April 28th, 2009

The White House’s airplane photo-op stunt

“Sophomoric level of understanding?” “Juvenile approach to decisions?”

I think that just about covers it.

22 Responses to “The White House’s airplane photo-op stunt”

  1. Dustoffmom Says:

    What in the world were they thinking?! Absolutely idiotic.

  2. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    The problem here is that no matter what imbecility, violation of the Constitution, or lie President Jive Turkey* puts forth, his supporters–ably aided by the MSM, which will either not report them or twist things so that these mistakes, violations of the law and various ham handed stupidities will seem like great triumphs of intellect and sensibility–will see no wrong in them.

    Moreover, since the Democrats have complete control of both houses of Congress, and by their actions and votes to date are more interested in staying in power—epitomized by James Carville’s gloating statement that “the Democrats will rule Washington for the next 40 years” –than in fidelity to our Constitution, to Democracy or to their constituent’s well being, there is virtually no way to stop the Obama freight train from hurtling down the track towards a brick wall, and taking us all along as hostages and unwilling passengers.

    * To quote Wiki: Jive turkey was a derogatory slang word in African American Vernacular English (Ebonics), used to refer to someone who was unreliable, made empty promises, or who was full of bluster; in other words, a moron (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jive_turkey).

  3. dane Says:

    You know the really funny thing about this is that while the white house stands and decries how we have tortured detainees by exposing them to insects and loud music they pull this stunt and terrorize thousands of people.

    Under their definition of torture they should be prosecuted for this incident.

  4. Mark Says:

    This gives credence to the charge that democrats are still stuck in a September 10, 2001 world. What better explanation is there for pulling a stunt like this?

  5. nyomythus Says:

    Evidence that some of Obama’s decision making is immature — but not incapable of correcting, though we should not have to grow from this depth of stupidity, it makes me wonder were robots making this decisions? or 6 year olds? — no time to be facetious.

    Real people suffered from this for no reason!

    I hate to think that it might have simply been some amateur sadistic joke but not from low level person but from senior officials — it sort of remembers me of the crap at Abu Ghraib.

  6. expat Says:


    I think it points to a staff more interested in image than substance and highly aware of feeding the ego of the boss.

  7. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    What in the world were they thinking?

    I think that can be summed up as it seemed like a good idea at the time!

  8. Oldflyer Says:

    Actually, if you look at the bio of the head of the military office at the Wh (he is a civilian), he is a pretty accomplished and presumably intelligent person.

    He is also a stand up guy, who apologized without equivocation (if I have offended anyone, etc) and taken full blame.

    How long can he last?

    Bloomberg’s outrage would be more impressive if at least two people in his administration had not been briefed. For some reason the WH asked them not to publicize the flight, to which the response should have been, . . .”don’t do it”.

    Aerial photo shoots are often fraught with peril; I have fretted through a couple. Usually the people who order them are far removed from the scene. I did get some wonderful pictures over o downtown Rio and of the Concorde in flight over DC, so maybe it is sometimes worth it.

  9. Scottie Says:

    Interesting observation while listening to the radio yesterday about the incident.

    The announcer spoke of a plane that “looked like a commercial airliner” flying along with an F16 for a photo op over NYC.

    FOX news OTOH described the plane as “painted to resemble Air Force One” flying with a pair of F16′s for a photo op. Vastly closer to reality, at any rate.

    The truth is, this WAS one of the planes that would be used as Air Force One, even though the radio announcer went to lengths to avoid linking Nobama with this fiasco.

    Don’t ya just love the MSM?

  10. dane Says:

    But what was the “point” of it all. What were they going to do with the pictures. Obama goes all over the globe talking about how America is arrogant and disconnected. What is the administration going to do with the photos – show them abroad? Gee that will certainly make them look up to us.

    And after telling his cabinet to trim their budgets and save 100 million what in the heck are they doing spending close to 100K (if not more) to get a few “nice” pictures.

  11. br549 Says:

    Call an ex-president for confirmation, but I am 100% certain there is no way the president and / or his immediate Secret Service handlers would NOT know where AF 1 and 2 are at any given moment – so they can put the prez on board and surround him with jet fighters. If September 11 solidified anything, it was that.

    My guess is it was a plane load of ACORN volunteers getting a fly by of NY City including a buzz around the Statue of Liberty, as a great big thank you for all their ground work during the campaign.

  12. Scottie Says:

    br poses a GREAT observation!

    Just WHO was in that plane? I’d bet money it was more than just the flight crew!

  13. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    dane makes an excellent point about the torture.

    One more episode from President Borat.

  14. Artfldgr Says:

    Anyone here realize that with spotlights, some time, and photoshop, they could get a shot of every element and then hack them into a brochure? so yeah, i want to know if anyone was in that plane, to get a picture, that makes less sense, to show off, that makes more sense. what level of loyalty and stuff would you get out of people with a carrot that big, and that plastic (inedible to the donkey).

  15. adagny Says:


    “after telling his cabinet to trim their budgets and save 100 million what in the heck are they doing spending close to 100 K (if not more) to get a few nice pictures?”

    Sure, hypocritical and absurd.

    But lets add to that the cost of the jet fuel for AF1 and the F-16′s. Then there’s the hypocrisy of lecturing us all on our “carbon footprints”.

    Don’t expect to be hearing anytime soon from the MSM on the equivalent number of autos needed to spew out the co2 produced during this juvenile prank.

  16. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Caldera’s previous gig was on the board of IndyMac. Right up until the end. On the other hand, he appears to have paid his taxes. Probably an oversight.

  17. Artfldgr Says:


  18. Artfldgr Says:

    FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic

  19. Beverly Says:

    A couple of thoughts.

    First, when I heard about this, I was irritated with Hussein for his (utterly typical) arrogance and insensitivity.

    Then I started to smile. Then to chuckle. Because — the folks he scared the crap out of, are the folks who Voted for this creep.

    Better yet, they all claim There Is No War on Terror. So why were they screaming and running in a panic from a nice little ole airliner? Fucking cowards.

    Lastly: to believe the pres. [sic] of the United States doesn’t know where HIS PLANE is, is to believe anything. Of COURSE he knew about the photo op. But he has nothing but contempt and loathing for his fellow Americans (if indeed he’s one of us).


  20. Deborah Says:

    Now, Artfldgr raises an interesting point. It’s necessary, today, with all the technology available, to actually fly an Air Force One plane past the Statue of Liberty for the purpose of a photo op? Just seems unlikely to me; if that was really the reason, it’s really beyond stupid.

  21. dane Says:

    Beverly – you actually make a good point. However I am sure there are some conservatives that live / work there as well. Good thing they didn’t do it in Dallas. Someone’s probably got a shoulder held SAM in their garage mail ordered just in case of another terrorist hijacking.

    I can tell you one thing. The guys flying the plane and the f-16′s probably were none-too-happy with having to do the mission.

  22. Artfldgr Says:

    wait to you hear the hollyweird connection and the tuskegee airmen.. anyone have a close up of the jets notice that they have red tails?

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