem.

    but also, he will not understand why all the other “fellow travelers” will nto fall down to help him, and have htem all join together in a love hug as they take control…

    why? because they are opportunist sociopaths who would just as soon canibalize their own for advantage than dine elsewhere.

    obama doesnt know that he was made/groomed to be very predictable, acultured so as to destroy the image that props power, ignorant lacking principals in morals or in operative functional view of the world. his answers are from the oldest and most worn versions of marx… so he is utterly predictable.

    the pigs are now maneuvering to charge the trough… the problem they are having is that if they all charge at once, they will tip the thing over and no one will get anything…

    all one has to do is look at the fact that our closest alllies are barely allies any more… (england, israel, eu, etc)… our newest friends the white satelites are questioning their friendships…

    and the enemies, who he thinks are ideological friends, are walking all over him.

    kim is willing to start a war…

    china has a new missile (which aegis will NOT handle as they are mentioning since Aegis was stolen a long time ago by them).

    right now he is walking into the G20 with the idea that they will construct a new world currency.

    transnational socialism = international communism

    communitarian = communist totalitarian
    [word mash up like Liger = Lion and Tiger]

    there is no way to navigate out of this peacefully… his side wants blood… they WANT a pogrom.. they want the concept of oppressive law to be lifted just logn enough for them to go after those they want, while the rest cause so much chaos that no one notices a pattern to the taking.

    [like several offensives ni the last century, the goal was never to take and hold the area since they never had the skill, material, supply lines, force to space… but they could go in, and take control of areas for a short time, and while doing so, visit key people in those areas… and so what looked like an attempt to take over that failed, turned out to be a successful temporary grab in which key people on the opponents side were captured or killed before withdraw.]

    by the time the key things they did hit the supreme court (like AIG… or do you think that we wont revisit it as a constitutional issue later?), it may all be too far gone..

    by the time all the useful idiots realize what their dream actually means for them… it will be too late..

    hitler grabbed his position in 33, by the end of 37 everything was in place that the nastiest part started and there was nothing to do but ride the roller coaster to the end… and even the end isnt the end thanks to those who were to continue on after the end and have done so. rememberkurt waldheim?

    one thing that is very common is that these types take over countries not of their origin… theirs is a hate that never knew love.

  26. davidt Says:

    Blitzkrieg. Shock and Awe. Overrun the position. It works.

  27. Elise Says:

    “Shell-shocked” was the word that popped into my mind Sunday after reading about the “firing” of the GM CEO.

  28. armchair pessimist Says:

    As Vietnam sank LBJ maybe something like it will put an end to our Obama’s enterprises. But, ay-ay-ay!, at what a price!

  29. Ymarsakar Says:

    Vietnam sank Nixon too. And it is blamed on Nixon as well.

  30. Oh, bother Says:

    Socialists move fast. There’s a lot of money to be stolen. Fascists move fast, too. There’s a lot of freedom to be stolen.

    The more the government owns, the more it owns you.

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