April 26th, 2010

Let’s see: an Obama national security adviser and a Jew walk into a bar…

When is an ethnic joke not funny? Just for starters, when when it’s told by someone not a member of that group.

You be the judge:

As for the question that immediately sprang to my mind—“are there Jews in Afghanistan?”—the answer is: there used to be, but now there’s only one.

But perhaps he owns both the store and the restaurant. Ha ha.

24 Responses to “Let’s see: an Obama national security adviser and a Jew walk into a bar…”

  1. Bob from Virginia Says:

    The Israeli in me considers it pretty funny (be sure it will make the rounds in Israel soon if it hasn’t already. If it were not for my Israeli experience I would feel threatened by it.

  2. Nolanimrod Says:

    And I have been judged! Once I told a joke which began A Martian and a Venusian walk into a Prnakwlnan, and ask the langrbbr … for which I was censured, being from neither world.

  3. Nolanimrod Says:

    P.S. He needs new material. My father heard that in Basra in the forties. Only then it was a Brit and an Arab.

  4. Granny Jan Says:

    I’m Jewish and it doesn’t bother me, but can I tell some black, hispanic jokes now…you know the one about too lazy to steal?

  5. Promethea Says:

    This is a Jewish joke.

    However, that kind of joke usually works best if a Jew tells it.

    A lot of Jewish jokes insult members of other groups, but I sure wouldn’t tell them to members of those groups.

    A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar . . .

    Very dangerous type of joke to tell if the group is mixed.

  6. Gringo Says:

    I have no idea about the personal views of the joke teller. I am a Gentile. I considered the joke complimentary to Jewish people: it showed foresight. It is not a wise thing to do to tell ethnic jokes in a public setting if you are a public figure, especially if the event is being recorded. They can get interpreted many ways. Perhaps the interpretation that gets the most uproar is identical with the joke teller’s actual point of view. Perhaps not.

    Remember Earl Butz.

  7. E Says:

    A rabbi, a priest, an imam, President Bush, Carter, and Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castro, a blonde, a duck, a horse, and a giraffe walk into a bar.

    The bartender looks at them and says “what is this, some kind of joke?”

  8. Gringo Says:

    E: you forgot the talking dog:)

  9. Charles Reardon Says:

    I’m a gentile who loves the Jewish people and is a strong supporter of Israel. But I found the joke to be funny. It probably wasn’t wise of Gates to tell the joke and I agree this joke coming from a Chuck Schumer or Norman Podhoretz eliminates the qeasiness factor since ethnic humor is out of favor these days.

    Also the Obama Administration’s increasing hostility to Israel makes any kind of jokes coming from the Obami that could be perceived as anti-Semitic quite suspect.

    I understand why people would be offended by this joke. I’m just not one of them.

  10. sam r. Says:

    I am a jew and I live in “your country” (to quote the general) and I find the joke not funny and in very bad taste indeed.
    I do think the joke is offensive but that’s not the point. The important thing is that such a person is so high in Washington and the president values his opinions.

  11. Artfldgr Says:

    the more marxism, the more jew hatred… the more hatred of any group other than the ruling class having ability to unseat them.

    therefore… jews and whites and chinse are hated.
    and the others are ‘loved’ for their stupidity while being told they are as smart, facilitating their being a mass army that pays for itself and is responsible for day to day acts, and is subservient to the smarter people telling them this!!!!

    fun part is that as long as they think we are all equal, they are trapped… to get out of the mental trap is to admit what?

    the Germans didn’t want to admit that the reason for the DISPARATE positive outcome of Jews as a race/religion was due to their superior ability…

    just as women used the SAME trick to falsify mens and women equality and their superiority..

    same trick on africans and spanish.

    see the point of it? its a mental chess game.

    you assert equality, as we are the same…

    then unequal outcomes are used to show who is cheating. which if you assert the people in wheel chairs are the same as the track teem, who do you think will ‘win’, and automatically then be cheating good people?

    of course the mistake was the acceptance and normalization of equality by feminists…

    without that, you could say.. he worked harder, he studied more… hs comes from an able family…

    but with that…

    you can sit around do nothing, learn nothing, and participate little.

    and they are cheating low down people who are against your children because look how much tey have while you sitting around doing nothing have nothing.

    So if we are incapable of seeing realitya nd accepting it and working from there.

    then we are slaves to each group that makes this false assertion!!!

    these concepts are thesis and antithesis, theyc ant exist together.

    and so, since women are not willing to give up and be different, and so endeavor to release the Man in side them and destroy everything that is feminine (which to them is artificial and the cause of their problem).

    and so every race will not be happy until they destroy the white man who is cheating to be successful, and costing their childrens future.

    the same goes double with the jews becaue among the whites they succeed against whites…

    and the same goes to the chinese. who were loved as coolies and slaves, who lost their status as soon as their keeprs found out they were smarter than them!!!!!!!! (the keepers)

    there is a clear pattern…

    the destruction fo the capable and able by convincing ecveyrone we are equal,a nd then mobilizing the less capable to use their numbers and willingness to violence and punishment to force their win.

    as if beating up the other person in a debate with your fists wins the debate.

    we love our cancers too much to give them up

    we normalized the abnormal veiw…

    and there is no movement to change it, what they want is to stop the foward move of slavery whiel keeping the mechanisms of slavery in place!!!

    and so the antithetical wins…

    as the birds in the guilded cage want freedom and the false safety of teh cage.

    women will not go without feminism existing, they will not crush it.. and so we are doomed to the outcome of the equality argument and its ablity to mobilize the majority of women to crush the men.

    hows that productiivty and society coming out now that tehy have improved it?

    we have regressed… to a mroe brutal criminal time

    we have promotted regression to a aristocracy

    you can get angry at me… you can get pissed at the jokes.

    but what you cant avoid is the end result.
    because you love the cancer too much.

    the spanish will not give up on race…
    it brought them fartehr in the compeition against competent white man jewish man and chinses man, than getting their kids to study…

    the blacks wont either. they are too busy licking the shoes of the democratic whites and claiming their slave owners are their saviors. so tehyw ont give up their cancer

    the women? no, they will play both coins!! they will let the beast live, when they are the ony ones that can kill it and know it… and they will then deny they are a part of it. while taking benefit in divorce, and any other area that they buy them with. such duplicitous people deserve what they get more than any other group (as they facilitated the others).

    they are short sighted enough to exterminate their own families for a pay check and some illusion of freedom as a state slave.

    argue against it… go ahead..
    then tell us how we get back to a unified society that can eject all this marx sourced stuff.

    it was invented to exterminate the west
    and thats what it has done

    so why would hte4y want to keep it?

    beacuse the job is not completely done, and until its completey done and they can no longer pretend some ther outcome is possible, then will regret it and understand it… if they are the few who remain alive and didnt get exterminated with all the other families by social circumstance.

    just remember, what happened in both countries are the exercise of state to create social circumstance to compel.

    it does not matter what the labels and arguments are, as the end si the goal

    so it does not matter if they use ovens and guns to march them to an overn

    or they create oppressive tax circumstances and desease and facilitate abortions.

    in both cases, the creatures of that lineage ar extinct!!!

    and its funny, as those who are to be extinct seem to want to prefer a means to extinction, and not prefer survival over exxtinction!!!!!!!!!

    thats how screwed up we are.

    we would rather be extinct by harming women and families so much they do not procreate..

    than save the money and march them to a hole and use them for fertilizer.

    whats the difference? outcomes the same
    costs are different… the latter is cheaper as it self facilitatest…

    that is, they figure its easier to concvince the jewish and white children that abortion is ok, then provide it, and then use social engineering to impose conditions which ause them to put off and maybe not even have kids.

    when it comes to exterminating…

    hitler, mao, and stalin were amateurs.

    the US alone has exterminated 50 million people and their potential offspring since 1960s…

    its in the open, and legal. the peopl ewho would stop it are considered crazy cranks and religious nuts.

    and what is the difference between randomly selecting people from the population to end in an oven

    or creating circumstances which cause a random selection of the people to do it, pay for it, support it, and facilitate it themselves?

    in another 20 or so years, the west would ahve exterminated more whites and jews than the chinse, russians, germans, cubans, koreans, cambodians and all combined…

    and not onlyt hat, but be loved for it.

    it would be like jews kissing nazi camp guards for doign them such a wonderful service. and donating to it. and standing out side the camps, saying extermination is a social right.

    ah well..

    normalize anything and then normal becomes sick

    [just wait to hear the responses… a few will call me sick for thinking that all life is sacred and screwing with peoples minds is bad]

  12. Richard Aubrey Says:

    The key, to my way of thinking, is his assumption that the audience would enjoy the joke.
    Either he’s right–which would tell you something about the audience–or he’s wrong which would tell you something about him.
    And it ought to be clear to his bosses, too.

  13. physics geek Says:

    For some reason, I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode where the dentist becomes a Jew and then starts telling jokes about Jews. When Jerry complained, someone asked if he were offended as a Jew. He replied, “I’m offended as a comic!”

    Only tangentially-related to the topic at hand, but it was the first thing to leap into my mind. You may pity me.

  14. Charles Reardon Says:

    Nice one Physics Geek!

  15. Rick Says:

    I’m am a Jew, not easily offended, who loves a good joke. Here’s my take:

    It was a poor rendering of an old joke that wasn’t that funny to begin with.

    It was inappropriate in that context.

    A fundamental tenet of public speaking is that jokes are used to make or support a point. What was his point?

  16. J.L. Says:

    Hmmmm…. sounds like this Jim Jones wants us to drink the Obama kool aid.

    Ha… I made a funny…

  17. LAG Says:

    Rick, thanks for the sanity. I recall from personal experience that Jim Jones in person is not a very funny guy. I thought Lenny Bruce put all of this sort of concern over names and race to rest long ago. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOnkv76rNL4

    I guess not so much.

  18. NeoConScum Says:

    Never thought I’d take up for ANY Obammite, but Jones is fine on this one. Sheeesh, lt’s not be as whacko sensitive as them, N-N!

  19. LB100 Says:

    It would be one thing if the joke were about an Arab and a Jew, and reflected upon the age-old disputes and divisions between their peoples. It wasn’t, though. It was about a Jew and a member of the Taliban, and it seemed to me to put them on an equal footing. Dare I ask if the joke would be funny if it involved a Jew and a Nazi?

  20. Dan Says:

    What interests me is the dog that didn’t bark. You know, the MSM, which erupts in foaming frenzy anytime someone on the right makes an allegedly insensitive remark about someone in a protected class. Try doing a Google search on General Jones and see if you get any news stories from AP, AFP, Reuters or McClatchy on this non-story.

  21. Michael Says:

    I finally had time to watch the video. (We’re not all rich Democrats here. Some of us have to work for a living.) It was a funny enough joke, but I don’t see why the brothers would need to be Jewish for it to work. Also, it is set in Afghanistan, where I have never been, yet, but whence come a great may stories about wily merchants. It just seems to include the Jewish part to be ugly to Jewish people. Where’s the humor in that?
    It has always seemed to me that Jew-hating was a particularly nasty kind of bigotry, even if you did not believe that G-d chose the Jewish people as a means to bless the whole world. It is rather like Norwegian-hating or Uighur-hating. There are not that many of any of those groups, and they are not really in a position to defend themselves. Just really tacky!

  22. Judithe T Says:

    Ha, ha. Now let’s substitute Moslem for Jew and watch the fatwas fly!

  23. Michael Says:



  24. Steve Rosenbach Says:

    Two aliens, strangers to each other, beam down to Jerusalem.

    The first one says to other, “I’m 41297… you?”

    The other one answers, “Hi, I’m 15279.”

    The first one replies, “Funny, you don’t look Jewish!”

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