July 17th, 2009

Policy on back-and-forth fighting in the comments section

[NOTE: Nothing I say in this post refers to bona fide political discussions and disagreements. But I’ve noticed an increase in personal attacks and infighting between/among commenters on this blog, and some of it has gone on for quite a while.]

I do not have time to police this blog for personal fighting. I know that I find it takes away from the point of the blog, as well, when that sort of thing comes to dominate too much in the comments section.

I don’t mind a little of it, but I do mind when it goes on for a while. I don’t have time to determine who’s right and who’s wrong in any given altercation, nor do I believe it should be my job.

I am saying to everyone on the blog that I am going to adopt a less hang-loose policy about repetitive personal attacks between commenters. It’s not that it can never happen. But if I see it going on too long, I will delete the entire comment of the person involved (that is, if I see the comment; I don’t always catch everything). Defending oneself is fine, but if the defense includes an attack, that’s not okay and will be deleted. And then, if it goes on again, I will ban the person or people involved.

We really need to focus our energies on the truly important issues facing us. That doesn’t mean everything has to be serious—certainly not!—but I’m adopting a much less tolerant attitude for this sort of repetitive personal sniping.

Of course, trolls are fair game. But they tend to be banned here pretty quickly.

42 Responses to “Policy on back-and-forth fighting in the comments section”

  1. nyomythus Says:

    Since yesterday things have settled down quite a lot from what I’ve seen.

  2. Peter the Alaskan Kid Says:

    Am I a troll? I’m trying to understand you people. 😀 (Just kidding.)

  3. DowntownATL Says:

    nyomythus, Peter the Alaskan Kid,

    You don’t frighten me, you pig dogs! Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person! I blow my nose at you, so-called “commenters.”

    I unclog my nose in your direction, sons of a window dresser. I wave my private parts at your aunties, you cheesy-leather, second-hand, electric donkey bottom biters.

    You bed-wetting types. I burst my pimples at you and call you a silly thing; you tiny brained wipers of other peoples’ bottoms.

    I don’t want to with you no more, you empty headed animal food trough water! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

    So there.


  4. Webutante Says:

    Thanks for being a role model here…I have been exhausted by off-topic, ascerbic comments that I’m no longer willing to tolerate.

  5. nyomythus Says:

    DowntownATL .. be original… like ..hehe.. (silence, silence, silence, silence) I’M FIRING MAH LAZER!!! BAAAHHH!!!

  6. vanderleun Says:

    Oh yeah? Sez you!

  7. DowntownATL Says:


    I was about to destroy you with every beavis and butthead name calling blow I could, but I want Neo to approve before I put a bunch of vulgarity in her comments section.

    Neo with your permission…


  8. vanderleun Says:

    We’ll behave neo. Just tell us when you’re going to be out shopping for a couple of hours or on a plane going somewhere.

  9. gary Says:

    I get a headache just dealing with liberals let alone trolls and twitts… That’s it !
    ” Hey Martha where’d you put that ole army rifle of mine?

  10. Baklava Says:

    Walter Kronkite passed away.

  11. Baklava Says:


  12. Baklava Says:


    Obama has issued a statement on the raptor.

    As an ex-Navy person who takes interest in military issues, I am very interested in this issue.

    What is NOT included in this article is the fact that we just had an exercise where we had our F-15’s pitted against jets in India where our F-15’s lost badly.

    In order to maintain air superiority we need to go with new technology and we need to understand the issues involved.

    If anybody watches WWII documentaries they will see what kept WWII going for as long as it did and what turned the tide in the war was air superiority.

    It was Germany’s inability to strike the heartland of America – the long range strike aircraft that allowed us to turn WWII in our favor.

    There was a lot of ways to look at WWII. Ground battles… German tanks… The amount of resources Germany controlled… The amount of fervor the Japanese people fought with… entire countries putting every resource into the war…

    Since 1965 we have reduced our federal expenditures on defense from 50% of the budget to less than 18% today. National security is seen as old school, not as important, as sort of a side issue relegated to only those who pay attention to guns and ammo magazines or something. The same set of people who I’ve heard deride Sarah Palin working here in the state capitol derided Condoleezza Rice when she became Secretary of State. They used slang words and with disdain.

    I don’t know what is going on with this country where it is very hard to EMPLOY critical thinking and figure out such an easy argument as F-22 vs. F-15. And where it is so hard to understand investment into defense is investment into jobs, a better economy, national security and strength.

  13. Tim P Says:

    Hey Baklava,
    The first Raptor squadron was deployed in Elmendorf AFB. The firm I used to work with was doing a lot of design work for new facilities for the F-22’s. I was involved with relocating OH utilities, power & comm, to UG. to make way for the new buildings and taxiways. I spent a lot of time on base. I heard the tech’s who worked on the planes nick-named them ‘craptors.’ I know, they’d whine about anything. But it was still funny. I thought I’d just pass that along FWIW.

  14. Baklava Says:

    The first computers I worked on in the Navy were refrigerator sized and had less power than mobile phones today BY FAR.

    We had so many nick names for so many of these things.

    It doesn’t address whether or not they provide air superiority or not. They do.

    There isn’t a structural design issue.

  15. nyomythus Says:

    Oh Gary, I could hang out at your place any ole time I know that, image my feet on the couch, I could bring a six pack of Corona, we could watch the Glenn Beck show, or O’Reilly, or just listen to Savage on the radio, hell it’ll be fun!

  16. jon baker Says:

    Baklava, I have to say there is one old plane I hope they don’t get rid of- the A-10. Saw one fly over my house not too long ago.

  17. Baklava Says:

    I want the SR-71 back. 🙁

    Watching the Walter Cronkit coverage has Fox News talking a lot about space and flight (because of Walter).

    The next mission to the moon may be the Chinese, India or Japan by 2020. Not many people have us there by 2020. We do have a plan – with something that explodes on the South pole to look for ice or water there in the material that comes out.

    But that plan won’t be executed by many people’s estimation.

    Our early space program was marked with failure. But Cronkite was excited to see us succeed. While he had an editorial that helped Obama get elected – he is a true patriot in my mind.

    Vietnam is a difficult subject and Cronkite could not bear the harm that we were suffering.

    I don’t know how to apply any judgment on Cronkite for his Vietnam statements. I believe he was a good man.

    Then again, I believe Sarah is a good woman.

    Then again, I believe Obama is a ‘good’ man.

    Just extremely economically illiterate as compared to anyone who was running on the Republican ticket.

  18. Baklava Says:

    And Obama doesn’t seem to undertand foreign policy very well…

    As somebody who has taken an interest in worldwide politics, I can’t understand one thing that Obama has done internationally…

    Where does his different world view come from?

  19. Askmom Says:

    Van der Leun does NOT speak for me; I will not behave. I say that he cribs his writings from Eric Blair’s unpublished Time Machine Logs, that Neo used to use elastics instead of real ribbons on her shoes, that Webutante wears lip GLOSS instead of Sarah-style real lipstick. Furthermore, my grandchildren are cuter and smarter than all the rest of yours put together.

    Neener Neener Neener.

  20. MikeLL Says:

    Sheesh . . . all this hate.

    I think we need more bird videos to mellow you people out.

  21. MikeLL Says:

    Or how bout something like this:


  22. JohnC Says:

    What fighting? Geez .. . wasn’t that just the dialectical process? 🙂

  23. Artfldgr Says:


  24. Artfldgr Says:

    on another note, cronkite i dead…

  25. nyomythus Says:

    JohnC — I agree, free speech, babe!!

  26. bill Says:

    No trolls? This is going to be bad news for the Billy Goats Gruff…..

  27. bill Says:

    Oh, and I really like DowntownATL’s comments. Made me smile. Run away, run away!

  28. Cappy Says:

    DowntownATL – At least post a link to Cornholio.

  29. nyomythus Says:

    Holy crap we all look like a bunch of special ed. rejects, myself included. lol

  30. Artfldgr Says:


  31. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    Hey, y’all settle down or I’ll have to go all Sith on your asses and break out some Cartman.

  32. Vieux Charles Says:

    The average neoneocon.com commenter is far better mannered and far more informed than those on the leftwing sites. Not saying a lot, but it’s something.

    Also if I might humbly interject, (funding providing) I’d recommend limiting characters down to about 500 or so, and perhaps a “flagged as abusive” or “flagged as spam” feature.

    Neo, you do an excellent job monitoring content, but these features might help.

  33. Vieux Charles Says:

    You may be referring the joint India/U.S. exercises described in the series of articles that can be found here: Cope India

    The preeminent Indian fighter is the Sukhoi Su-30MK. This aircraft is superior to the F-15 in virtually every regard. No one is arguing that the U.S. F-15 is in need of replacement. The argument is whether the $80Mill F-35 is a better alternative to the $138Mill F-22. I believe Secretary Gates has articulated this argument, along with the need to fund the current war in Afghanistan, quite well.

  34. Pragmatist Says:

    Don’t try and legislate yourself and your blog in to a back scratching love everyone puff piece Neo it will belittle you and your correspondents.

  35. br549 Says:

    I believe the first raptor squadron was deployed at Langley Air Force Base as was the first F-15 squadron. Langley is the oldest A.F. base in the country, located next to NASA-Langley. F-15’s and Raptors can be seen flying side by side in the skies, not to mention C-5 Galaxies (huge!).

  36. nyomythus Says:

    Without the dialectical process what do we have? Revealed Wisdom? That would be a farce.

  37. Oblio Says:

    nyomythus, that is the fallacy of the false alternative.

    Mrs. Oblio thinks that DowntownATL is hilarious. I am less amused. Fetchez la vache.

  38. Tim P Says:


    I checked it out and you were right. Langley got the first F-22 squadron, then Elmendorf got two squadrons.

    Damn! I thought that honor went to us. Oh well.
    I’ve had the opportunity to see them on the flight line and taking off from 200 feet off of the runway. They are truly awesome aircraft. And very very loud. Here’s a photo from the 2008 airshow.

  39. gary Says:

    To Nyomythus
    I neither drink or smoke, nor watch O’Reilly or Beck, nor do I have a couch in my salon for you to put your feet on. My tatami would not suit you I’m sure.

    Martha is my dog. And upon your arrival of self upon my property I would not have to tell her what to do.
    She has let more fearsome opponents than you know how unwelcome they might be.

    If her paw were capable of holding a pin punch she is smart enough to vote. And I do say she would not be voting along the lines of your philosophical beliefs.

    This is reflected by her fierce exhibit of her own independence and desire for privacy.

    As for me a political rebuttal to your comments is a waste of time, not intellectual dialogue. But I see you missed that point, as reflected by your assumption of whom I might be stereotypical of.

    If your comments were of a serious nature rest assured we are not buddies nor aligned in any sort of philosophical agenda.

    I feel you are a baiter and sadly a hater.

    You would not be welcome into my converted sea container of a home. Despite the fact that I have no neighbors for 5 miles in any direction

    I would chose to do without your company on the worst of days or destitute. I value the breaths that I have left and would not waste any on you.

    If I were a drinking man my reply to inviting yourself into my home would best be reflected in the words of George Thorogood, “I drink alone”.

  40. nyomythus Says:


  41. John28 Says:

    Favorite sequence from a Brian De Palma film. ,

  42. SouthWind61 Says:

    The ethos is the credibility of the person who makes the argument. ,

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