April 7th, 2010

HCR: Pelosi tells the simple-minded American people not to worry our pretty little heads about it

What an oily, condescending, manipulative, lying piece of work she is. Referring to the HCR bill, Pelosi says:

It’s like the back of the refrigerator. You see all these wires and the rest. All you need to know is, you open the door. The light goes on.

I don’t mean to be anti-female, but Pelosi’s suggestion strikes me as something only a woman could have come up with. I have that attitude myself to most mechanical and/or electrical gadgetry and appliances, including computers: don’t tell me how it works, just make it work.

But for a supposed servant of the people to use such a metaphor to refer to a bill that affects us all in such important ways is outrageously and offensively paternalistic (or should I say “maternalistic?”) and flies in the face of what the relationship between the citizens and Congress in this country is meant to be.

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  1. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    neo…she’s a perfect representation of, by definition, the people who elected her.

    She’s the symptom not the disease.

    Other than that, what an oily, condescending, manipulative, lying piece of work she is…;-)

  2. Mr. Frank Says:

    I’m guessing that millionaire Pelosi has not seen the back of a refrigerator in twenty years. There is one electrical wire and one water supply line for the ice maker.

  3. tnxplant Says:

    Actually, we had a fridge with a burned out interior light bulb for many years. During that time, we hosted a French exchange student. At one point he commented, “In France our refrigerators have lights inside!” We never let on, just said “Wow – what a clever idea!”

    To Ms. Pelosi – I’m a lot more interested in whether the refrigerator keeps the food cold enough to retard the growth of life-threatening organisms. We can live without the light coming on.

  4. LAG Says:

    Don’t be too hard on her, Neo. She’s actually telling you with that statement everything she knows about refrigeration. The proper response would be to call her office and ask them to point out to you the TXV or compressor or heat exchanger or…you get the picture. I’m guessing the only manipulation she understands is how to turn the temp setting knob.

  5. rickl Says:

    When I saw the phrase “back of the refrigerator”, I thought of the containers of green, furry food of indeterminate nature and age. That’s probably more of a guy thing.

    But it may be more appropriate to the Hell Care bill than Pelosi’s analogy.

  6. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    tnxplant, the only reason you are worried about life-threatening organisms in your food is that you have been misled by those dishonest Republican refrigerator opponents. They are in the pockets of those private appliance-making conglomerates who just want to earn obscene profits by selling you unnecessarily expensive refrigerators that will keep your food cold! Once you start using your dandy new government-supplied refrigerator, you’ll understand that all that matters is whether the light comes on.

  7. Bob From Virginia Says:

    Doesn’t this seem like saying “let them eat cake”?

  8. Sami Says:

    Yes. She displays all of the worst traits of a sleazy politician. And I’m sorry to say that women in politics are no better than the men.

    I was astonished to hear Tom Coburn, who is normally pretty sensible, defend Pelosi and attack Fox News which is about the only television channel to challenge the lies of the current crop of corrupt, execrable, sleaze bags. Who’s Coburn trying to impress?

  9. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    After several days of reports of White House types mulling over the idea of a VAT tax, today Paul Volcker comes to the White House and announces that, yes, we need to pay for all of these programs so perhaps a VAT might be the way to go.

    Except, people have been talking of a VAT tax as a replacement for the current income tax system, but Volcker is proposing imposing such a VAT tax–in Europe something like a 20-25+% tax added to every good or service–on top of and in addition to our existing Income Taxes. He also opined that perhaps a “carbon tax” might be a necessary and good thing too.

    I wonder how ol’ Botox Nancy–owner, I understand, of a multi-million dollar vinyard in California, and perhaps a whole lot more (ain’t selfless public service wonderful)–will explain this sad necessity to tax us for our own good to us peasants/kulaks.

  10. Scott Says:

    Boy, I really hope the American people are smart enough to vote in enough Republicans to take over control of the House in November. It must be hard to go from being the Speaker, the most powerful person in the House, to a rank and file member of the minority party. I suspect she will be so demoralized she’ll decide she wants to spend more time with her family and won’t run in 2012.

    I think that’s the only way we can remove her. I doubt her district will ever fire her.

  11. Gringo Says:

    That is a perfectly reasonable response on the part of Speaker Pelosi, given that neither she nor any of the Democrats who voted for the bill have any idea how their health care refrigerator was designed. She and the Demos viewed voting for the bill as a test of faith.

    While devout Christians have faith in their Bible, they know their Bible. How many Congress critters have read as much as a page of the two thousand page plus health care reform bill? Voting as a test of faith.

    I would love to have some policy geek grill her on the bill. She would be chopped liver within minutes.

    Speaker Pelosi is saying “trust us” to the American people, at a time when trust in Congress is at or near an all time low. Sorry, San Fran Nan, won’t pan out this time. No Gold Rush for thee. It’s 160 years too late.

  12. Ilíon Says:

    What an oily, condescending, manipulative, lying piece of work she is.

    I don’t mean to be anti-female, but Pelosi’s suggestion strikes me as something only a woman could have come up with.

    Passive-aggression is a stereotypically feminine character flaw.

  13. bartdp Says:

    I’ve spent a lifetime making a living repairing others messes or designs…..in my world the grey area’s mean you don’t know your job!………….when politicians speak of the grey area’s they either don’t understand themselves, or are to busy to find the answers. (lazy, stupid, or a combination of both). Honestly its getting so stupid out, its impossible to make this crap up!

  14. Artfldgr Says:

    Isnt a Matriarchy what all these powerful women got support from those feminists? and wasn’t the matriarchy supposed to replace the patriarchy? and wasnt that what that was all about?

    just checking since you are noticing the effects…

    lots wrote about them, but it kind of became socially illegal to believe what it is, is what it is, and that perhaps those people might be right as to where it leads (ergo that funny Austrian guy and every movement, including Marxism pointing out how critical it was to focus on them mostly knowing everyone else falls in line after them)

    whats happening now is trading presumed safety for liberty, which is what a matriarchy does. haven’t you noticed the job stats for men and them losing jobs? The female idea that if we disarm it will be good. The also female ideal that momma knows better. the also female concept that you cant blame the victim (so if we get screwed for disarming its not their fault).

    oh.. and how about endlessly talking things out (that fighting should never be resorted to).

    that there shouldn’t be risk in anything.

    there is an effect to putting down even positive male traits..

  15. JohnC Says:

    This TWIT has the gall to be proud of subverting our constitutional processes, engaging in nefarious deals, and running ruff shod over the will and vision of the majority of Americans. She is disgusting.

    If I had my way, I’ll put in her in a small room and play this YouTube all day long and very loud on a large screen.


    It probably wouldn’t make her un-nuts. Sure would make me happy though. She’ll pay for what’s she’s done and how she did it. Then we can be proud of something.

  16. PA Cat Says:

    Passive-aggression is a stereotypically feminine character flaw.

    It’s an equal-opportunity character flaw– I see it in a lot of male academics and administrators.

  17. NeoConScum Says:

    What a loathsome ‘C’ to the word Pelosi.

  18. John Says:

    Pelosi is now viewed unfavorably by 64% of voters. She has earned it.

  19. gail Says:

    And what wires is she talking about anyway? My refrigerator doesn’t have a bunch of wires on the back.

  20. Occam's Beard Says:

    Is she seriously suggesting that most people don’t know how a refrigerator works? Good God.

  21. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Has it ever occurred to folks that somewhere in this nation is a poor slob called Mr. Pelosi? “Calling Mr. Pelosi, calling Mr. Pelosi – we have your wife and wish you would reclaim her. Note: She doesn’t know how a refrigerator works, but you knew that already. Have fun on your winery in St. Helena.”

  22. JKB Says:

    Well, what happens when the little lady who doesn’t worry her pretty head takes her car into the shop or calls the repairman for the fridge? She gets taken to the cleaners.

    Somehow I get the feeling that is what is gonna happen with the HCR.

  23. Ilíon Says:

    Passive-aggression is a stereotypically feminine character flaw.

    It’s an equal-opportunity character flaw– I see it in a lot of male academics and administrators.

    I didn’t say that men (or, to be more precise in this case, “men”) can’t act passive-aggressively. I said that it’s typically a feminine character flaw.

  24. Ilíon Says:

    And what wires is she talking about anyway? My refrigerator doesn’t have a bunch of wires on the back.

    She’d have been talking about the radiator, not about any wires that have anything to do with making the light come on.

  25. strcpy Says:

    Well, to some extent she has a level of truth there.

    I’m a Computer Scientist (well, I guess not anymore – I left the pure academic world for the public sector so I guess I’m a software engineer now) that came from a back ground in, well, a hacker. There is little that goes on with a computer that I do not know at least a decent amount about. If I happen to notice something that I do not know about that is quickly remedied (often with a screwdriver and soldering gun). I’ve had pretty much everything my my cell phone up to half million+ dollar equipment in peices to see how it works.

    So, sometimes that is the correct answer. I can’t distill a lifetime of knowledge on a vast array of hardware software into a few paragraphs – sometimes you are just going to have to take my word for it.

    Now, when talking to other computer people (from technicians up to other academic weenies) I vary the detail I give and the vocabulary I talk about – I can also let certain things be assumed and talk about the parts I know you have questions about. Even then for some technology experts that ends up being the answer (and I also have to expect it in certain fields I want to know about – just too much background information and I learn to mostly identify when that is the case or someone is BS’ing me).

    I do agree that in this case it is different. This is because of one main reason – this is her layman response to people who are experts. I get this sometimes from people who think they know everything about computers, speak gibberish, and then tell me to accept it.

    When speaking to an expert it is a totally inappropriate response. It may be that the venue doesn’t allow the detail (I have 50+ page single spaced papers on middle level detail for one of my projects – I’m not going to truly distill that into a blog post or reply), but you aren’t that arrogant about it.

    Further Pelosi isn’t an expert on health care insurance by any stretch of the imagination. Its kinda like the person manning walmart’s checkout register assuring you that your choice of gaming keyboard has full Macintosh support, native drivers, and can script all those multi-box macros you so want – Uh Huh. I think I’ll take a second opinion on that. Not only has that person never used your hardware on a Mac they most likely do not even know what “multi-boxing” and “macro” means – it just gets you through the line faster.

  26. Occam's Beard Says:

    Let’s face it. Pelosi has no idea how a wheelbarrow works. And I mean that literally. The odds that she understands a lever of the second kind —> 0.

  27. Thomas Says:

    I developed my distrust of the left in my early teens (like 12-13)… so, old hat, par for the course, I have such low expectation, blaw blaw blaw… It’s just typical. It’s one big reasons conservatives win… the left screws up so much (like these things P said)…

  28. Thomas Says:

    Ilíon Says:

    “I said that it’s typically a feminine character flaw.”


  29. Gray Says:

    I cannot comment:

    After hearing her “back of the fridge” statement, I facepalmed so hard I gave myself a concussion.

    I’ll be OK later….

  30. Sergey Says:

    It is some relief to know that feminists dare not yet demand equal representation of women in science and engineering. If they some day would have such quotes, all our civilization will came apart around us. But why do they believe that governing is any bit easier for women to understand than math or mechanical engineering?

  31. Mike Mc. Says:

    Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “She’s the symptom not the disease.”


    The questions then are,

    1. What’s the disease exactly?

    2. Is it in any way treatable?

  32. Room 237 Says:

    Nancy Pelosi is just channeling Bismarck. Would you buy a used sausage from this woman?

  33. brian hancock Says:

    What does a federal government designed refrigerator look like?

    How efficient would it be?

    How much would it cost?

  34. Dusty Says:

    “It’s like the back of the refrigerator. You see all these wires and the rest. All you need to know is, you open the door. The light goes on.”

    I wouldn’t credit Pelosi with thinking up that analogy. More likely, she told that by one of the lobbyists writing the bill when she asked “What’s in it?”

  35. J.L. Says:

    It’s like the back of the refrigerator. You see all these wires and the rest. All you need to know is, you open the door. The light goes on.

    Maybe this is pretty good metaphor in a roundabout sort of way.

    The Dems gave us an enormous so-called “health care reform.” The Dems want you to think that amidst all that Rube Goldberg-style contraption, it must be doing something, hence “look, the light’s coming on.”

    Lost in the description, as it was lost in the shuffle of cobbling the HCR itself, is the all important unanswered question: Does the damn thing actually do what it was intended to do (i.e. refrigerate).

  36. Good Lt. Says:

    The difference, Nancy, you idiot, is that a refrigerator works as advertised and performs the function it’s supposed to perform

    Massive, budget-busting boondoggle Democrat bills from Congress perform as expected (read: EPIC FAIL), but never as advertised.

  37. J.L. Says:

    Actually, heres a better metaphor.

    Someone from the government knocks on your door, and gives you this enormous weird Star Trek-ish looking electronic device.

    He tells you it will help you, and not to worry about it.

    The more you ask questions, the more the government guy insists it will help you. Not to worry.

    Youre stuck with this strange, beeping, buzzing thing with wires all around and lights that go on and off.

    Youre feeling ill at ease about this thing, but you keep remembering that the government guy insisted it would help you.

    The more you look at the thing, in the middle of your living room, the more you get this sinking feeling that the thing is rigged to explode.

  38. Michael Smith Says:

    Pelosi is a national disgrace — a stunningly ignorant, pretentious mediocrity unfit for any job in the People’s House — except, perhaps, the cleaning of its toilets. She’s a loathsome, vile, back-stabbing betrayer of everything good about America — she’s a traitor to the ideals of freedom and independence on which our nation was founded. In the pasture of life, Pelosi is cowpat the people of her district decided to step in and track across the House of Representatives.

    She and the people who voted her into office deserve to be deported to a country more in tune with their goals. North Korea, Cuba or some similar shithole is where they belong.

  39. bandit Says:

    Actually I’m a lot more concerned that the inside of my fridge is cold and a lot less concerned about the light going on. If I really had to I could use a flashlight to see inside. What a dolt!

  40. Thalpy Says:

    This staggeringly stupid woman provides evidence of the “two mutually irreconcilable peoples” Auster has described in his post on VFR. Truly, there is no point to any discussion with her.

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  44. Le Trebuchet Says:

    Oh how I wish Sam Kennison were alive to have heard that.

  45. Steve G Says:

    Pelosi’s statement reminds me of my wife who used to say, “You’re a man. What do you know?”, to which I never had a good reply.

    One day my wife walked over to a light switch on the wall and said to me, in all seriousness, “When I push this up the light goes on and when I push it down the light goes off. I know there’s a bunch of wires and stuff in there somewhere but, you’re a man, that’s your thing. All I care about is that when I want the light to go on all I have to do is push the switch up.” Of course I stood there open mouthed and with no response. I still laugh at the memory.

    What Pelosi is admitting is that she pushed the health care bill through and did all but break arms in the process but she has no idea what’s in it NOR DOES SHE CARE. It’s all wires and stuff and, in the end, a man’s thing. All she wants to know is that there is this thing called a health care law.

  46. T42 Says:

    Maybe we should pay more attention to whos making the refrigerators Nancy///

    Refrigerator Fires Burn Down Houses.

  47. expat Says:

    Isn’t Nancy of the school that wants all the ingredients listed on the labels of our foods lest some poor idiot die of dihydrogen monoxide poisoning? So why should we swallow a new law without a detailed list of ingredients?

  48. ssg Says:

    What people don’t understand is that the light won’t come on.

    In her world the light is a CCFL light, and they don’t work well in the cold…

    How ironic…

  49. Trish Says:

    I am some how reminded of one of my favorite lines from Repo Man.

    “Oh, you don’t want to look in there…”

  50. Mike Says:

    Dementia or side effect of too much Botox in the body over the years?

  51. Mark Says:

    San Fran Nan should keep in mind that behind the refrigerator is usually where you find most of the filth in your kitchen…

  52. SteveH Says:

    People like Nancy Pelosi deserve a food storage device made by people who had no profit incentive in its quality, design and timely manufacture.

  53. OsoPardo Says:

    expat! What a wonderful idea!! Dihydrogen monoxide poisoning is a serious problem and should be banned from gvmt offices especially the House & Senate.

  54. Beowulf Says:

    Wait, let me get this straight. First, she has to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it. Then, after it is passed, we don’t need to see what’s in it, we just have to presume that all is well? Really?

  55. Ed Says:

    “I don’t know how the fridge works” is NOT a comment I want to hear from those who would take over WHIRLPOOL! Good God! If you don’t know how it works, hands off! Yikes!

  56. NeoConScum Says:

    Pelousy hasn’t looked behind a ‘fridge since 1965. Her servants know there aren’t a bunch’a’wires back there.

    Sign above Nancy’s Dresser: Defaco Ergo Sum.

  57. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    The difference is that, unlike ObamaCare, I can do comparison-shopping of refrigerators before I buy.

    In the case of ObamaCare, not only do I NOT get any choice — I must buy this refrigerator, I must pay what I’m told, I don’t have the option of not buying a refrigerator — but I have Nancy Pelosi’s word for it that it works! (Does the light actually come on? We couldn’t know that without testing it, right?… Have YOU tested it, Mrs. Pelosi? Of course you haven’t; nobody has. You haven’t even read it.)

    Oh, and isn’t it lovely how Mrs. Pelosi compares such a complicated bill — one of the most complicated bills ever to go before Congress, I’m sure — to a refrigerator? Has anyone ever seen a refrigerator with a 2,400-page reference manual? If there was such a thing, would anyone buy it?

    Neo, my hat’s off to you for your wonderful phrasing! “What an oily, condescending, manipulative, lying piece of… work… she is.” (Work, yes, that’s the word I had in mind.)

    shaking my head in wonder,
    Daniel in Brookline

  58. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    OsoPardo: not so fast. Dihydrogen monoxide wasbanned for years in Ted Kennedy’s office, and look where that got us…

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  60. Uniblogger Says:

    When watching Pelosi , two images from The Wizard of Oz come to mind. First the Wizard saying, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

    And even better yet, the image of the Wicked Witch of the West saying, “You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness? Oooooh, look out! I’m going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!”

  61. Constitution First Says:

    Don’t worry about that smell: she has always stank of Socialism.

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  63. Ghum3 Says:

    If the government were forcing me to purchase an 800 billion dollar refrigerator, I’d like to know how it works and why it’s so much better than the refrigerator I already have.

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  65. Giles Says:

    I thought that once the bill was passed, we could examine it more closely? After all, the congressmen had to pass the bill in order to read it.

  66. neo-neocon Says:

    Beowulf, Giles, et al: Pelosi is at least consistent here. The original quote was “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” What’s in it? A bottle of ketchup, some wilting lettuce, moldy bread, and a refrigerator light.

    She didn’t say we’d find out how it works.

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  68. Tatyana Says:

    Interesting, how this quote lured in the open all the men chauvinists out of the woodwork.

  69. JBalconi Says:

    I think it’s a good metaphor, actually. People like Pelosi and her happy constituents don’t care about the refrigerator as long as when they open the door, the light goes on and everything is cold. Of course, after a few years without cleaning the inside, it smells funky and the seal starts to leak. And after a decade or so of neglecting the cleaning of the coils, it works less inefficiently. But that’s all right, because after a while, Pelosi eats out all the time and ignores the fridge so that, when she passes away, her descendants can be horrified by the condition of that rickety old thing and the work involved in fixing it, but she’s not around to take the blame.

  70. Sergey Says:

    The main difference between paternalism and maternalism is that the first attempts to treat adult people as adolescents, while the second – as infants.

  71. Steve Says:

    When the fridge doesn’t work, we’ll have to call the repair person. She’ll pretend to fix it when, in fact, she won’t fix it. And the worst part is that we’ll have to pay for the privilege of staring at her butt crack while she doesn’t fix it. And it won’t work afterwards either.

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  74. MikeLL Says:

    Tatyana Says: April 8th, 2010 at 11:16 am
    Interesting, how this quote lured in the open all the men chauvinists out of the woodwork.

    LOL. Except for me. Notice how I have kept quite. I learned my lesson.


  75. Grey Fox Says:

    The usual phrase is “Male Chauvinist,” and I am not seeing much here. Neo is a woman, incidentally, so you can’t fault her for criticizing her own sex.

  76. MikeLL Says:

    Oops. Should be quiet. Not quite.

  77. Artfldgr Says:

    It is some relief to know that feminists dare not yet demand equal representation of women in science and engineering. If they some day would have such quotes, all our civilization will came apart around us. But why do they believe that governing is any bit easier for women to understand than math or mechanical engineering?

    sorry sergey, with obama and STEM being an issue, taht is exactly what they have done.

    EMBO Position Paper

    Women are currently under-represented
    in senior positions in the life
    sciences. Although there are at least
    as many women as men among
    undergraduate students, the proportion
    of women diminishes as one
    scales the career ladder. There have
    been a number of studies on the
    place of women in science (e.g. the
    ETAN report, http://www.cordis.lu/
    i m p r ov i n g / w o m e n / d o c u m e n t s . h t m ) .
    These have sought to account for
    the under-representation of women
    and to propose solutions for this
    problem. They have concluded that
    bringing about change will require
    positive action at all levels, including
    the adoption of new national legislation,
    adjustment of institutional
    policies and practices, identification
    and elimination of discriminatory
    behaviour, and greater support for
    young women (and men) during the
    early periods of their career. It will
    require action on the part of men as
    well as women to achieve the
    necessary changes.
    The reasons why women leave science
    are complex, but fall into two
    key categories: choices (real or
    apparent) between research and
    raising a family; and overt or more
    subtle discrimination.

    Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
    Kristine De Welde, Florida Gulf Coast University
    Sandra Laursen and Heather Thiry, University of Colorado at Boulder

    The representation of US women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields
    has risen dramatically in recent decades (NSF 2006c). Yet women are still concentrated in certain disciplines, and
    most professions continue to be sex-segregated (CPST 2004). Equitable representation would offer women equal
    access to well-paid, high-status STEM careers and add new perspectives to scientific and technical innovation.

    and they even mention the magic thing that women bring.. perspectives..

    by the way… is perpectives the reason that since we beacme a matriarchy we went from tops to bottom?

    i couldnt go to school and become4 what i watned, at the time they made sure that someone who got into bronx science a year early, with a 99.999th percentile score in reading and math… would not be in a lab next to a girl who had not decided to be in medicine until she was 15… 10 years after i did and started to work.

    my son is now in STEM, and graduates next month.
    then they are going to pull him from his career, sicne he is a white male.

    its way way done sergey…

    if it wasnt, i wouldnt be saying much of anything.

    but it is, and you can mention otehr things like that, and i can show you they met those too.

  78. Tatyana Says:

    MikeLL: I didn’t know you were! But, if you say so yourself…

    Grey Fox: I’m aware of the “usual phrase”; I don’t like the words male and female – if they don’t refer to animals. Human sexes are described quite adequately by “man” and “woman”.
    I will leave Neo’s interpretation for Neo’s conscience; what I meant were several commenters in this thread who were eager to use this quote for their own pet theories: Ilion, Artfldgr, Sergey, Steve G.

    Others, quite rightly, put the blame where it belongs: on Pelosi as representative of the caviar-socialist/leftist/pseudo-Democratic nomenklatura rather than Pelosi as member of that stupid/ignorant/demanding/nagging/imbecilic/incompetent in math, science and abstraction sector of populace called women.

  79. Artfldgr Says:

    Interesting, how this quote lured in the open all the men chauvinists out of the woodwork.


    but who wants to drink from a dirty glass?

    hows the love live and living in Russia who we copied these ideas from?

    not good… eh?

    but then again, wasn’t that the country that called itself a democracy, said it wasn’t imperialist as it grabbed state after state, and also exterminated its own people?

    they were the first ones not to be chauvanist…
    hows it working?

    dont even go there tatyana, i will start quoting lennin and others and laws of the time, followed by medical stats on alcoholism, abortion and family, as well as STDs..

  80. Occam's Beard Says:

    When I was single I once dated a liberal arts grad who, perhaps in a woefully misguided attempt to show she had an inquiring mind, brightly chirped that she had no idea how an air conditioner or a light bulb worked.

    I kept a straight face (much like the admiral asked about the likelihood of Guam capsizing), but immediately concluded that she was weapons-grade stupid.

  81. SteveH Says:

    If making a mental note and having grave concerns about the 8 million more women than men who voted for Obama is chauvinistic, then throw me in that politically incorrect pile too.

  82. Artfldgr Says:

    Lets go back… to Noyes, and the early free love feminists… and we can discuss their ideas of eugenics… and how they didnt give a damn about the outcomes of their actions, and how they were VERY closly aligned with the spiritualist and pagan movements…

    “Yes, I am a Free Lover. I have an inalienable, constitutional and natural right to love whom I may, to love as long or as short a period as I can; to change that love every day if I please, and with that right neither you nor any law you can frame have any right to interfere. And I have the further right to demand a free and unrestricted exercise of that right, and it is your duty not only to accord it, but, as a community, to see that I am protected in it. I trust that I am fully understood, for I mean just that, and nothing less!”

    sounds great till you realize that its the children of such people who in their being denied family, endevored to break it up and turn women into breedign cattle for the elite.. (hows that hookup culture and rampant sex with STDs going?)

    of course the movement was sociaist even before lenin..

    Woodhull, Noyes, Sanger… all supported eugenics (hitler writing to sangers people for advice on his eugenics programs, as did russia).

    and lilke most socialists when they grow up and realize the IMPLICATIONS of what they did, they then back track and try to undo it.

    Both Woodhull and Nichols eventually repudiated free love… the list of people that later in life changed their minds on this is VERY long… it even includes better friedan… it included bella dodd… and i can give lots and lots of names.

    Nichols’ Monthly, The Social Revolutionist.

    Victoria Woodhull and her sister Tennessee Clafin Woodhull & Claflin’s Weekly

    “the word” edited by Ezra Heywood

    and to those who think that there is no connection to today, then think of alinsky, who would know this history like i do

    Moses Harman’s periodical was Lucifer the Lightbearer

    still siding with these people tatyana? they inspired stalin and lenin and hitler!!!

    Lucifer the Lightbearer was an individualist-anarchist journal published by Moses Harman in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Originally produced by a local branch of the National Liberal League as the Valley Falls Liberal (1880-1883), Harman changed the title after he assumed sole editorship in 1883.

    so lucifer being the patron saint of socialism is a long long long history…

    ya got to love this next part

    The mission of Lucifer was, according to Harman, “to help woman to break the chains that for ages have bound her to the rack of man-made law, spiritual, economic, industrial, social and especially sexual, believing that until woman is roused to a sense of her own responsibility on all lines of human endeavor, and especially on lines of her special field, that of reproduction of the race, there will be little if any real advancement toward a higher and truer civilization.” The name was chosen because “Lucifer, the ancient name of the Morning Star, now called Venus, seems to us unsurpassed as a cognomen for a journal whose mission is to bring light to the dwellers in darkness.”

    there is LOTS of things like this in the EARLY days.

    and if you had read a lot of it, you would see the clues and hints tehy give.

    In 1896, Lucifer was moved to Chicago
    After 24 years in production, Lucifer ceased publication in 1907 and become the more scholarly American Journal of Eugenics.

    so if we are chauvanists, then what does that make people that follow these ideas of extermintion, domination, and such who named their works after the devil, and other pretty nasty historicals?

    The free love movement evolved through four stages between 1853 and 1910. The first stage was a collective stage, where sex radicals put out print materials. The second stage was when the sex radicals encountered strong opposition; editors risked being arrested for writing about sexual topics. During the third stage, sex radicals challenged the government’s power to control women’s bodies and their private lives. The fourth and final stage was when the movement started to lose its drive. A new type of women’s movement was born, thus making it impossible to keep the free love movement alive.

    so this idea of destroying the family and all the tenets of feminism as communism is old.

    any OTHER points are false.. like the false points of communism, the false points of race politics, etc.

    “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” — Josef Stalin

    i would say free love and feminism has pretty much destroyed morality… and destroyed spiritual union… and with their anti war stuff, they have also denuded patriotism (to a degree).

    but thats what they SAID..

    and now the progressives have made their matriarchy, and we dont like it….

    by the way tatyana, these are the ideals that stalin and lenin copied from us. they had no idea how to become industrialized… so they copied us… and they read these ideas, and unlike us, they tried to jump ahead…

    but they took the futurist work of luddites, malthusians, control freaks, and such, and took it to the limits with the understanding of racing past the US..

    and they did.

  83. neo-neocon Says:

    Occam’s Beard: you were wrong. Lack of mechanical ability and/or understanding is not evidence of stupidity.

    I am excessively non-mechanical. I do not believe I am stupid, much less “weapons-grade stupid.’

    I had to learn all those things in school long ago—how the automobile engine works, how a refrigerator works, how an air conditioner works, how an elevator works—but I could only learn them laboriously, and mainly through rote memorization, and have retained only the broadest of outlines of the subjects in memory. And I am very good at other areas of science and math, as well as logic and all sorts of abstract thinking—just not at things connected with machines/mechanics.

  84. Tatyana Says:

    SteveH: done.

  85. Occam's Beard Says:

    neo, the two things cited don’t involve mechanical aptitude, but rather basic physics that are within everyone’s experience.

    Expanding gas – cool. Hence snow on mountains. Compressing gas – hot. Hence deserts on the lee side of mountains. Similarly, bicycle pumps get hot. No need to derive the barometric formula or understand Carnot cycles. Just simple observation.

    Electrical current through resistor: heat. Enough heat – light, as in “red hot.” Think electrical space heaters. No (macroscopic) moving parts.

  86. pst314 Says:

    “Interesting, how this quote lured in the open all the men chauvinists out of the woodwork.”


  87. Sergey Says:

    I never equated mathematical or mechanical skills with intellect as such. There are many different kinds of intellect, some of them more prevalent in women, some in men. I, my wife, our five children (three sons and two daughters) – all are mathematicians. But real mathematical talent in women is extremly rare exception. Understanding humans and professions where this is important – this is the field where women have clear advantage.

  88. SteveH Says:

    Tatyana, i’d just note that basic denial of facts surrounding gender differences in politics surely carries a description far worse than the one you bestowed on me.

  89. Tatyana Says:

    pst: are you saying Steve G, Ilion and Artfldgr are imaginary , as in “not real”, creatures?

  90. Occam's Beard Says:

    PS: Paradoxically, I’m not mechanically-inclined either.

  91. Tatyana Says:

    Steve H:
    I did not “bestowed” any description on you. Your red herring of “grave concern”, along with another one of “basic denial of facts surrounding gender differences in politics” “were completely of your own manfucature.

  92. Occam's Beard Says:

    “Interesting, how this quote lured in the open all the men chauvinists out of the woodwork.”

    Ah, you want male chauvinism, perhaps we should discuss the evolutionary pressure on women that selects for gullibility (aka the “Dunham effect”), with its all too apparent implications for voting patterns. /g

    Then again, perhaps we shouldn’t. /g

  93. Tatyana Says:

    Thinking another minute or two:

    actually, all these guys raging against ignorant/incompetent/mechanically stupid women who (the GALL!) a failed to learn the principal construction of refrigerator – they are on the same platform with Pelosi.
    Clearly, they share her attitude – it’s just she included all of you in her contemptuous treatment of “subordinate classes”, not just women.

  94. Tatyana Says:

    Ocam Beard – no, we shouldn’t, because that would be
    -going on a tangent
    -red herring
    -erection of strawman (or strawwoman!)

  95. Tatyana Says:

    oops, sorry for the typo: Occam’s Beard, of course.

  96. neo-neocon Says:

    Tatyana: actually, I think it’s quite different. The guys railing here (somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I believe) against some women for not knowing how a fridge works want more women to know. They think more and deeper knowledge would be a good idea, not a bad one.

    The pernicious Pelosi doesn’t want anyone to know more about how HCR will work, because once they know, they’ll realize all the bad effects, not just the fact that “we’ll all get free health care, except the greedy undeserving rich, who will have to pay for it! Whoopee!”

  97. Tatyana Says:

    Occam’s Beard, Ah, you want male chauvinism

    No, I don’t. That’s the point, actually.

    And again: I consider “male” as well as “female”, insulting terms when speaking about humans.

  98. pst314 Says:

    “pst: are you saying Steve G, Ilion and Artfldgr are imaginary , as in “not real”, creatures?”

    Oops. I completely missed their comments. Must have skimmed too quickly.

  99. pst314 Says:

    “When I push this up the light goes on and when I push it down the light goes off. I know there’s a bunch of wires and stuff in there somewhere but, you’re a man, that’s your thing.”

    There are men with that sort of attitude, too. I’ve run into a few.

  100. Tatyana Says:

    Neo: no, I don’t think that’s what they want.

    You’re making excuses and reinterpreting what they said. But it is very easy to go up this thread and read again their own words. It is clear when reading their comments above: Steve G anecdote about his [former?] wife, llion’s assertion of passive-aggression as stereotypically feminine character flaw, and all the others – well, especially YouKnowWho – I won;t repeat his name, or your thread will be buried under his endless ramblings.

  101. Tatyana Says:

    One of my former bosses (a guy with 40 years experience as an architect, graduate of Cornell and Harvard, and in fact, one of Cornell’s architectural school Board Trustees) used to tell me – “Don’t explain me how CAD works and why it will take you 2 days to do this elevation! You’re the designer, and I bought you the computer – push the buttons, and do the drawing in an hour!”

  102. Occam's Beard Says:

    -erection of strawman (or strawwoman!)

    Uh…no. I’m not going there.

    The guys railing here (somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I believe) against some women for not knowing how a fridge works want more women to know.

    Absolutely on both counts. I hadn’t realized that how a fridge works wasn’t common knowledge, but it turns out my wife doesn’t know either. It’s kind of endearing actually, rather like the parallel parking jokes (which she also can’t do). Think of it as the masculine version of “not stopping to ask directions” jokes. All in good fun…

  103. Scott Rhymer Says:

    Condescension, obfuscation, narcissism — those are her watchwords, to be sure. Her actions have exposed Progressives’ real face — these are people that aspire to be a new ruling class, deigning to dole out scraps under noblese oblige.

    I started as a “liberal” and have become a real liberal — not so much conservative as libertarian. I just want to be left alone, and I think others should be afforded that liberty, as well. Unfortunately, freedom is dangerous not just to the would-be ruling class, but to the person that would be free, as well — freedom to succeed comes with the implicit freedom to fail, to make good and bad choices. I just think they should be YOUR choices…not some bureaucrats’.

  104. Artfldgr Says:

    And tatyana proves my point that the concept of the reasonable interpretaion has to give way to wahtever a person beleived whether or not its true.

    Tatyana is a progressive, and so she is like Sara Robinson a feminist progressive that has taken in the same edumacation.

    she too would see the same oppression that tatyana was trained to see… and she too comes to the same conclusions that all of them eventually comes to (and tatyana would if she didnt have history to keep slaming into)

    My own impulse, in the face of the pervasive right-wing campaign to bring down the government, would be for the DoJ to begin preparing dozens of treason indictments, so that the trials can get going and in a week or so we can get on to the first of the executions. Sara Robinson

    of course as a detector of chauvanism, she sides with people like sara robinson.

    after all, it was gender class warfare that made the progressive socialists/communists have the power that brought her here to discuss their doing the same thing they did before.

    I’m thinking firing squads would be picturesque, but I could see the case for hangings. Ooh, wait, how about stoning? Followed by purification of the carcasses in bonfires, with free hot dogs and marshmallows for all. Sara Robinson

    lets here from other enlightened people like sara and tatyana, who have had their conciousness raised so that they too can detect the enemies of the state (i mean enemies of the matriarchy).

    hey! here is another enlightened soul

    “The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness…can be trained to do most things.” — Jilly Cooper, SCUM (Society For Cutting Up Men, started by Valerie Solanas)

    we can certainly tell that she isnt a chauvanist feminist… right? because we all know that the oppressed has a right to hatred against their oppressors, and a duty to raise consciousness (which is why she brought it up in the socialist context).

    [edited for length]

  105. Sloan Says:

    I remember her saying when chosen to be Speaker of the HOuse, “Sometimes it takes a woman to clean up the house.”

    Somehow I doubt that she has ever seen the back of a refrigerator, let along cleaned up behind one.

    The House is just as rotten, if not more so, under her control than ever. She is the epitome of a double-dealing, threatening, back-stabbing, bald-faced liar.

    God save us from her and her ilk. (I love that word.)

  106. jsminch Says:

    Wow. How condescending. But also, exactly what I tell my kids when I don’t want to say “I don’t know.”

  107. Tatyana Says:

    Tatyana is a progressive”…

    Neo, I am asking you to stop your friend Artfldgr from spreading lies about me.
    In the past he had insulted me, my father and my family – but out of respect for you I have promised you in response to your letter to ignore him and his libel.

    But there are limits.

  108. Tatyana Says:

    Scott Rhymer: exactly. I can sign under almost each and every of your words (except the “starting as a liberal” part).
    You don’t mind if I link your wordpress blog to mine?
    [the Blog Surfer roll]

  109. Gringo Says:

    My sister has an MS in engineering, and even at 60-something is rather attractive. Nancy Pelosi is a harridan whose repeated abuses of truth and logic drive me up the wall.

    Call that male chauvinist if you want.

  110. Kjretlaw Says:

    Here’s an idea we need to get moving!!

    This will ensure the trash is removed from the house on a regular basis

    The 5th amendment of the constitution outlines the rules for a Constitutional Convention. This is where the state legislatures can create an amendment to the constitution if ratified by 2/3 of the states. Since most states already have term limits maybe the best way to change the politics in Washington is to change Washington politics.

    Contact your respective representatives in both the house and the senate and demand a Constitutional Convention to establish term limits for Congress, three terms for the Senate and five for members of the House.

    Pass this on

  111. Artfldgr Says:

    Lets see how these ideas have improved her peoples lives

    Life expectancy in russia / 61.83 years / 74.16 years for women

    Nice to see it went up from 58…

    A couple of years ago they announced a new high on average salary
    Russian people’s monthly earnings increased to $303, which corresponds to 8,655 rubles. Russians therefore make the highest-paid nation among other countries of the former USSR

    And wasn’t it you tatyana that pointed out that in russia you need 4 people to raise a family… remember the kind of feminism your talking about was full in Russia first.
    by the way, do american women try to get their faces on dating boards to meet Russian men?
    their fertility rate is so low they cant replace themselves.
    (As happens in every country when womens consciousness is ‘raised’ (to hate their mates)!!!!!!!!)
    Unites states has a divorce rate of 4.95 per 1,000 people
    Russia is Third… with 3.36 per 1,000 people
    However, that’s third with one of the lowest rates of marriage on the other end!
    Vodka and Violence: Alcohol Consumption and Homicide Rates in Russia

    Rates of both alcohol consumption and lethal violence in the country are among the highest in the world. Although the social, political, and economic changes of the 1990s led to increased rates of alcohol consumption in Russia, a high level of alcohol use has been a perennial problem in the country. The same is true of violence: already-high homicide rates were exacerbated by the shocks of the 1990s
    Yup rates went up… but rates were already crazy high…
    Survey data from Bobak et al.7 reveal that nearly one third of Russian males drink at least a quarter liter of vodka (which contains 78.5 g of ethanol) at 1 sitting at least once per month.
    i know this level of alcohol drinking… as it took two generations to get rid of it in my family… the children of those who lived there got better, those that lived their, or fled, even when young, were so damaged they drank themselves to the grave. (and they were dead before the 90s)
    and hows that enlightenment doing for relationships.
    Population Decline in Russia
    Russia’s Population Set to Decline From 143 Million Today to 111 Million in 2050

    Yes… Russian women abort their children, using abortion as birth control. (want me to call up the numbers?)

    Russia’s population peaked in the early 1990s (at the time of the end of the Soviet Union) with about 148 million people in the country. Today, Russia’s population is approximately 143 million. The United States Census Bureau estimates that Russia’s population will decline from the current 143 million to a mere 111 million by 2050, a loss of more than 30 million people and a decrease of more than 20%.
    The primary causes of Russia’s population decrease and loss of about 700,000 to 800,000 citizens each year are a high death rate, low birth rate, high rate of abortions, and a low level of immigration.
    So, I really don’t think we need to live like that here.
    My grandmother was a chemist… she had no need for feminism…
    In fact, if you look… most women and men don’t need to have their consciousness raised till they no logner can be fruitful and multiply
    [edited for length by n-n]

  112. Michel Says:

    And after they open that refrigerator – Let them eat cake!

  113. Tatyana Says:

    Gringo: what if your sister was “mechanically challenged” and ugly as sin?

    Would you call her harridan, too? Would you think less of her then? What if she had a deplorable political views – would you connect her political views to her bad looks as an unbreakable consequential pattern?

    Do you judge men on the same principles – as in “he is handsome=>I like him” rather than “his words and actions, on merit, are reasonable and make sense =>I like him”?

  114. OC Dude Says:

    I called her office to make an appointment to have her look at my fridge. Her office declined.

  115. Artfldgr Says:

    Tatyana, raised conciousness and feminism is progressive

    if you believe (and followed the teachings) in jesus christ i woudl call you a christian.

    as long as your pushing the ideas of socialists,progressivs and communists…
    (irregardless of what you want to call yourself)
    your going to get that label..

    the ideas your saying, like calling us chauvinists, is progressive. it was the progressivs that first used the term out of its original use to describe anglo saxon changes in socialist race terms arouind the era of woodrow wilson

    Anglo-Saxon chauvinism as it developed in Progressive America had many affinities with European social imperialism. In Bukharin’s opinion, Anglo-Saxon ‘love of liberty’ was only “a less vulgar but no less untenable attempt to advance a territorial-psychological theory. The place of “race” is here taken by its substitute, the “middle European”, “American” or some other humanity.”6 In the American working class, it fostered various forms of ethnic and racial prejudice—the latter exemplified by the segregation practices of the American Federation of Labor (AFL). The AFL, organizing skilled craftsmen of Anglo-Saxon or old-immigrant descent, became under the leadership of Samuel Gompers a crucial support of American expansion abroad. As the American black leader, W.E.B. DuBois wrote in 1915, ‘It is no longer simply the merchant prince, or the aristocratic monopoly, or even the employing class, that is exploiting the world. It is the nation, a new democratic nation composed of united capital and labor’.

    if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and promotes the ideas of duck… then its probably a duck, even if it says its an eagle.

    J. Stanley Lemons insisted that “social feminism” was and remained a vital force, finally providing a link between progressiveness and the New Deal. “If. . . feminism ‘failed,” Lemons wrote, “the tombstone will have to bear another date, perhaps the 1930s or 1940s.”

    Susan Ware in Beyond the New Deal (1981) identified a network of women who, if not active in fighting for feminist issues during the 1930s, played an important role in shaping and implementing New Deal programs.

    the feminists and their ideals were very important to the progressives… (who sougth to make a soviet state)

    if you spouted quotes from lenin, seriously meaning them as part of your ouvre, i would say your a leninist.

    This alternation between inattention and outrage looks quite different and very disturbing from the perspective of progressivism. Citizen activism is supposed to be continuous and sustained rather than concentrated in brief moments of outrage, just as sustained rational deliberation is to be preferred to sporadic outbursts and expostulations. Some progressives may seek revolutionary changes in society, but in its preference for sustained democratic deliberation, progressivism is decidedly antirevolutionary.

    Faced with recurrent political apathy, progressivism has traditionally decried civic sloth and preached the gospel of public participation. Yet precisely at those moments when the citizenry is most eager and engaged, progressives are rarely pleased with the results. An energized populace is, unfortunately, empowered by popular sentiment and popular passion. Progressivism tends to be suspicious of such energy, thinking it usually badly informed and misdirected by clever manipulation.(187) Thus progressivism finds itself continually hoping for an active citizenry, but perpetually in fear that it will get what it wishes for.

    We have seen this schizophrenia before. It is the simultaneous trust of the democratic process in the abstract coupled with a distrust of the same process when goaded and controlled by ordinary citizens. Populism’s vision of normal politics is progressivism’s nightmare — a citizenry that sporadically takes power into its own hands without adequate preparation and sufficient education in proper values. Yet from populism’s standpoint the progressive dream is hardly heavenly — for it is premised on disdain and disrespect for popular will and civic energy. It is a participation with only idealized participants, a democratic culture without a demos. Populism and Progressivism as Constitutional Categories– Part III / J. M. Balkin

    and in case you didnt notice…

    calling us chauvanists,,, despite neo talking to you

    was calling us offensive names before we called you

    typical feminine action though.. the shift to appeal to an athority to force an outcome

    its a natural proclivity to statism that lenin, hitler, stalin and others wrote about… do you want me to drum up some quotes from the 38 volumes?

  116. Artfldgr Says:

    what if your sister was “mechanically challenged” and ugly as sin?

    Would you call her harridan, too? Would you think less of her then? What if she had a deplorable political views – would you connect her political views to her bad looks as an unbreakable consequential pattern?

    i would think she had other interests, and would not call her that.

    and i dont think she should call me some name cause i am not interested in female things lke makeup and how a mirical bra can improve my life!

    the point is that we see male and female things.
    we think that women do have varied interests and shouldnt have the same interests.

    but if i remember correctly it was the soviet union adopting the crap of the americn progressives, who thought that women and men should only have one interest.. as if they were cattle or horses too close to see sexes.

    we also see that its real stupid to leave a 110 lb woman to guard a 240 lb man who is not chained… that mistake cost 6 people their lives.

    my wife is chinese. i am agains feminism, and she is not into it. however, the feminist on the first floor doesnt understand how my wife is more free than her feminist freinds.

    want to know how? i respect her as a person, something femniism doesnt allow you to. period. (i dont care what they say, actions count)

    my wife and i respect and trust each other, something the crap lines dont allow.

    and so, she and i are happy. she does whatever the hell she wants, and i support her. i do waht i want and she supports me

    [edited for length by n-n]

  117. Steve G Says:

    This is one funny set of responses to a blog posting.

    Tatyana, as I understand your posts you are one heck of a womyn. And. please go back to my post and try to understand that my wife (who died awhile back) divided the world into things that men would not understand (mostly everything) and things that are the domain of men (like light switches) and that men are required to understand. She just could not be bothered with wires and such as she had much more important things on her agenda (like shopping).

  118. Tatyana Says:

    Steve G: I’ll take it as a compliment (I like to be flattered..I am a woman).

    Listen, as long as you separate the quirks of one separate woman whom you knew all too well from the faults of all of us – I have no beef with you.

  119. Kenneth C. Harrell Says:

    How about a STUPIDITY tax? That way, only democrats will be paying for all of these absurd programs democrats want to shove down the throats of collective America.

  120. neo-neocon Says:

    I can’t say I see any evidence that “Tatyana is a progressive,” or that she ascribes to and/or supports the more virulent and extreme elements that have often driven much of the feminist agenda, as expressed by some of its leaders and writers.

    It is certainly possible for a person to object to something he/she judges to be an unfair generalization about women (or other groups—such as men, for example) without actually being “a progressive” or ascribing to the tenets of a certain movement as a whole.

    For example, I have seen some of the worst excesses of feminism up close and personal (particularly in the university setting), although they have not been directed at me. I spoke up publicly against them decades ago, for what that’s worth (it didn’t do much good at the time). But I am also old enough to remember how many avenues were made very difficult for women, professionally and educationally, in the past, and I support women’s expansion into those areas (although I am against affirmative action). Unfortunately there have been many costs to feminism, however, and most of the leaders of the feminist movement have long had an extreme and leftist agenda that I deplore.

  121. Michelle Malkin » Pelosi on Demcare: Visualize a…refrigerator Says:

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  122. Drooling Moron Quote of the Year… — New England Republican Says:

    […] “It’s like the back of the refringerator.  You see all these wires and the rest.  All … […]

  123. expat Says:


    You are describing the problem with most activists–they just don’t know when to stop. Like you, I supported opening things up for women, but two things eventually turned me off. One was the man hating, and the other was acting as if women who preceded them were childish worthless beings because they led traditional lives. I couldn’t apply their stereotypes to the members of my own family.

    Of course, the most obvious Pelosi idiocy is assuming that I should feel more “empowered” because of her job title. I didn’t need her before, and I sure don’t now.

  124. SteveH Says:

    “”Kenneth C. Harrell Says:

    April 8th, 2010 at 4:45 pm
    How about a STUPIDITY tax?””

    We have that. It’s called the lottery.

  125. br549 Says:

    Hmmm…witness the Ford Windstar.

  126. pst314 Says:

    “Tatyana is a progressive”

    Pilgrim, I don’t know where you come from, but them’s fightin’ words round these parts. 🙂

  127. pst314 Says:

    The best known public figure I can think of who was mechanically incompetent was Isaac Asimov: Couldn’t change a tire. Couldn’t remember that his AAA membership was for highway breakdowns. Couldn’t remember that if his computer was plugged into a socket controlled by a wall switch, then it wouldn’t turn on until he flipped that switch. His saving grace was that he cheerfully admitted those faults.

  128. david foster Says:

    What Pelosi doesn’t seem to be grasping is that she’s not a *use* of the refrigerator, she’s the “engineer” who designed it.

    And I’m pretty sure her understanding of health care is on a par with her understanding of refrigeration.

  129. Ilíon Says:

    Tatyana:… what I meant were several commenters in this thread who were eager to use this quote for their own pet theories: Ilion …

    I’m pretty sure that what you actually mean is that you’re content to project your own sexism onto others.

    I’m certain that you no with problem pointing out stereotypically masculine personality flaws … nor with imaginary ones, either.

  130. Gringo Says:

    Tatyana Says:

    Gringo: what if your sister was “mechanically challenged” and ugly as sin? Would you call her harridan, too? Would you think less of her then? What if she had a deplorable political views – would you connect her political views to her bad looks as an unbreakable consequential pattern?

    I would call my sister a harridan if she were a scolding nag, regardless of her personal appearance and regardless of her mathematical or mechanical aptitudes. (Perhaps because of our engineering backgrounds resulting in similar ways of looking at problems, our political views are rather similar- and a repudiation of our origins.)

    While Nancy Pelosi is rather attractive, I consider her a harridan(“a scolding, vicious woman; hag; shrew”)- due to her speech and conduct. Actually, “harridan” is too kind a description of her. There are Nazis in the Town Hall meetings. We can get to know what the health bill is like once we pass it. We don’t need to know what the health bill is like. Just like a refrigerator, it works.

    A female I know is a scolding nag and also a yellow-dog Democrat. While she is not the beauty my sister is, she is reasonably good looking and takes care with her appearance. I consider her a harridan, because she is a scolding nag. Come to think of it, of the women I view as scolding nags, they all vote Democratic. Is that an accident?

  131. Ilíon Says:

    Pst314:Oops. I completely missed their comments. Must have skimmed too quickly.

    In my case, my “sexism” amounted to making the observation that the passive-aggressive behavior and “argumentation” exhibited by Pelosi is stereotypically a feminine character flaw.

  132. Ilíon Says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, SteveG.

  133. Ilíon Says:

    Tatyana:Steve G: I’ll take it as a compliment (I like to be flattered..I am a woman).

    … and a hypocrite, as is obvious from the context of this thread.

  134. pst314 Says:

    Ilion, I didn’t see Pelosi’s comments as all that characteristically feminine; lots of male elitists would be just as likely to condescendingly say, in one form or another, “you don’t need to know how it works. just leave all that stuff to wiser heads like us.”

  135. pst314 Says:

    Maybe Pelosi has said lots of other things that are more typical of female behavior than male, but that particular comment did not strike me so.

  136. Tatyana Says:

    Ilion, please provide a quote/link/source from MY OWN WORDS where I, as you state

    -” content to project your own sexism onto others” .

    -“[sic!] no with problem pointing out stereotypically masculine personality flaws … nor with imaginary ones, either.”

    Also, how my asserting that I’m a woman (and injecting a joke that I like to be flattered) characterizes me as an hypocrite?

    Personally, I think you’re the worst kind of chauvinist: a weak, needy, whiny, back-stabbing, bullying, label-slapping, passive-aggressive kind. You probably attract girls with no self-respect, profession, or confidence. You personally – and these are not stereotypes, since I don’t apply them to ALL men – no, these are your personal traits.


    Generally: I love men. All together and several – close and personal.

  137. Tatyana Says:

    Grongo: I don’t think you understood what I was getting at.

  138. ast Says:

    Something tells me the bulb is burnt out in her fridge, if you know what I mean.

  139. JohnC Says:

    This fight about who’s the sexist has been mildly amusing. Mostly it’s been instructive. I’ve learned that smucks are people too, and that not all of them are men.

    Neo – has the rule about fighting / name calling on your blog been suspended?

  140. neo-neocon Says:

    JohnC: It’s a discretionary rule. I don’t have the energy to enter every fray. I save that for when things get really bad, and/or when I have a lot of time and inclination to wade through it all.

  141. Gringo Says:

    Tatyana, perhaps I did. I just didn’t give the reply you expected.

  142. neo-neocon » Blog Archive » HCR: Pelosi tells the simple-minded … | Toss Congress Says:

    […] here: neo-neocon » Blog Archive » HCR: Pelosi tells the simple-minded … Related Reading: Analyzing Congress The Broken Branch: How Congress Is Failing America and How to […]

  143. StewartIII Says:

    Michelle Malkin — Pelosi on Demcare: Visualize a…refrigerator

  144. Tatyana Says:

    Gringo: nope, on the contrary. I’m sorry to say.

    JohnC: would you be so kind and explain what “smucks” mean? I know who the “schmucks” are, but you couldn’t mean that, could you?

  145. Sergey Says:

    Humans, as Aristotel noted, are political animals. But not humans only: when study of animal behavior in natural setting (etology) began, all kinds of politics known to humans were discovered in mammals and birds, as well all kinds of social organization known in human history. Primates, naturally, were studied most. These studies shown that leadership and hierarhy building were exclusively male speciality in ALL primates, from macacas to apes, and why. Konrad Lorentz, founder of etology, explained how aggression arising from males rivalry in their competition for access to females is harnessed, regulated and transformed into hierarhy, the backbone of social order in every primate group. These are not my pet theories, but generally accepted scientific facts. But understanding of these biological roots of human behavior provides valuable insights in modern politics: it shows that discipline and social order can be maintained only by proper division of labour and responsibilities between two sexes, which, alas, includes necessity of man dominance, both in state and in family alike.

  146. JohnC Says:

    sorry it was late and I don’t use that word often:

    smucks = schmucks

  147. Tatyana Says:

    JohnC: and may be you shouldn’t. It’s meaning doesn’t correspond with your usage.

    But I have to agree, partially, with your assessment about this thread: there are some schmucks here.
    I’ll follow you in passive-aggressiveness and will not mention names.

  148. Rich C Says:

    Actually NEO, this is not just something that would come from a woman, but something that someone would say talking down to a woman as in “Don’t trouble your little mind with this honey I’ll fix the fridge”

    Can you imagine Benjamin Franklin answering the woman outside the constitutional convention with “A republic madame, if you’ll just shut up, do as you’re told and let us run it”.

    How utterly condescending of Pelosi.

  149. auntbea Says:

    welcome to the fuedal system…

  150. rickl Says:

    The blogger Mostly Cajun has a good post: What’s behind Nancy Pelosi’s refrigerator

    […] And that, folks, shows the depth of thought that the average Lefty puts into things.

    “You open the door. The light goes on.”

    She give no thought to the stuff behind the refrigerator. Or who MADE the thing in the first place. Or where the power comes from that makes it work. Or who pays for the stuff that’s in there. She’s like a thoughtless kid. “Ooooh! There’s the refrigerator. It ALWAYS has stuff in it. All I have to do is open the door and get it out. And when there’s no more stuff in it, I go to sleep, then go to hang out with my friends, and when I look again, THERE’S MORE STUFF! Like Magic, yahknow?!?!”

    Except she doesn’t think about poor old dad and mom trudging off to work every day to pay the light bill, and to go to the store and pay for the stuff. The stuff is just THERE.

    She doesn’t think about offshore wellheads and coal mines and power stations and guys hanging out of bucket trucks trying to repair high voltage lines after a storm. You just open the door and the light comes on.

    She doesn’t think about colleges of engineering and clever people making the machines that make the refrigerator, and the people who load the refrigerator on the truck and then bring it to her house and install it. “Hey! I got a house. Naturally it has a refrigerator. With a light. And STUFF!”

    And me, I’m somewhere behind Nancy Pelosi’s refrigerator. I make sure that the natural gas comes out of the ground and goes north to the generating stations that make the electricity so the lights go on in her refrigerator and in the factories that make her refrigerator. You’re probably somewhere behind Nancy’s refrigerator too.

    But Nancy and the Left doesn’t want to pay attention to us. She just wants to open the door and take stuff out.

    And that’s going to end one day. One day the door will open and the light won’t be on, and nobody will have magically restocked the shelves, and the shock to Nancy and the Left will be great, and the day for all of us will be unpleasant, in the least.

  151. Mike Lorrey Says:

    Well, unfortunately, we can’t get Pelosi with the same gambit they’re using on Michael Steele. Lesbian bdsm clubs are right up the alley of most of Pelosi’s constitutents. They’d be like, “so what? why wasn’t I invited?”

    Someone would have to plant secret nazi paraphernalia in her DC apartment or something to make her out as the closet fascist that she is.

  152. DATABASE » Blog Archive » Queen ‘Hemorrhoid Cream’ Pelosi Tells Americans Not To Worry About ObamaCare: ‘It’s Like The Back Of A Refrigerator…’All You Need To Know Is That You Open The Door. The Light Goes O Says:

    […] Neo-Neocon: What an oily, condescending, manipulative, lying piece of work she is. Referring to the HCR bill, […]

  153. Talitha the Dog Ear Care Expert Says:

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  154. Ken Hinrichsen Says:

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  155. Ymarsakar Says:

    In to Kill a Mocking bird, the jury rendered a guilty verdict even though the white trash family that made the rape accusation was considered by the other whites to be liars and thieves. They rendered this verdict because the family may have been white trash, but they were still white.

    And people vote for PillowC because it’s their pillow. They don’t care what she does to the of you. Just as the white jury in Mocking Bird didn’t care who was guilty or not. Tribal connections against the enemy, trump all. You are their enemy, let there be no doubt on that matter.

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