October 29th, 2009

Obama has no time for Berlin Wall festivities

Is it any surprise that, although Obama the candidate made a big (and confused and misleading) speech in Berlin about the fall of Communism, he can’t be bothered to attend the ceremony marking the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall?

28 Responses to “Obama has no time for Berlin Wall festivities”

  1. Harry McHaliburtonstein Says:

    1. He had nothing to do with it.
    2. Doesnt consider it a victory.
    3. Too busy making calculated photo ops with returning American caskets.

  2. Tom Says:

    Now waitaminnit, he’s sending Smokin’ Joe Biden, and I hope the East Europeans p*ss on his shoes.

  3. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    For Obama, it would be roughly equivalent to celebrating the day his father abandoned his mother.

  4. physicsguy Says:

    Harry McHaliburtonstein Says:

    “3. Too busy making calculated photo ops with returning American caskets.”

    Meanwhile continuing to dither which results in more of those caskets come home. That photo-op was one of the most disgusting displays of presidential hypocrisy I’ve seen since Nixon.

  5. Artfldgr Says:

    he is making sure that when something happens, we have no one on our side and so are impotent.

    isnt that what the liberals want, a sterile USA under everyone else?

  6. J.L. Says:

    Well, as the child of parents who feld Castro’s Communist hellhole, I will celebrate the fall of that wall. Gorbachev ultimately didnt need to heed Reagan’s advice to “tear down that wall,” because the people did it for him, after Communism collapsed from its own rot.

    1989 should rank with 1945 as a year of liberation, and as a year that changed history.

  7. Promethea Says:

    I wonder what Obama thinks he’s doing as President. What does he think the office entails?

    Basically, we don’t have a President. We have some guy who likes to pose for photos and pretend he’s doing something.

    If we can survive this horrible regime, then we can say that the United States can get along (for a while) with a very weak President and that the federal government isn’t so important as we’ve been led to believe.

  8. Ilíon Says:

    And, after all, the whole point of the US Constitution is that the Federal government “ain’t all that,” as they say these days.

  9. Baklava Says:

    Art wrote, “isnt that what the liberals want, a sterile USA under everyone else?

    You will submit ! ;)

  10. Occam's Beard Says:

    C’mon, the man’s busy. Maybe he’ll show his respect by wearing a black armband for the death of the dream.

    Besides, they’re not offering him an award, so eff ‘em.

  11. Artfldgr Says:

    i will submit in triplicate :)

  12. F Says:

    Tom: P*ss on Biden’s shoes? Wouldn’t that be an art project for the National Endowment for the Arts? Oh no, it doesn’t have Christ in it.

    As for Obama not going to Berlin, with his grasp of basic civics stuff (57 states, for example) he’s probably wondering why we’re making such a racket over some ol’ wall falling down. Bad masonry? No need to celebrate. F

  13. Occam's Beard Says:

    with his grasp of basic civics stuff (57 states, for example) he’s probably wondering why we’re making such a racket over some ol’ wall falling down. Bad masonry?

    Probably better not to bring this up to him, or we’ll next be paying for a bailout of the German construction industry.

  14. Occam's Beard Says:

    A modest proposal: send Bill Ayers.

  15. TmjUtah Says:

    He’s afraid he’d go off script.

    “1989 was a close one. Many people actually thought that communism had been defeated.

    I stand before you, living proof that communism is very much still a force to be reckoned with.”

    Cue maniacal laughter, Chris Matthews tingling, MSNBC explaining what Obama really meant, etc, etc.

    My money is still on agenda of destruction, but cumulative incompetence leavened with democrat thuggery is running a very close second.

  16. ghost707 Says:

    Even Rahm is smart enough to know that sending Obama over to Berlin to apologize for Reagan’s involvement in binging down the wall will not play well in most countries.
    Although, Putin would be thrilled I’m sure.

  17. Scottie Says:

    Perhaps in declining to send The Messiah to Berlin, the powers behind the scenes are showing they are afraid to send a boy to do a man’s job?

    He would be in way over his head.

    Could they consider sending Hillary instead of Joe (The Gaffe-master) Biden?

    I cringe to think what is going to come out of that man’s mouth while he is talking to our (former?) allies in Eastern Europe – and Obama is either just as bad or worse depending on the day of the week!

    Or perhaps The One is afraid of how he’ll be treated by the other heads of state and various dignitaries, that they won’t consider him special?

    Maybe it’s as simple as Obama not wanting to be seen as simply another head of state, that he prefers to keep whatever stage he is on all to himself and not share any of the limelight?

    I suspect other nations have taken his measure by now, and there is little respect for him amongst those dignitaries – even among those with whom he shares a common political philosophy (they may consider him simply a useful idiot/fool).

    Is he afraid he may be shown up as the hollow suit he is if he is placed into a situation where he is forced to interact with politicians who see him as a weak leader?

    Or maybe it really is as simple as a calculated political view that anything good that can be associated with his Republican predecessors is not to be acknowledged so as to prevent them – in his own mind – from having any success or glory to bask in?

    At any rate, while I feel the US should be represented at the highest level in this celebration – I’m kind of relieved Obama won’t be there as it minimizes the damage he is capable of inflicting on our nation.

    Damn, 3 more years of this $hit to go…… :(

  18. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    Occam’s Beard – wouldn’t that be delicious!

  19. armchair pessimist Says:

    This event involved a small tribal conflict in a small peninsula hanging off the western end of the Asian continent. Small change for a man out to save the world from war, rising oceans and Fox News.

  20. J.L. Says:

    Heres a good article from Reason magazine about the revolutionary nature of 1989, the year Communism fell in Eastern Europe.

    Heres a quote from the article:

    The consensus Year of Revolution for most of our lifetimes has been 1968, with its political assassinations, its Parisian protests, and a youth-culture rebellion that the baby boomers will never tire of telling us about. But as the preeminent modern Central European historian Timothy Garton Ash wrote in a 2008 essay, 1989 “ended communism in Europe, the Soviet empire, the division of Germany, and an ideological and geopolitical struggle…that had shaped world politics for half a century. It was, in its geopolitical results, as big as 1945 or 1914. By comparison, ’68 was a molehill.”

    Maybe this should be a focus for conservatives and anti-Communists of any stripe: to keep the memory of that liberating year alive.

    Heres to 1989 !!

  21. Baklava Says:



  22. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    Baklava beat me to it. Obama has time to twist arms in support of tyranny.

  23. Artfldgr Says:

    Zalaya is back in power thanks to obama and his friends, and the world now knows which side of ideology to shift to.

    [for a defunct ideology there are no more free countries... ALL are socialist]

    the wall did not fall because soviets collapsed, the wall fell because they re-organized and would then be able to freely move from coutnry to country, freely move material and money, and have open easy access to other states secrets.

    it was not a collapse, it was a restructuring…
    peristroika… restructuring

    [deleted pages of info for one quote]

    when you read this remember it was written 5 years BEFORE The berlin wall fell. (up to the day it happened, everyone didnt believe it would happen in their lifetimes).

    when you read it, remember neo liberalism was not a movement yet that remembered its roots with walter lippman and those other communists.

    the EU was not in existence yet…

    Pages 327-328: ‘The Communist strategists are now poised to enter into the
    final, offensive phase of the long-range policy, entailing a joint struggle for the complete
    triumph of Communism. Given the multiplicity of parties in power, the close
    links between them, and the opportunities they have had to broaden their bases and
    build up experienced cadres, the Communist strategists are equipped, in pursuing
    their policy, to engage in manoeuvres and stratagems beyond the imagination of
    Marx or the practical reach of Lenin and unthinkable to Stalin. Among such… stratagems
    are the introduction of false liberalisation in Eastern Europe and, probably, in
    the Soviet Union and the exhibition of spurious independence on the part of the
    regimes in Romania, Czechoslovakia and Poland’.


    in the Czechoslovak case, the “liberalisation” would be calculated and deceptive in that it would be introduced from above. It would be carried out by the Party through its cells and individual members in government, the Supreme Soviet, the courts, and the electoral machinery and by the KGB through its agents among the intellectuals and scientists…’.

    Pages 340-342: ‘The dissident movement is now being prepared for the most important aspect of its strategic r61e, which will be to persuade the West of the authenticity of Soviet “liberalisation” when it comes. Further high-level defectors, or “official emigres”, may well make their appearance in the West before the switch in policy occurs.

    The prediction on Soviet compliance with the Helsinki agreements is based on the fact that it was the Warsaw Pact countries and a Soviet [agent of influence] who initiated and pressed for the [negotiations]…

    “Liberalisation” in Eastern Europe would probably involve the return to power in Czechoslovakia of Dubcek and his associates. If it should be extended to East Germany, demolition of the Berlin Wall might even be contemplated…

    Western acceptance of the new “liberalisation” as genuine would create favourable conditions for the fulfilment of Communist strategy for the United States, Western Europe, and even, perhaps, Japan… Euro-Communism could be revived. The pressure for united fronts between Communist and socialist parties and trade unions at national and international level would be intensified.

    This time, the socialists might finally fall into the trap. United front governments under strong Communist influence might well come to power in France, Italy, and possibly other countries. Elsewhere the fortunes and influence of Communist Parties would be much revived. The bulk of Europe might well turn to left-wing socialism, leaving only a few pockets of conservative resistance.

    Pressure could well grow for a solution of the German problem in whichsome form of confederation between East and West Germany would be combined with neutralisation of the whole and a treaty of friendship with the Soviet Union.

    France and Italy, under united front governments, would throw in their lot with Germany and the Soviet Union. Britain would be confronted with a choice between a neutral Europe and the United States.

    to be published in 1984, means to have it written before that.

    how is the czech polish thing with obama?
    hows is the marxist in office
    how is the treaty signing in december

    the more you read the books the more you end up realizing what your seeing.

    like pelosi being afraid of tea parties. why?

    Pages 241-242:’The creation of a false, controlled opposition movement like the
    dissident movement serves internal and external strategic purposes.

    It creates a cadre of figures who are
    well known in the West and who can be used in the future as the leaders and supporters
    of a “multi-Party system” under Communism. “Dissident” trade unions and
    intellectuals can be used to promote solidarity with their Western counterparts and
    engage them in joint campaigns for disarmament and the reform of Western “military-
    industrial complexes”. In the long run the Western individuals and groups
    involved will face the choice of admitting that their support for dissidents was mistaken
    or accepting that Communism has undergone a radical change, making “convergence”
    an acceptable, and perhaps desirable, prospect’.

  24. Artfldgr Says:

    published in 1984…

    Page 262: ‘One of the objectives [of Euro-Communism] was to prepare the ground, in coordination with Bloc policy in general, for an eventual “liberalisation” in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and a major drive to promote the dissolution of NATO and the Warsaw Pact and the withdrawal of the American military presence from a neutral, socialist Europe’.

    published Sept 2009
    Mary Dejevsky: Nato’s dissolution is long overdue
    If the alliance cannot prevail in Afghanistan, what price its continuation at all?


    from reset button time:
    Obama said reinvigorated ties with Moscow must be “consistent with NATO membership and consistent with the need to send a clear signal throughout Europe that we are going to continue to abide by the central belief … that countries who seek and aspire to join NATO are able to join NATO.”

    if everyone is a member of nato, then nato is meaningless as if it was disbanded.

    the war in afghanistan is not a US war its a NATO war… and his dithering and such is not about affecting the US as much as its to get NATO out of the picture.

    perhaps he wants the Rapacki Plan?

    you dont know what the repacki plan is?


    its about german reunification… 1958..

    and yet, so timely

  25. Cappy Says:

    He’s too busy mourning the end of the wall.

  26. expat Says:

    At least I won’t have to listen to TV news coverage about him. Bush 41 should attend.

  27. J.L. Says:

    Heres another good article, from the UK’s Telegraph , about the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 .

    Another great explanation of why we should remember that great year of liberation: 1989:

    . . . [W]e celebrate next week the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – the ultimate triumph of simple human instincts over an evil and degenerate system. Without the Fall of the Wall, millions of people in eastern Europe would still be living in terror of the Stasi or the Securitate.
    . . .

    . . . We should remember that magnificent collapse with songs and cheers, because we are now still enduring a recession caused by the defects of free-market capitalism.

    It is precisely now, when the public mood is so bitter towards bankers, so hostile to profit, so seemingly brassed off with the very idea of wealth creation that we should remember how ghastly, grim and unworkable was the alternative – state-controlled socialism. It was a moral disaster, a system that extolled equality but entrenched the privileges of an unelected elite who luxuriated in their dachas and their Zil limos, roaring down their reserved lanes and splashing the people with contemptuous sludge. It was a cultural and artistic wasteland, a regime that promoted the kitsch and camp of socialist realism and whose only literary legacy is the handful of books by authors brave enough to denounce the regime. It was a complete and utter environmental catastrophe, as anyone who travelled behind the Iron Curtain will remember. I don’t just mean Chernobyl; I mean the cynical way in which socialist planning obliged human beings to endure the proximity of some of the filthiest factories in the world, the roiling clouds of smoke that seeded the warts and the cancers on the skin and in the lungs and the eyes of an innocent public.

    I recommend reading the whole thing.

    Again: Heres to 1989, the year of true liberation.

  28. J.L. Says:

    The article above, from the UK’s Telegraph , is at the following link:


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