February 27th, 2010

Power update

Still no power. This time I’m sitting with my laptap in a public library, having managed to snare one of the few empty desks and unused outlets. Never have I seen such a large crowd at the library before!

After I’m finished, I will go to stay with my son, who’s got power galore as well as wifi and an extra bed. So, no biggie—as long I don’t wear out my welcome (hey, after all I’ve done for you)….

5 Responses to “Power update”

  1. John Says:

    Good luck and stay warm.

    Oh yeah nothing but clear skys and lots of sunshine here. It’s 55 degrees and not going much higher.

  2. kcom Says:

    “hey, after all I’ve done for you”

    How many hours were you in labor?

    I’m sure you can translate that to a number of hours (days?) you can stay with him guilt-free. ;)

  3. Gringo Says:

    So, no biggie—as long I don’t wear out my welcome (hey, after all I’ve done for you) :)

    My grandfather told me that the key to having others keep wanting you as a houseguest was to leave when they still wanted you to stay.

  4. Gary Says:

    That’s the spirit guilt trip him! Works for Moms every time.

  5. Nolanimrod Says:

    In New Orleans one time, during Hurricane Georges, I experienced what could make a funny power story.

    Just before the hurricane the power company, Entergy, left, taking their trucks with them. But before they left they turned off the power.

    Silly us. When our power went off we thought it was the hurricane what did it.

    So my friends and I get pretty sloshed, figuring that if the roof blows off we’ll wake up, and go to bed.

    The next day there are a few tree limbs down but that’s it. Still no power.

    Later in the day we’re starting to get a little annoyed about the no power. After all, the hurricane totally missed New Orleans. What’s the deal.

    By the third day I was getting downright prickly. I wanted some light.

    Then we heard that there wasn’t going to be any power until the Entergy crews came back from Jackson.

    I lived three blocks from Tulane University. Some of my neighbors and I figured there might be a spot close by with some power. Sure enough. Maple Street, where all the Tulane kids hung out.

    So we went there, desperate for light, and went to Phillips Bar. It was a Tuesday.

    We had been living with candles for three days and were heartily sick of them. We got to Phillips, which had power, and Phillips is dark and they are seeing by candle light inside.


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