August 28th, 2009

A new article of mine at PJ: On Health Care, ‘Obstructionist’ Charge a Big Miss

Please take a look at my latest article at PJ. If you want to comment, you can do so here or there. Or both!

2 Responses to “A new article of mine at PJ: On Health Care, ‘Obstructionist’ Charge a Big Miss”

  1. dane Says:

    Good article Neo,

    The time will come shortly when they will either have to go it alone and face the consequences or let it go for now. They actually might have had a better chance getting something done if they had exhibited some patience with the issue and focused on the economy (wait – that might have not been good for the country either).

    I think some Republicans give the administration ammunition to keep up the “it’s their fault” attacks. For example I have no problem with Limbaugh saying he wants Obama’s policies to fail because they are bad for the country. But Jim DeMint saying “if we can beat him (Obama) on this it could be his Waterloo”. Too many reps and senators have the bad trait of loving the sound of their own voices. This goes for those on both sides of the aisle.

  2. br549 Says:

    Funny thing. I never listen to the radio on the weekends, as I do “weekend” things. But today I was out and about and hit the AM dial. I caught the last 20 minutes of Face the Nation on the CBS Radio Network local affiliate. All democrat congressmen and senators, and of course Dean, were being “interviewed”. They all spoke poorly of right wing talk radio, republican representatives and right wing thinkers, etc., on the subject of the Kennedycare Bill.
    Dean was typical self. Calling everyone left of Pelosi a liar and mis-representer of facts.

    Every single commercial was a government sponsored commercial. The commercials were about nutrition, education, blah blah, you know, about kids. Feel the fuzz, feel the warmth. Except one was about child abuse. Of course the self confessor was a white male, and the message was about reporting it “if you even think it might be happening” and was given by a stern voiced female. The males admits how he verbally and physically abuses his kids, leaves them alone for hours. No mention of wife or s.o.

    The liberal left hatchet job, complete with anti-white male commercials, all brought to you by your own tax dollars. No Tide commercials, Home Depot, GE, Office Max, bank or credit card commercials. Gubmint radio. These are the types who want the fairness doctrine?

    Sorry for going a little sideways here, but the show did concern itself with Kennedycare and evil racist right wingers and other republican terms..

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