November 25th, 2009

Credit where credit’s due: Michelle Obama’s gown

Nag, nag, nag, that’s all I seem to do with President Obama these days (not that he listens to me, but still).

In the meantime, Michelle Obama hasn’t been on my radar screen much, although nearly a year ago I did take notice of the fact that the gown she wore to the inaugural ball really didn’t suit her at all. Too frilly girly-girly for a tall and statuesque woman. What’s more, being a helpful sort, I even suggested a more elegant alternative.

Well, even though President Obama obviously isn’t taking my advice, maybe the First Lady is, because I’m happy to report that last night she wore a flattering evening gown, more on the order of the one I’d originally recommended:


It’s a relief to be able to say something positive about one of the Obamas, even if it’s only about a topic as trivial as a ball gown.

18 Responses to “Credit where credit’s due: Michelle Obama’s gown”

  1. dustoffmom Says:

    Yes, but remember, reports say it was hand made in Inida and took 40 women 3 weeks to sew….and the sequins were sterling silver. Nice to know funds are being spent so frugally.

  2. MikeLL Says:

    Nice to see her with a smile on her face. Too often she frowns.

    But who is that geeky dweeb standing next to her?

  3. PA Cat Says:

    Nice to see her with a smile on her face. Too often she frowns.

    Jammie Wearing Fool has several photos of Herself scowling her way through the dinner that followed the photo op. If the link doesn’t work, go to the home page at JWF and scroll down to the “Cheer Up, Won’t You?” post.

  4. Baklava Says:


    Looking at the photos – I think she’s trying.

    Debating her policies are one thing.

    Talking about the way her face is structured is another…

    Choice of clothing is something that can be changed.

  5. JULIE Says:

    The gown is beautiful, but the hairstyle accentuates her angry eyebrows and overbite.

    The sleek hair style that she has been wearing covers those angry eyebrows. Has she been retaining Andre Walker, Oprah’s hairstylist?

  6. Bill West Says:

    Nice delts.

  7. mezzrow Says:

    They both look great in this picture.

    This illustrates the crux of the problem. The Obamas represent what we would love to see in our First Couple as a symbol of what we see America to be in this time. This is, I fear a trojan horse for all the baggage that we have seen unloaded since last year’s election. (does it really seem that it was only a year ago?) Hence, the conflict between appearance and reality. Bill Whittle is right – we conservatives are the soul of incompetence at brand-building, and the forces of progressivism have a terrific brand to sell. The marvel is how far and how fast the brand has fallen in the interim.

    As for myself I pay no attention to what Obama says, or how he looks. I only watch what he does.

  8. Ilíon Says:

    That’s the first picture of her I recall seeing in which she was dressed in an attractive manner.

  9. csimon Says:

    I agree, neo (as usual). I thought for once she looked magnificent — as great, that is, as she ever could look. When I first saw the picture on the news, have to admit I did a doubletake.

    Shame she didn’t wear something like this to Inaugural Ball. (That white frilly thing w/ waistband not where her waist was was horrific)

    And I, too, don’t have much nice to say about her…so I usually don’t say anything.

    PS (if some of the sequins or paillettes on that dress are really of sterling silver, unless she keeps it in airtight plastic, it will look hideous in no time due to oxidation (tarnishing) of silver. What a shame. And what a stupid thing to use for sequins!)
    (This comes from a longtime clothing designer & jewelry designer — so I know my clothes and I know my metals!

  10. csimon Says:

    By the way, did anyone know that there is actually a webpage called, “Mrs. O…Follow the fashion of Mrs. O.”

    I found it looking up details on this dress re: silver sequins as beading results in notoriously heavy garments; if truly “sterling silver hand-cut sequins” it must have taken some heavy lifting!
    (But then, the Obamas are not, in my esteem, known for their practical thinking or common sense (as the Pres.’s agenda amply illustrates!)

  11. Tom Says:

    They’re both giving us the finger, regardless of whatever occasion, location, or activity. I see a blackhearted (no pun) couple who’ve conned the suckers. I can’t see past that. Michelle makes anything she wears look ugly.

  12. Francesca Says:

    That is an elegant gown, and she looks lovely. Perhaps, she will appreciate the positive remarks on her appearance and rethink some of her odd clothes, especially the ones with the huge belts. I imagine she felt quite beautiful in that stunning dress.

  13. Francesca Says:

    About her angry look . . . do you think if she reshaped her eyebrows a little, it would help?

  14. waltj Says:

    That’s nice. She’s still a nasty harpy, and he’s still a putz. Gowns and tuxedos can’t change that.

  15. JohnC Says:

    waltj: My sentiments exactly!

  16. betsybounds Says:

    Right. They look good.

    Well even a busted clock is right twice a day.

  17. Tatyana Says:

    Tom: when I say that I’m always accused of being envious (or, for some reason, “jealous”. Wha….? I don’t share any love interest with the woman, why would I be jealous? of what?)

  18. Ike Says:

    The AP reports the dress is “flesh-colored.”

    Anyone see the problem coming…?

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