August 31st, 2009

Honduras continues to matter…

…and Obama continues to fight against Honduras’s efforts to retain its democracy, its constitution, and its autonomy.

And Obama’s alliance with Hugo Chavez and against the forces of freedom in Honduras continues to pass under the radar screen of most Americans.

And I continue to find the Obama administration more offensive with every passing day.

[Hat tip: commenter "huxley."]

53 Responses to “Honduras continues to matter…”

  1. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    Here’s a little tidbit from today’s “Media Notes” column by Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post, about the problems the President is having holding onto his leftist base: ‘Even sympathetic commentators face an inherent tension when dealing with their side. The day after [Post columnist Eugene] Robinson won a Pulitzer Prize in April, Obama called to congratulate him, saying his columns were “thoughtful and fair.” Except, the president added, for that morning’s piece on how he should have been tougher on Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez, which was “complete nonsense.”‘

    The legendary cool slipped there for just a second and Obama gave us a fleeting glimpse of what does and what doesn’t matter to him. He’s imperturbable while Iran shoots its own citizens, finds it “highly objectionable” to release the Lockerbie bomber — but criticize his connection with Chavez, and watch out!

  2. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    Sorry, meant to include a link to the Kurtz column:

  3. Tim P Says:

    I think that Obama fears the disapproval of the Latin American left more than he cares about doing what’s right.
    But then since when has Obama ever cared about what’s right, unless it coincides with his interests?

  4. huxley Says:

    I thought that Team Obama had decided that Zelaya was a dead letter and was backing away.

    But no, not only does he double-down on the decision, his administration is now actively putting the screws to Honduras to get Zelaya back in.

    This is deeply wrong and hard to defend in reasonable terms — this from the President who keeps apologizing for the US’s meddling in the affairs of other countries.

    It’s hard to understand in any terms other than the obvious — Obama prefers anti-American dictatorships.

  5. Oldflyer Says:

    It is offensive that our government is taking this position with regard to a small democracy. It is even more offensive that we are allied with the likes of Hugo Chavez in this matter.

    I have written to both of my dimocrat Senators about the Honduran situation. They don’t respond, of course; but, perhaps if enough people will press their Congressional representatives (?) they will take note.

    PS I don’t refer to them as dimocrats when I address them directly.

  6. theblackcommenter Says:

    It is disgustingly offensive and I believe a betrayal of our foundational constitutional ideas to support a power grab like Zelaya has made.

    Of course maybe Obama is just supporting what he wishes he could do…

  7. John Says:

    This is disturbing and as a patriot, as former member of the U.S. Coast Guard and Air National Guard, I am at a loss to grasp why any U.S. President could take this position.
    Both Senators in my state are Republican but there are several democrat congressmen. They will all be hearing from me; even the ones who do not represent my district.

  8. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Another one of dozens of Obama appointments, policies and initiatives that the MSM—were it doing its job, and not serving as Obama’s “Ministry of Truth”—should be all over, pointing out, and screaming its head off about. As it is, we are told that Zelaya was ousted in an illegal “coup,” and that America and the OAS are trying to right this intolerable “injustice,” rather than the fact the Marxist dictator-loving Obama Administration is using the power of the U.S. government to try to force the people and government of little and poor Honduras to accept back a Marxist dictator that the people of Honduras, through their Constitution and their legal government, peacefully rejected.

    As things stand, the American people are largely ignorant of most of what is actually happening in the Obama administration, and, in this case in point, what they are being told is happening and what it means and how they should view it, is exactly the opposite of what is really happening, and how the American people and our government would have viewed this situation in any time past and, as a result, they are not concerned.

  9. Baklava Says:

    Does anybody see any polls with a Honduras question out there? I wonder what the American public thinks about this.

  10. Steve G Says:

    This is the latest example of Obama coddling our enemies and sticking it to our allies. Is this the expertise in foreign affairs that Biden warned would require understanding from Obama’s supporters in about 6 months or so. Did Biden actually know something? In less than a year Obama has succeeded in assuring that we no longer have allies that will rely on our word and our enemies have concluded that Obama is weak and not likely to respond with force to force.

    This is an embarassing state of affairs and likely to lead to international problems, like a war or two. Words do not do justice.

  11. Tournefort Says:

    “They will all be hearing from me; even the ones who do not represent my district.”

    I hope you have better luck than when I have tried to contact officials in Congress who aren’t from my area (but still vote on legislation that will affect ME.)

    My latest attempt was to write Diane Watson. She doesn’t accept emails from outside her district, so I’ve written her a couple of letters sent via regular mail.

    Of course, I wonder about the chances of her actually reading either an email OR a letter.

  12. Don Says:

    Does anybody see any polls with a Honduras question out there? I wonder what the American public thinks about this.

    Probably “what is Honduras”. I doubt most Americans care about a small country most will never visit.

  13. Occam's Beard Says:

    Probably “what is Honduras”. I doubt most Americans care about a small country most will never visit.

    Kinda like Czechoslovakia, but a lot easier to spell.

  14. Nolanimrod Says:

    I am starting to wonder about the divine sense of humor and the intersection of Obama and the authors of recent books discussing the end of conservatism.

  15. Nolanimrod Says:

    And Zelaya is so downright SMARMY. He’ll fit right in the Obama household. The non-allergenic dog. The non-democratic man of the people. Hey! Is he being groomed to be the Czar of something? We don’t need no STEEN KEEN BODJES!

  16. Steve Says:

    You have to wonder why the State Dept goes along with this crap. Are they against freedom too? Obama is despicable but so are his enablers. I don’t buy that the State Dept has to do his bidding. They made an art of resisting Bush’s policies. It seems our government is rotten to the core.

  17. rickl Says:

    The State Department has been lousy with leftists for many years now. They’re probably much more eager to do Obama’s bidding than Bush’s.

  18. Andrew_M_Garland Says:

    Possibly Obama hates the idea of an elected President being removed from office for violating his country’s constitution.

  19. John Says:

    Andrew_M_Garland Says:

    “Possibly Obama hates the idea of an elected President being removed from office for violating his country’s constitution.”

    That’s going to leave a mark. I like it.
    2 thumbs up.

  20. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    The State Department runs its own leftist foreign policy, and usually gives lip service to, but really ignores/obstructs the foreign policy of the sitting President—whoever he is, on the theory that they will be working at their desks long after the current occupant of the White House is gone.

    In this particular case, the Obama administration is even farther Left than the supercilious apparatchiks who infest State, so they are happy to do his bidding.

  21. Beverly Says:

    On point:

    “WE THE PEOPLE” are mad as hell, and we’re not gonna take it any more!!!

    This guy, Bob Basso, says it all. This man’s fiery video on youtube has been so popular (over 8 million views so far) that Obama called him personally. He said that he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the press, and that Dr. Basso shouldn’t talk about the video or the White House visit.

    That’s interesting.

    Check it out, pass it on . . .

  22. rickl Says:

    Oh hell, that’s nothing. Check this out:

    Dr. James Manning

  23. rickl Says:

    I try to get all fancy with the HTML and it all comes to naught.

    (Of course, if we had preview, I could have fixed whatever the problem was. Hint, hint.)

  24. Maurice Says:

    Don’t forget that Hillary, while being marginalized in the Admin., is perfectly happy with trying to screw over Honduras too.

    It’s EXTREMELY sickening and reprehensible, but those words fit almost everything about this administration.

    WE are being led by lunatics and Marxists and immoral and amoral bastards. They have no decency, no shame, no goodness. They are attacking Honduras and ignoring Iran (for all intent and purpose), while attacking OUR freedoms, in a growing movement to take US over.

    It’s not just Obama, nor just Hillary…it’s the entire Dem leadership, and much or most of the Dem Congress. We have fools extolling the virtues of a murderous piece-of-shit like Fidel Castro. They are infesting OUR CONGRESS. Traitors to decency and to us, their subjects, because that’s what they want us to be.

    It’s all the leftist/terrorist wet dream…control. Power for the sake of Power, as Orwell wrote in 1984. So yeah, they pick on Honduras, and do it so sleazily…like everything else they do.

  25. Beverly Says:

    The Rev. Manning is scary/hilarious, all right. (Dunno why he thinks “the white folks” will rise up. Not much yeast left in that dough, seems like.)

    But Dr. Basso is quite serious, and makes some damned serious points. It’s worth passing on.

  26. Beverly Says:

    Maurice; you’re right. But this all makes me think of what someone said about Great Britain a few years ago — that in the hands of the Left, they were like an inert body being eaten alive, without resisting.

    That’s what’s going on with most Americans. The Great Wall erected by Big Media and the chattering classes between most folks and the truth is about a mile high.

    They just aired The Matrix tonight on one of our local channels. Perfect fable for our times.

  27. Perfected democrat Says:

    “Of course maybe Obama is just supporting what he wishes he could do…”

    Obama is America’s Zelaya, without doubt, a shadow government of “regime czars” has been installed, while the long traditional government administration appointments are way behind schedule. This is the bonafide structure of an attempted coup d’etat. The betrayal of constitutional democracy in Honduras, and the alignment of American government foreign policy with the Hugo Chavez circle, is indicative of in your face betrayal, and extremely ominous for America. More than any other group now, except perhaps congress, the mainstream media must be challenged, they are complicit and instrumental in the situation which has materialized.

  28. Artfldgr Says:

    a shadow government of “regime czars” has been installed
    36 so far i think

  29. br549 Says:

    How he is dealing with the Honduras question is saying quite a mouthful. For Central and South America this could be the beginning of the domino effect we were so afraid of in S.E. Asia. Instead of fighting it this time, our president is giving it his blessing, even fighting against what that country’s constitution is saying. So what about our constitution down the road?

    I have to wonder – hasn’t everyone seen enough?

  30. huxley Says:

    Meanwhile on Rasmussen today Obama’s approval rating drops yet another point to yet another new low: 45%-53% (Approval/Disapproval).

    Obama has managed the worst decline in the polls since they started regularly tracking after WWII.

    I too am alarmed by the czars, the funny business with the census, the betrayals of Honduras, Israel, and Eastern Europe, the “engagement” with Iran and Syria, the inability to stand up for human rights in authoritarian/totalitarian parts of the world.

    All that said, we have also learned that America is still center-right while Obama is far to the left, and that Obama is not nearly as smart and competent as his supporters assumed.

    Obama and his policies are being rejected. At the current rate, he will be a lame duck by the end of the years.

  31. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Fifth anniversary of Beslan.
    You wouldn’t have to wonder what any other person as POTUS would say/do in case that horror came here.
    Shame we don’t think that way of zero.

  32. br549 Says:

    Oh. Sorry, didn’t read any comments, just posted after reading Neo’s thread.

  33. Steve G Says:

    If I did this right, the following is to a link on Drudge that Obama will be speaking to all students on 9/8/09. Kinda wonder what he is going to say. Is anyone concerned?

  34. Baklava Says:


    Off topic:

    ∅bama is TONE DEAF !

    This stuff is sick

  35. Artfldgr Says:

    I have to wonder – hasn’t everyone seen enough?

    Nope, ask prisoner A-7713


    I wrote before where to look for answers, but no one really wants that, they just want to hear themselves talk to death.

    As Hilmare Von Campe said…

    its sad that now they ask the questions that i answered and showed details of before (july 16th 2009)

    Today is the anniversary of the start of WWII by germany attempting to take over poland.

    The battlefield is morality: truth vs. lies. There is no neutrality-you can only be on one side or the other. – Hilmare Von Campe

    Hilmar von Campe, who grew up under the Nazis and wrote the book, Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, offers comparisons between Nazi Germany and America today. “Our nation has elected an anti-American left-wing radical if not Communist to be president of the United States,” he warns. “We better begin to plan now for the reality and not for a democratic daydream. The ideological war has reached us at the top of our power structure threatening our very existence from inside.”


    no one wants to listen to the people with EXPERIENCE…

    to watch the interplay is sickning, as what they are doing is NOT trying to find the truth, but are shopping around to fnid the truth they want to hear.

    I have to wonder – hasn’t everyone seen enough?

    no.. they have NOT seen enough… in fact the deaths of 6 million jews, 6 million others and 40 million by stalin, was NOT enough!!!

    which is the point i have made since my first point, if you wait for an overt unambigous sign, your not going to find one, because if the mind can make people see things taht arent there, it can certainly make things that are there disappear.

    these leftists dont realize what they are actually making.

    you would think that people would focus on those with experience, and historical knowlege.

    they argue that i am too long… or not pc… or tin hat..

    however, go back… one of the few with a consistent take on everything that hasnt changed still is ignored, while everyone else walks around in the dark with their hands in front wondering what they are going to slam their shins on next.

    no one cared to read what i posted… few cared to read any of the books i suggested.

    occam did, and then went on after that book, to find out who the latvian rifle corps were (my ancestors), who created soviet rule.

    its like everyone who was never there, didnt want their meeting and great ideas of how stupid the president was, to be interupted by a whole lot of reality… (which was too long to post).

    Hilmar von Campe has a website, and has recently written about current times. not one person took the time to look, for if they did, they would have mentioned something.

    I grew up under the Nazis, and what I saw then there I see now here. There is nothing theoretical when I speak about what happens when a nation throws God out of government and society and when Christians become religious bystanders. I am not part of those who want some people to look bad by calling them Nazis, as Nancy Pelosi and so many people do nowadays. My writing is based on my own experience and that of my family. Hilmar von Campe

    there was another book i suggested.. this one was written also by a german, who described how things were for the average person… something VERY difficult to imagine from dates, and military history.

    i explain… as if to an empty hall…


    let me know if there is something similar to that… oh… but of course, you dont know what it means.

    “Service to Work”

    Young men had to serve half a year before entering into military service. It seems that Obama likes this Nazi feature because he comes up in addition to the idea of a civilian national security force with a plan to create a national community service program. Obama’s motives for this cannot be different from the Nazi motives – to bring as many youth as possible under their Socialist umbrella and influence. Obama has 3.1 million e-mail addresses from young people who are waiting to do something.

  36. Artfldgr Says:

    All that said, we have also learned that America is still center-right while Obama is far to the left, and that Obama is not nearly as smart and competent as his supporters assumed.

    nope, he was smarter…

    as those people conclude that he is stupid, rather than reorient their compass…

  37. Promethea Says:

    Artfldgr . . .

    You are scaring me.

  38. rickl Says:

    Artfldgr, I like to think I’ve been listening, even though I haven’t read any of the books you’ve recommended. I have read Ayn Rand, and she taught me a lot about this sort of thing.

    I’ve also read Leonard Peikoff’s “The Ominous Parallels” and Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”.

    Anytime someone claims that Obama is stupid or incompetent (on this blog or elsewhere), I respond right away that he is acting deliberately and knows full well what he is doing.

    The one thing we Americans have going for us, unlike many other countries where this has happened, is that many American civilians are heavily armed. That could turn out to be the one thing that saves us. ANY ATTEMPT to disarm the American people must be resisted by every means at our disposal, up to and including deadly force.

  39. neo-neocon Says:

    rickl: As I noted before, you can be both deliberate and somewhat incompetent at the same time.

    I maintain that Obama is very deliberate, but that so far he’s been somewhat incompetent because he has played his hand too soon and alerted too many people to catch on to his game. Whether this will end up mattering in the end, or whether things have already been put into play that will mean he will accomplish his ends, I do not know. But I think if he had been a bit more gradual in his actions he would have fooled most of the people most of the time, and would have had fairly smooth sailing.

  40. Promethea Says:

    I wonder how many people were awakened by the Cash for Clunkers program?

    Is this not the stupidest program ever devised? What could they have possibly been thinking?

    I wish they would throw money at me like that. I could use it to fix my garden and lessen my “carbon footprint.”

  41. rickl Says:

    Neo: Actually, I think the speed at which he’s acting is part of his tactics. It’s like a swarming attack, to keep the opposition off balance and swinging wildly at everything. And he’s constantly changing the subject, jumping from one thing to another.

    Meanwhile he keeps putting unaccountable czars everywhere, creating in effect a shadow government under the Executive branch. Why aren’t the Republicans in Congress screaming bloody murder about that? I know there’s some precedent. Reagan had a Drug Czar and I think Carter had an Energy Czar (I’m not certain about that). But that doesn’t make it right, or constitutional.

    We’ll know more in a week or two. I fully expect Congress to ram through the healthcare takeover when they get back in session. There are enough Republican votes to ensure its passage. Even a “compromise” bill will be disastrous, since it will contain all sorts of nefarious provisions and allow any missing pieces to be implemented at a later date by bureaucratic regulations or executive orders. I hope I’m wrong about that, but if it does pass, then we will know that those who vote for it are not afraid of facing the voters in 2010 and 2012.

  42. huxley Says:

    Obama is not nearly as smart and competent as his supporters assumed.

    That was my quote that artfldgr disagreed with.

    I stand by it. I don’t think Obama is dumb, but really he’s not playing 3-D chess and executing with Buckaroo Banzai effectiveness way past previous presidents, especially George W. Bush.

    If you read all the adulatory press and quotes, as well as Obama’s megalomanical claims about halting the rising of the sea and so forth. those are the sort of fantasies out there about Obama.

    Obama is a smart guy who is smart at impressing people, but not a heck of a lot else. He’s been caught again and again saying foolish or contradictory things. He doesn’t seem to understand his own healthcare plan. He makes unforced errors like the Gatesgate business. He has pushed way too hard and too fast to change the country.

    As a result he has now set the record for the worst decline in the polls since WWII. He has passed no major legislation since the big stimulus bill even though his party dominates both chambers of Congress.

    Please tell me more about how wicked smart Obama is.

  43. rickl Says:

    Promethea Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    I wonder how many people were awakened by the Cash for Clunkers program?

    Is this not the stupidest program ever devised? What could they have possibly been thinking?

    Besides the utter obscenity of using taxpayer dollars to destroy perfectly good cars, the only thing I can think of is that it will make used cars more expensive, by reducing the supply.

    That will put them out of reach of many poor people, who will then become more dependent on public (i.e., government) transportation.

    Ayn Rand said, “Don’t bother to examine a folly; ask only what it accomplishes.”

  44. neo-neocon Says:

    rickl: I agree that speed is part of his tactics (I think I even wrote about that somewhere). I just think he might have gotten more of his agenda accomplished if he’d gone a bit slower, and not tipped people off by the frantic effort to get things done before we could study what was what.

  45. huxley Says:

    neo-neocon: Yes.

    If one remembers back to the post-election period from the election to the inauguration plus a month or so, it seemed that Obama and the Democrats had just swept up all the marbles and were settling in for three or four decades of FDR Part II.

    I say that if Obama had been slower in his assault and more careful to deliver on some of his promises, he would now be impregnable, even if the economy still sucked. It would have taken longer, but he could have easily forced America into being New France and even further left.

    Obama had all these huge advantages. Now where is he? Over the half the country doesn’t trust him or approve of him. His policies are rated even lower. His signature legislations are languishing and unpassable in their full forms. He will never recover his previous stature as the Obamessiah.

    Is he still dangerous? You betcha. But no one tell me how smart he is.

  46. br549 Says:

    Again, when I look at the huge stimulus package, how fast it materialized, it is a no brainer it has been laying about for quite some time, waiting for its moment. Same with cap and trade, a much more aggressive and harmful version of the clean air act.
    National health care? These programs can only, will only, and have only damaged our nation, our sovereignty as a nation, and our ability to stand on our own two feet as individuals within this country. We are supposed to be a nation of individuals living together by choice in a republic. The light on the hill, the last great hope for mankind. Reagan was right. But we are becoming a collective living under government control. It will spread around the world, an ever tighter noose if this nation succumbs. What is to stop it?

    Regardless of how smart or competent, stupid or incompetent one believes Obama is, I still say he was selected. He is a sacrificial zinc, taking all the blame and damage and perhaps being destroyed by it, yet leaving the underlying infrastructure undamaged. He is a tool, perhaps to be discarded once no longer necessary, his usefulness done.

    Perhaps we keep talking because we are afraid to act. Perhaps we keep talking because we are afraid to do anything more than talk. This nation has spent much of the last 100 plus years trying to prevent the wholesale world domination of a nightmare that has found its way to every single doorstep in America. Dare I say there is no way out of this without a fight?
    Hurry 2010. Hurry 2012. Before we are out of time.

  47. huxley Says:

    br549: I don’t know how much of a Manchurian candidate Obama is. Neither do you.

    However nefarious the forces behind Obama may be, Obama was elected because he was Obama, a half-African American with a great oratory style who ran as the anti-Bush in a period of great economic uncertainty.

    If Obama is broken, these forces are broken. They won’t go away, but they will be diminished. America will not elect a vague unqualifed messianic candidate with numerous leftist creepazoid connections for a generation or more. The smell of the New Left will not be welcome for a very long time.

  48. Promethea Says:

    Unfortunately, the people I know have become ever more Leftist in the years that I’ve known them. They think they are “normal,” but I see how they talk like marxists.

    It’s all very unconscious. They’ve absorbed the left-wing thinking promoted by all these manufactured crises in the newspapers and on TV. They all believe the world is getting hotter and that there is a healthcare crisis. They all think healthcare should be free. When I ask them if they think food should be free, they give me the stare look that I’ve come to recognize as a braindead nonthinking liberal.

    It’s crazy.

  49. Promethea Says:

    Ha, ha. I’m watching a TV show on the imminent explosion of a supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park.

    I wonder how Obama and his commie backers are going to stop that.

  50. Promethea Says:

    Now I’m watching a show on Megadisasters. Today’s megadisasters is the “Oil Disaster,” when we run out of oil. It’s going to happen soon, the show says.

    I’m not going to watch the end of the show, but I can tell you what we should do. We should conquer Saudi Arabia and become the “last man standing.”

    Why not? I can’t think of any good reasons.

    You can call me a “Neo-Imperialist.”

  51. njcommuter Says:

    It will take decades to undo the harm that Barack Obama has done in the world. We have to remember that we are one of the biggest fish in the world pond, and we can make things much better or much worse. Much better means standing up for self-government of free peoples by liberty under law. It means supporting our allies. It means isolating and weaking our enemies. It means being the nation that other nations want for a friend, and hope never to have as an enemy, not the other way around.

    It would take sixteen or twenty years of determined, competent conservative administrations to flush the Leftists out of the State Department and make us once again the leader of the free world. It would take twelve to sixteen years of sane energy policy to produce and refine our petroleum locally, to put stationary energy uses on fission-produced electricity (and maybe fusion-produced electricity, if Bussard’s p-B11 Polywell machine pans out). I can’t estimate how long it will take to flush the marxist politics of envy our of our school system. (PLEASE watch Bill Whittle’s essay on MSNBC & …. over on PJTV, under Afterburner and Bill Whittle!)

  52. br549 Says:

    Huxley, you go to your church, and I’ll go to mine. I am happy you feel as you do, but I do not have that kind of faith in mankind. There are individuals, yes. But the whole crowd follows the path of least resistance, the easiest way. Knowledge is based on perception, and too many perceive gimmes and handouts as wonderful things from a caring, benevolent, government brother. But it is domination in a prom dress. What we are witnessing in full light has been coming on for many a year.

  53. huxley Says:

    To a large extent this is a conversation about how full or empty one wants to see the glass.

    I’m deeply encouraged to see how far Obama has fallen in such a short amount of time and how quickly the center, center-right, and right have mobilized against Obama, even though we have few big leaders and the Republican Party remains “in disarray.”

    I’m deeply encouraged that despite all the predations of the left from the media, the academy, and the arts, that it’s clear that America remains a center-right nation. I wasn’t sure about that when Obama was inaugurated.

    I’m deeply encouraged that despite sizeable majorities in Congress and almost a complete pass from the media, Obama and the Democratic have been unable to pass the huge cap-and-trade and Obamacare bills that would have crippled the US economy.

    Of course, viewing the glass from the vantage that we haven’t flushed out all leftists from the State Department or convinced all Americans that gimmes and handouts aren’t wonderful things, it looks pretty bad.

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