January 29th, 2010

Bin Laden…

goes green.

You can’t make this stuff up.

9 Responses to “Bin Laden…”

  1. expat Says:

    We should actually encourage this green initiative. We could even set up collection points at embassies and consulates all over the world for satanic American products:
    Turn in your computers and cell phones, guys. Even if they were made in China, there is probably some American hardware or software involved. Also, avoid planes because they may be from America or contain American-designed parts. Ditto for weapons, land vehicles, and GPS systems. This is just the first phase. We will talk about oil extraction and refining equipment soon, followed by medical equipment and McDonalds. Show the people you are trying to recruit exactly how you want them to live.

  2. Maddog Says:

    Comedy Gold from a man who unerringly latches on to a subject just before it implodes!

  3. Artfldgr Says:

    Thats the problem with propaganda against the people. your enemies can use it against you.

    just as they think they can make a change, which then will work as it doesnt also change the rest of the system…

    they think they can start such a lie, and then turn it off when its usefulness is over.

    the club of rome, so focused on their own ends, do not analyse how enemies they consider friends will use it.

    russia did the same thing when it sought a coupe in indonesia in operation palmer. the chinese stepped in and boom it went.

    the club of rome, hansen, progressives/socialists/communists, and other ilk in the fray, act as if they exist in a vaccume.

    this is why i keep saying that this is going to get hugely messy. the kind of putsch that they are maneuvering towards requires certain things they dont have. (that doesnt mean they are goig to stop)

    the MAJOR thing that russian revolution had, and hitlers converstion of state had, and so forth, was that their opponents were loath to action, even if there was an opportunity for the kind of aquisition they do, and pretend the other side does to.

    when a state was down, they had already grown past imperialism… owning others was not economically viable. if it was, england would never have let go. however when the world is your goal, letting go is a setback.

    so when russia fell, they knew that USA would not let china invade.. and china knew it too. so all sat around. the problem is that a soveit and totalitarian state has no limits of action, so anything they do, can be completely orchestrated, and the things YOU would use to tell have no bearing.

    like in the history of afghanistans false fighters.

    that by removing morals from the calculation you can beat a moral opponent by doing what they will not accept as an option.

    the countries that have been orchestrating this rotting from the inside, will not sit by.

    the US is not likely to have such a pompous incompetent who is head strong enough to use their playbook again…

    [not to mention that even if we all come out ncie and clean, there will never be anotehr black us presdient for a long long long time. he has ruined it for all those africans who would never do waht he did as poorly as he is doing it]

    its his perfromance that continues to make me think that he was a shill… placed in place to be incompetent. given every easy push, no tests of skill so there are no doubts, a huge amount of indoctrinal rules so you can predict him easily, and so on.

    of course those with morals would deem using a child as a bomb without the bomb knowing it, would not be thinkable. but all one has to do is read about the khmer rouge and what they do to children, or the africans of the gold cost…

    I keep reporting we have a war coming
    and one needs money to have a war
    and sides with no money cant get supplies
    and if you cant get supplies then we will look more like germany or japan in wwii, than US.

    when socialists fail, they start wars.
    [then blame them on capitalists who never wanted them, as their system really cant tolerate the instability of war. a few make a lot, but thats not what capitalism is about, thats when lots make more]

    right now the bad part of chavez is out in the open

    students that put him in office are now protesting to reverse their own stupidity. but this is Gleichschaltung… so its not reversable.

    he is ahead of us… and the situation there is what we will have soon. its the process.

    the people yuou can use, you use to get into office. there is no way to make them happy. they are the part of the population that is NEVER happy ever. nothing maks them happy. its why they are called malcontents, and not malcontented. (read the post i copied from lenin talking about how liberals are incompetent and useless. but running your enemies state, they are nice)

    so students are now dying..

    as i said to a friend no longer a friend over all this.
    [he said none of this was going to happen, chavez was going to do alright. retirement in mexico looked good, etc. of course i told him all these things now happening, as i am telling those here]

    right now the progressives are in trouble as we are discovering them again! they never come honestly as we dont want what they want. ever..

    so they take over other groups that have meaning to us. we then protect them in that like malaria is protected by being inside a bloodcell. if you refuse to give up your cherished but infected group, you lose. (ergo my point on feminism – its a dead carcass being animated by progressives who gutted it before we were born. its what they keep trying with the church, wright being such a sock puppet)

    everyone is gearing up for the war near 2012

    they even picked a end of the world calander to hide it. after all, if your coordinated (as hitler and stalin planned before. as china and russia and others planned this time), and you put it on that time… you can EASILY deflect any comment by sending the commentator to tin hat land, and promoting reasonable action (reasonable being to do what they want. which would mean unreasonable, is not blowing things up, but not complying with their trickery)

    we are 14 trillion in debt and climbing

    twice as high as wwii

    we cant pay to save ourselves…
    our production capacity is in our enemies land
    our assets are in our enemies land
    our technology is in our enemies land

    the progressives have done well

    the enemy is now starting to take its mask off and show that it pretended to change. a process that a totalitarian state could do.

    liberalization was done many times in the past, but who here knows the history? who believes it when its told?

    liberalization is used to do several things…
    depending on what is needed. to enemies it incapacitates them by cripling the state, and the thoughts of the minds of those who woudl have to act and plan. in your own state, it brings the roaches out (as lenin and mao sort of said).

    so in a socialist state, rampant liberalism which then appears like the state softening up and learning… is used to identify those that would do what our liberals are doing. do you think that after things change those people are going to be leaders?

    no, they are already acting out being betrayed (like the latvian rifle corps, as the latvians with rippentrop, as yalta… in socialsm you either learn or it keeps happeing to you)

    they are the ones like in chavez land that will help seal the deal internally no matter how controlled us good people are. we are not even a concern.

    [we havent learned what they did during the revolution. the assumption of the people doing anything was always wrong, they never do... so if you think that will stop things, your playing their game as they LEARNED experientially in history! a history we refuse to learn like a study guide]

    venezuela has been violating columbian airspace
    it has troops on the border

    obama is putting US troops very close on the border with russia in europe (Where they will be up agaisnt a new installed tatical nuclear defense – not strategic, tatical)

    his state is failing and the easiest way for him to get a reorg and an believable enemy is do what they ALL do in that position. refuse to step down, and instead start a war.

    when you read this, think of here when elections start. you only need to fake disruptions to put military people at each place (despite comitatus. since the courts never worked out a conflict between such and a signing statement. the problem with the US system is that you cant prevent an unconstitutional act from happening or being put in place, you can only remove it once it has been done)

    there is so much going on that if i report it here the posts would be many times their size

  4. Aron Sperber Says:

    my blog is in german, but you might like the illustration:


  5. expat Says:

    Aron: Thanks for the link. I’ll be checking you out regularly, as I do Achse des Guten. Chomskey is beloved by the Kulturzeit crew. Amazing, isn’t it?

  6. Perfected democrat Says:

    Glad to see O.B.L. join the fray, just in time as popularity of the movement is sagging ….

  7. Gray Says:

    Whoa! Mitsu was Osama bin Laden all along?!

  8. Obloodyhell Says:

    > You can’t make this stuff up.

    Yeah you can. The man’s been dead since sometime in 2003-2004. That’s why these are always audio only.

    What? All of a sudden the man can’t get access to a VTR for five or six *years*?

    It’s some sound-alike, reading from some Michael Moore wannabe’s scripts. The tone’s rather obviously changed if the audio-only part wasn’t enough of a dead giveaway. Compare pre-invasion rhetoric with everything since about 2003-04…

    He’s rotting, maggot-infested meat deep inside some Afghan mountain.

    And since 2003/4 he’s dead on top of that.



    You CAN make this stuff up!

  9. Obloodyhell Says:

    > [they] act as if they exist in a vacuum

    dodger, you have it wrong:

    The vacuum is all in their heads.

    C’mon. You know that’s true.

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