May 1st, 2009

New England springs to life

New England is known for its glorious autumns.

But spring’s no slouch either, as I was reminded once again yesterday (as though I needed reminding) on a brief visit to Boston. The trees were in full bloom: magnolias, cherries and apples, and the feathery dogwoods that look from afar like gossamer clouds. The bulbs, too—taxi-yellow daffodils, and tulips in a riot of colors.

But the most beautiful sight of all was the drive I took down Cambridge’s Brattle Street, dwelling-place of some of Harvard’s most illustrious profs, and other movers and shakers of the Cambridge world. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow used to be one of them; you can still visit his home there.

But that’s hardly the only grand mansion; Brattle street is filled with them—all different from each other, and nearly all displaying gardens with a spring beauty that seems almost paradisiacal.

Most unfortunately, I had no camera with me. Yeah, I know; mea culpa. So these stock photos of Boston in spring (courtesy of the Boston Globe, and minus the beautiful homes) will have to do.




7 Responses to “New England springs to life”

  1. Oldflyer Says:

    As a Florida native I always looked askance at Navy friends who bemoaned missing he seasons.

    Now, after 30+ years in Virginia, I understand.

    Spring is wonderful.

  2. Tim P Says:

    Very nice photos. I especially like the last one.

  3. Oblio Says:

    Oh, New England!

  4. saveliberty Says:

    Thank you for the lovely pictures!

    I miss Boston.

  5. Oh, bother Says:

    Ahhh, thank you! Maybe we’ll make it up this summer.

  6. Nabel1611 Says:

    Speech by Mark Twain you may find entertaining?

    scroll down a bit to find it

  7. Lionel Rodricks Says:

    I dream of being there for even a day! nice photos indeed!

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