January 29th, 2010

Best line about the SOTU speech

Peter Wehner points out some of the blatant contradictions in Obama’s SOTU speech, and then says:

“It was as if we were being lectured on marital fidelity by John Edwards or Mark Sanford.”


Here’s more:

Perhaps the most striking aspect of last night’s speech, though, was that Obama spoke as if the last year hadn’t happened; as if he had not been president; and as if Congress had not been controlled by Democrats. He sought to portray himself as an outsider and a reformer, an antidote to cynicism, and a post-partisan, unifying force…What we are seeing play out on a very large stage, it seems, is a man of extraordinary self-regard having to deal with punishing political set-backs, with the fact that his high hopes have come crashing down around him. The nation has turned against his agenda. They are turning against his party. And they are tiring of him as well. This is something he cannot seem to process. So the president marches ahead, pretending up is down and east is west, embracing an agenda the country has rejected and that is doing terrible damage to his own party.

It was quite a thing to witness.

6 Responses to “Best line about the SOTU speech”

  1. Bob From Virginia Says:

    Also see Barry Rubin’s observations at Rubin Reports.
    It really is time to start thinking of ways of removing this guy from office. He is obliviously not playing with a full deck.

  2. huxley Says:

    We at the Institute of Obamalogy are gratified that our recent tweaks to the Obama 2.0 model have significantly improved the model’s predictive powers.

    Realizing that Obama’s narcisissm (NC) was more directly related to Obama’s imagined fame (Fi) as a historical figure as opposed to his external popularity (Pe) was the key distinction.

    Based on this we can predict that Obama will continue to diverge from reality at least until the midterm elections when party losses may be great enough to shock him back into reality or may cement his view of himself as noble martyr to the cause with future history restoring his reputation.

    Further research is directed twoards the post-2010 scenarios.

    – Institute of Obamalogy, “Working tirelessly to remove the Enigma from the Obama”

  3. Bob From Virginia Says:

    My wife, who has a Master’s in Psychology, says that Obama may resign in order to secure his place as a martyr and deny his enemies the pleasure of voting him out of office. Sort I had the last laugh means of protecting his ego.

    Let us hope, pray and keep braying.

  4. Scott Says:

    In his analysis of the speech, George Will’s final paragraph summarized it quite well:

    Obama’s leitmotif is: Washington is disappointing, Washington is annoying, Washington is dysfunctional, Washington is corrupt, verily Washington is toxic — yet Washington should conscript a substantially larger share of GDP, and Washington should exercise vast new controls over health care, energy, K-12 education, etc. Talk about a divided brain.

  5. A_Nonny_Mouse Says:

    Mr “Big O” lost me in the S o/t U speech when he started in on the line-by-line review of bills, and transparency/posting bills online, and stopping earmarks. It hasn’t even now dawned on this genius that he CAMPAIGNED on all that stuff, that HE WON THE ELECTION DAMMIT, and that HE’S HAD AN ENTIRE YEAR TO MAKE GOOD on those promises and hasn’t chosen to do so????? Instead, he’ll just dust off those old forgotten words and present them to us as fresh, new ideas???

    No. ThanksVeryMuchButImNotBuyingItMrPresident.

  6. Sofia Singh Says:

    K12 education is always the best”;~

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