December 31st, 2009

Can Scott Brown become the forty-first Senate Republican?

Scott Brown, you ask? Who’s that?

Or maybe you already know who Brown is, because you’re such a bunch of political junkies. Right now he’s the best (although perhaps least-known) hope of throwing a wrench into the Obamacare works.

Brown is a Republican running for the Senate in (gulp) one of the bluest states in the union, Massachusetts. If that seems like a longshot—well, it is. But Brown’s personable and telegenic as well as fiscally conservative, although he’s been all but abandoned by the GOP in his quixotic quest.

But maybe his dream of taking the special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat from opponent Martha Coakley isn’t so impossible after all. I can’t find a single poll, although I bet he’s considerably behind. But my guess is that even voters in Massachusetts are getting fed up with what’s been going on in Congress lately, and he might have a chance. If you want to take a look at his website and maybe even contribute in some way, the cause seems worthy.

17 Responses to “Can Scott Brown become the forty-first Senate Republican?”

  1. Nobama Says:

    Scott is a great guy. I do beleive he has a chance to win on January 19. He needs support and coverage. His victory will be the New Boston Tea Party.
    The revolution has begun.

  2. huxley Says:

    Scott Brown is also a former Cosmo centerfold!

    Check out the Hillbuzz website in the link above. It’s run by a couple of Chicago gays who were all for Hillary during the primaries but are so disillusioned with Obama (whom they refer to as Dr. Utopia) that they are now full-bore for putting Sarah Palin in the White House in 2012.

  3. Brian Swisher Says:

    One would think that Massachusetts voters have learned from first-hand experience the shambles that the House and Senate health care bills will make of the medical industry…

    …but I’m not hopeful…

  4. Tim P Says:

    “But my guess is that even voters in Massachusetts are getting fed up with what’s been going on in Congress lately…”

    I very much seriously doubt it. They repeatedly voted Kennedy into office despite widespread knowledge of his personal and political corruption. They have consistently voted liberal, pro-union, pro-democrat. Despite a state democrat/union machine that rivals Chicago’s or Louisiana’s for corruption and inefficiency, they voted (almost 60%) against an income tax cap in 2008. They will consistently vote in a similar fashion until it all comes crashing down on them and then they’ll look for a republican to blame. I have to believe that Massachusetts is the dumbest state in the nation, bar none.

  5. maneocon Says:

    Scott Brown got into the Mass. senate during a special election for a seat vacated by a democrat. May be he can continue his good luck this time as well.

    The Mass. Dems are up in arms about his first TV add featuring JFK about lower taxes and business growth. Apparently, it does not apply to Obama invoking Reagan last year.

  6. turfmann Says:

    This is your intrepid reporter, turfmann, speaking to you from ground zero here in Massachusetts, but a couple of miles as the crow flies from the Kennedy Compound.

    In doing phone bank calls for Brown, I have been shocked and surprised at the amount of support he garners. These are not normal times and this is not your average election.

    Recall that Massachusetts was the dry run for Axelrod & Co, foisting Deval Patrick upon us. He has been an abject disaster from day one – much like Obama has been – now polling so low that I think he could be ousted in a primary campaign by the local dog catcher. We were also the incubator for health care reform – that has been another abject disaster. It’s as though I am the Ghost of Politics Yet To Come – hooded cloak and sickle in hand – telling you of the future.

    We are undeniably a one party state – but we have a sizable number of conservatives in our midst. Recall that poll from a month or two back stating that conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states? That includes Massachusetts, too!

    If you were asking me to place a bet upon who will win this election, I would double down on Brown. Why? First, his opponent is the quintessential Massachusetts Democrat political hack. She is uncharismatic and ill prepared to serve as a Senator, indeed, she has never served in a legislative roll.

    Contrast that to Brown, who has served as a Selectman, a State Representative and a State Senator. He is also a LTC in the Army Reserves. His family is well known in Massachusetts. His wife is a popular television reporter and one of his two daughters was an American Idol contestant a few years back. He is well liked in spite of his party affiliation.

    If there was ever to be a void in the Democratic Congressional Monolith of the Northeast this is the time. Recall that the Kennedys threw their lot in with Clinton in the last presidential election.

    So in spite of the usual grumbling about the ridiculousness of Massachusetts politics, with which I agree, this time is different.

    Go to his website and give what you can. If you can volunteer some of your time to bang the phones, you can do so over the internet from anywhere. Trust me, we don’t bite.

  7. Cathie Stubbs Says:

    As a totally fed up with this government Massachusetts resident, I decided that instead of simply complaining about it I would do something about it.

    I have been making calls on Scott Brown’s behalf (from my home) for several days now. The reception from those I have called has been remarkable. I especially liked the gentleman who told me he was sold so not to spend any time with him and move on to the next call.

    Nothing could be sweeter than to replace his predecessor with a principled individual who puts our country first.

    Cathie Stubbs
    Scott Brown for US Senate Volunteer

  8. huxley Says:

    Don’t forget that in 2002 Mass. voters did elect Republican Mitt Romney as governor on the rebound from the previous disastrous Democrat, Jane Swift.

    I have friends and relatives in Mass. and they are not that happy about Deval Patrick, or Obama for that matter, so Brown’s bid is not as quixotic as it may sound.

  9. turfmann Says:

    Not that it matters but Jane is a Republican. 😉

  10. Sissy Willis Says:

    Hi, neo. You’ll be relieved to know I’ve been on the case for three solid weeks, blogging and twittering my heart to help send Mr. Brown go to Washington as the 41st Republican vote that can stop Obamacare. Happy New Year, old friend!

  11. Sissy Willis Says:

    I should have proofed that before sending, but you get my point. : )

  12. Tim P Says:

    First, a Happy new Years to all.

    Second, it is heartening to hear from you who live in Massachusetts that there may be hope, I do hope you’re right and my prediction is wrong.

    However, when it comes to such a locked in democrat state, I suspect there may be an ‘ACORN’ moment in a very close election. I can’t forget what happened in Washington state in 2004 with Governor Gregiore(sp?). Nor can I forget what happened in Minnesota in 2008 with Senator Franken. (Say that out loud three times and see if you can keep yourself from screaming.)

    So while I’m glad to see signs of intelligent life in Massachusetts, I’m betting on the democrat. The fix is in. Besides, I’m willing to bet the democrats nationally are looking at this race as an indicator for November and possibly 2012. They know what’s at stake and are not going to just give it up. Then there are the union, party and state government political hacks & their cronies. They too know what’s up. They’ll be fighting like rats to go down first class on the sinking ship.

  13. Tom Says:

    I’ve contributed, have my fingers crossed, but ain’t hopeful.

  14. Bill Says:

    Want Scott Brown to win? Start calling Democrats and ask them to vote for Joe Kennedy (I), who’s also on the ballot. They probably won’t realize it’s not THAT Joe Kennedy. 🙂

    RightMarch PAC is running ads across MA for JK:

  15. Gringo Says:

    A state which voted for Ted since 1962 and for John F Kerryman since 1984 is beyond political redemption. My Taxachusetts sister and brother-in-law are in agreement.

  16. A mom Says:

    Turfmann, thanks for the encouraging report! I just gave $25 to the campaign, and will be praying hard. Will also contact my cousins living in MA and make sure they know about Brown.

    God bless him!

  17. Kokesh fan Says:

    This clip talks about Scott Brown on the Mark Levin show.

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