October 30th, 2009

The White House’s new war: with Edmunds

The White House is now at war with the Edmunds.com car site, disputing its critique of Cash for Clunkers. Business Insider writes:

Seriously, what’s the point of this? Clunkers is over. It just makes The White House look thin-skinned, though it’s great publicity for Edmunds.

I’ve got news for Business Insider: it doesn’t just make the White House look thin-skinned. The White House is thin-skinned.

This White House is arrogant. But arrogance is not the same as quiet confidence. Those who are arrogant and narcissistic may appear confident, but an over-sensitivity to criticism is often evidence of deep insecurity.

And unfortunately, this administration has a lot to be insecure about.

10 Responses to “The White House’s new war: with Edmunds”

  1. Giles Says:

    The Obama Administration has all the emotional security of your typical DeviantArt user. “Someone posted something nasty! I’m going to cry about it, make some blog posts and wait for someone to cheer me up with emoticons and reassurances that the person posting will probably get banned!” You’d expect this sort of behavior from a LiveJournal user or a DeviantArt fan artist, not from the Commander-in-Chief’s appointees. If a government can’t deal with mild criticism like the mature and responsible body it should be, then there’s something seriously wrong with it.


  2. Standing in the Shadows Says:

    Add this to the stew; the reason Obama keeps whining and pointing out enemies like this is because it works.


  3. Ilíon Says:

    It’s too bad that he’s not modest, so that one could say, “He’s a modest, with much to be modest about.”

  4. Ilíon Says:

    But, of course, if he were a modest man, he’d not be trying to remake the Republic into what it is not.

  5. Ilíon Says:

    oops … that was supposed to be “He’s a modest man, with much to be modest about.

  6. Mr. Frank Says:

    First it was $24,000 for each extra car sold, and then it was $250,000 for each job created. What a bunch of maroons.

  7. Poole Says:

    If they are selling SUVs on Mars, would the increase of CO2 cause the Martian polar ice caps to shrink?

  8. zhombre Says:

    Next target: zillow.com, for lowballing home prices.

  9. Cappy Says:

    Those dudes ought to chill. It’s only stupid HTML. I mean, they’re irritating, but I don’t start whining every time I see those FreeCreditReports.com slackers.

  10. Matthew M Says:

    The Penny Saver flyer mentioned something about the need to bargain shop in these difficult times. Should the administration go after the advertisers or the post office for disseminating bad news via 3rd class mail?

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